Everything to Lose

In Promo by Chronoa

There was once a young girl who felt completely powerless.

Wrapped in wool and treated like porcelin by those she loved,

While those the world deemed above her broke, battered and made her feel insignificant.

Pushed and prodded to the brink as her sanity was stretched to it’s utter limits.

As an inferno of purest rage began to grow uncontrollably inside of her.

The only thing she desired was for a way to never feel weak again and as the death rattle of deities echoed throughout the universe, she got what she wished for.

It just cost her everything.

Left with nothing but unlimited power and undying rage, she swore the world would burn in the agony of every ounce of pain she had felt.

Any fool who crossed her path faded to dust as communities, cities, worlds, even realities by the unending maelstrom of rage.

Fury constantly pulsing through her veins, the only sense of peace she ever felt was in the terror of others.

Yet as the years passed by, rage took a side step to a wealth of other emotions.

Lust, greed, envy, pride. All diluting the power that once made her terrifying, as she began to gain far more then she had ever lost.

And complacency reared it’s ugly head.

Once a sociopathic monster that destroyed everything in her path through sheer overwhelming rage.

Had now became an arrogant tool wielding power and control to bury those she feared beneath her.

You and I used to be so alike Pamela. Both broken and torn down, left powerless by those around us.

Given strength through rage that we never truly wanted yet needed so badly that it blinded us to the debt it would incur.

That bubbling rage inside our souls was the only thing keeping us alive but as you continued to grow, to amass wealth and power,

I was trapped in a gilded cage and made a slave to the very things that took everything away from me.

Given just enough power to feel helpless and just enough slack on the leash to taste what I am missing.

You have your throne, your pathetic husband, every ounce of power and control you could desire.

The queen bitch who’s gained everything she has ever wanted.

And now has everything to lose, without the power to back it up.

For my fire burns as white hot as the day it first sparked but yours Pyre?

It’s diluted, it’s faded away. That once towering maelstrom has become nothing but smoldering cinders.

That once fearsome monster that incinerated the imagination of wonder itself

Has now become just another common cunt who doesn’t realise they’re about to lose it all.

The queen shall topple from her throne as everything she has is torn away from her.

Not because of the key that adorns her crown that can tear down these walls.

Not for the power that can finall render this place to ruins.

But because when you are left weak and helpless like the child you once were, I’ll feel a tiny silver of joy.

For it might not be the fate destiny has in store for you.

But I’ll make damn sure it’s the fate you deserve.