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Escaping With The Truth

Escaping With The Truth

My search for the truth has guided me through a long series of obstacles. People have tried to stop me, time and again, and every single time I’ve pushed past them on my journey. I’ve traveled many a path that steered me off course, hit far too many dead ends to count when chasing a lead…and it’s all brought me here, where I finally get to the heart of the matter.

It’s here where I find the prize I’ve been seeking…and discover the trap I’ve walked into. My eyes rest upon the truth I’ve been after, and on the other side is a pair of eyes staring right back at me. These are the eyes of something that stops me in my tracks, something scarier than the most dangerous beasts of Arcadia.

I’m staring into the eyes of failure. It’s the thing that has haunted me since I started to uncover the dangerous truth hiding in plain sight, the thing I fear most. My search for the truth brought me here, to the middle of this grand maze…only to be abandoned, left to fend for myself with no guiding light.

No one to help me, nothing to bring me home. All I can do is turn around and run, using what little light is left to flee from the monster trying to drag me into oblivion…but not without my prize. Not without the truth.

After all, I’ve made it this far…why would I leave empty-handed? Such failure could consume me. A life without holding on the truth is no life at all…and I refuse to let Death get one over.

I will not let Death keep me trapped in this labyrinth, left to be destroyed by my own fear and self-doubt. I will escape. I will prevail.

And so, I run. Guided only by the walls that have been put up around me, forcing me to find my way back home.

Clinging onto the truth. Knowing that in the end, it will set me free from this maze…from the fear of my failure. Knowing that life is still worth living, to make sure the people get what they want.

These people want the truth. In fact, they deserve it. Whether it be the truth about the Uprising, or the truth of what a certain Doctor gets up to in his treatments…the truth is fit to print.

And no one can steal that from me, because stealing from me is stealing from the people. Everyone who’s ever done harm to the people has found themselves crushed under the weight of their foolishness…and those who aid the people will be carried out of harm’s way. The people always prevail, in the end.

That is how we defeat failure…with hope. And hope comes from knowing that people still believe in you. These people still believe in Colt Ramsey, and I will give them a reason to believe. I will escape this maze, I will defeat Death, and I will finally overcome my failure.

Colt Ramsey