In Promo, Vision by Vision

I’ve experienced my fair share of liars in my time.

Arcadia is full of those that would twist the world to their own advantage and lie in order to claw their way to a better tomorrow. Some, like Grimskull, weave their lies so expertly that they can have you believing in pain as the solution to your problems. But pain and suffering will not fix the brokenness of Arcadia’s world. It will not heal the broken music.

Lies presented as truth are a façade thrust upon the face of our shattered world.

I see a face.

To the untrained eye, it appears to be like any other. Smiling its charismatic smile, it fools the common man into thinking that is all it is. Just a face and nothing more. But looks can be deceiving, and fools trust what their eyes tell them.

For the face is not what is appears, for what I really see is a mask.

Truth lies not in the outward appearance, but in what lies behind the mask. The Third Eye allows me to see what others do not, I see through the façade where others fall for its lies. For I judge not by what my eyes tell me, but the content of the heart. And the heart is not so easily fooled.

You’re no stranger to wearing masks, Drexl.

You fooled Arcadia into thinking you were just a face, nothing more. All the while watching from behind your mask, studying and twisting the world to your advantage. You showed Arcadia what you wanted them to see, and they were fooled by it. They saw the façade of who you were, not the shark that you are behind the mask. For intelligence can only get you so far, can’t it?

And you’ve always been smarter than them all, really, underneath that mask.

Only, now it is not your mask that keeps you up at night, is it? You’ve become the fool, and I’m not the only one who sees visions around Arcadia. When that red light flashes, your eyes show you what you believe to be real. A face that shows you horrors untold.

Like the fools that believed in your lies, you fall for the façade of the red light, Drexl. You cannot see the mask for what it truly is.


Where my visions cast light upon the path ahead, your hallucinations show you nothing but destruction and devastation. Only when the mask is ripped away do you see the fool you have become, at the expense it has cost you. The bodies are beginning to pile up from your blindness, Drexl.

How many more of your own men must you kill in vain before you learn to see that you’ve been hoodwinked? Tear off the mask, Drexl and let the Third Eye show you the truth… that you are every bit the fool that you never thought you’d become.

You’ve fallen for the false mask, believed lying eyes like a fool. Like the rest, your blindness will be your undoing. The Third Eye wills it, for blindness cannot be tolerated.