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Eye Spy

Eye Spy

I spy with my little eye, a person who doesn’t know his place while in pursuit of the truth.

But what is the truth? These days it has all become rather subjective. We have men up on a mountain believing in the truth of their ultimate power over the lives of those beneath them.

We have prisons for those who don’t completely buy into their truth, punished for daring to stand against it. Daring to believe in their own truths.

But nobody of worth pursues those truths. To find what is real.

We also have truths that are better off hidden.

There has been a curiosity of what happens in the Bleak. One day, a reporter looking for the truth came down looking for it. He went into corners he thought would give him the best stories, the truth of what hides down here.

But, like I said. Some truths are better off hidden. Because when they’re exposed, bad things happen.

This intrepid reporter found out that the rumours he had heard were true.

As his entrails were stretched across the street, he learned the truth.

The Bleak is not a place friendly to their secrets, their “truths” being exposed.

Yet you’ll come here. You’ll look for your truth. Thinking you’re different from every other crusader of truth, justice and the Arcadian way. Trying to expose what happens down here, thinking you’ll be safe because you have some leverage on the Pantheon.

But down here, the pantheon doesn’t matter. Your camera will only serve as a target, and the only truth you’ll find is the truth of what happened to the last reporter to come down here.

So, I spy with my little eye…

A Colt Ramsey that is out of his depth.

You’ve sought the truth, in various places. But you come down here, and you’ll be just like the others.

Witnessing the truth that’ll be kept hidden down here.

I witnessed the death of the last reporter. I listened as he screamed in pain. I watched as the light left his eyes.

His camera, tumbling to the ground.

I’ll make sure you stay away, because who doesn’t like a game with a reporter?

Your truth is what you can make of it, in a world that hides in plain sight.

A game that asks us to seek the true answer, by a simple question.

I… Spy…

A truth hidden at the end of a lens. A picture snapped of a fallen hero.

How far are you willing to go, Colt, to find out theĀ truth?

If you’re not willing to die for it, is the truth even worth pursuing?

If you’re not, I recommend walking away. Otherwise, I’ll be the one tearing through you.

Not to keep my truth hidden away. But to expose it.

So, what do I spy with my little eye?

A heroic reporter? No.

A staunch truth seeker? No.

I spy with my little eye a defeated reporter named Colt Ramsey.