Eyes Wide Open

In Promo by The Generation Kid

I used to be afraid of the dark.

The pitch black in the dead of night used to terrify the bejesus out of me. When my pop closed the bedroom door and said goodnight, I was too afraid to close my eyes.

For the longest time, it didn’t matter what I did.
I could hide under the blankets, I could squeeze my eyes tightly and try my best to get to sleep; but in the end, I was just too scared.

After many sleepless nights and falling asleep during school, my pop sat me down and explained.
The darkness thought itself to be calculating; it thought it self to be powerful. But there were many ways to defeat it.

The first, he said, was to let your eyes adjust to the pitch black. After a while, that complete darkness would begin to fade. Your eyes would adjust to the pitch black and you’d start to be able to see.
With my new found vision in the dark, my pop told me to go check all the areas of the room that previously scared me.

I did what he said.

I sat in my bed in the pitch black, in the dead of night and I had a staring contest with the darkness. I looked right into the abyss of black and knew it stated back, only the more I kept its gaze, the more I could see.

Theres every reason to be afraid of you, Simon Black. You’re a powerful force to be reckoned with, just like the pitch black darkness in the dead of night. Your darkness covers everything in Old School Wrestling and I feel once again like that boy sat on my bed, cowering at not being able to see. I’m afraid you’re under my bed or in my closet, ready to pounce.

But I think we both know that where you really are is right in front of my face.


Simon Black.

And just like my pop said, if I want to beat the black, I need to open my eyes and stare straight into it.
Eventually, I’ll be able to see.

On Monday Night in defence of my Championship, I’m going not to close my eyes and hope you go away, Simon. I’m not going to stand there in fear of everything you are and everything you can do. I’m going to do the opposite it.

You’ll find me in the pitch black, eyes wide open, staring right back at you.

Because the only way to beat the Black is to stare that son of a bitch down until you can see right through it. The only way to beat Simon Black is to not be afraid of what you can’t see, even if you know how calculating that black is.

That’s how you defeat the darkness.

And that’s how I’ll defeat you.

Eyes wide open.