Fall Into Place.

In Promo by Simon

One of the most difficult but satisfying moments in life is the completion of a jigsaw puzzle.

Don’t believe me?

All those pieces lying there on the table, just waiting to be brought together.

Just waiting for you to figure it out.

You move the pieces around, search for just the right ones to start putting it all together.

That’s when you find the edge and corner pieces, crucial for solving the puzzle.

They give you a gauge of how the rest fall into place.

Once you make your way around the perimeter, you start working your way through the rest of the puzzle.

Each piece connects to another in a very specific way.

And as you put more of the puzzle together, the bigger picture unfolds.

That’s when you start to see it for what it really is.

The ultimate challenge. The ultimate game.

Your excitement swells as you find where everything lines up, because each connection is another step toward the goal.

Finally, after hours of hard work and determination, you are down to your final piece smack dab in the middle.

You place it down upon the table, and as the piece sinks into the puzzle, the feeling of satisfaction sinks into your soul.

Everything you’ve worked so hard to accomplish finally bears fruit.

And let me tell you, ol’ Simon’s had one hell of a year putting this puzzle together.

Finding the pieces was hard enough, much less moving them around and laying them into place.

Biding my time to make sure I knew where every piece lined up just right, I set the corners by making a fool of the Author of Death.

Then, I established the edges by aligning myself with a mind that was fractured in two.

From there, I worked my way into the middle by aligning the fates in favor of a Queen’s downfall and forcing the hand of her gang of misfits.

None of them saw where this was going…but I did.

Every piece of this puzzle has lined up perfectly.

Whether it was a crucial victory, or finding ways to pivot from deviations, everything has had its time and place.

In the end, they all joined together to bring me to this moment.

A year after making my way to the Slaughterhouse, a year after beginning this exhausting challenge, I have reached the endgame.

The final pieces of the puzzle are in my grasp.

And with a smile on my face, I can finally set those pieces down and watch as my labor finally bears fruit.

I have seen the layout of the puzzle, and I can finally see the bigger picture.

And soon, everyone else will see it.

They will finally realize too late that everything has fallen into place.

The puzzle has been solved.

And I will reap the rewards as a champion.

The master of his own domain.

Call me what you want, but you will recognize me for what I truly am.

A wrestling hero.