Enemy at the Gates

In Promo by The Impaler

A King, his Queen, their Court had their crown jewels stolen by a madman with a secret agenda. 

They were leveraging the value and power of the jewels to pay to keep a necromancer from turning his powers against them. 

His Majesty continued to devise one plan after another to get the jewels back but the madman was always one step ahead. 

The necromancer grew continually impatient, and his threats escalated day by day. 

The cortège was beginning to separate from their vassal until the sovereign brought them back to heel. Only to force them essentially cannibalize themselves to prove their fealty.   

All the while word of this chaos in the kingdom made its way to a group of marauders who’d been waiting at the boarder of this fiefdom.   

Soon the arrows flew as the raiders swooped in with only one intent, sack the realm and burn it to the ground. 

Soon the castle was ablaze, the village was not but ash, and the Rulers and their Knights were swinging gallows. 

All because they all took their eye off the ball and allowed their world to be over run and now OSW’s kingdom is finding itself in the same situation. 

A Grandmaster turned Emperor, whose crown has been taken by a crazed Collector. 

Who has Ghostwalker breathing down his neck for the return of said diadem because of its inherent power. 

As the scheming Monarch comes up with plans that fail time and again to retrieve the prized circlet.  

Meanwhile the Wild Children he brought into the OSW’s Dominion to watch his back struck out on their own. 

Only to have their Ruler physically break them and smash these Jetsetters under his all-powerful thumb and with his dominance asserted upon his peons he demands them to show their loyalty by potentially killing each other.   

All the while the chaos has drawn the attention of the reaver of the OSW realm. 

Simon, we’re at your castle gate while you’re trying to get your crown back atop your head, Sigil is making you look like fool. 

Like a regular court jester in the face of Death himself, who in his own right is none too pleased with you putting you on ticking clock to get the coronet back. 

While you’ve been distracted by that, you’ve allowed the corsairs to march right across a draw bridge that you left down.    

Taskmaster, we are climbing your ramparts while you force Jet Set Radio, those you’ve entrusted your protection to fight one and other as an act to prove their fidelity to your rule. 

Let us tell you, Blackhart, you’ve taken your eye off the ball and you’ve allowed Legion, the hand of fate, beyond your castle walls, and with that mistake your universe is about to burn. 

The kingdom that you’ve built will come tumbling around your ears and not because someone wants to take what’s yours… no, we’re Legion, for we are many, and we just want to watch your world burn.