In Promo, The Burned Man by Blaze

“Arcadian folklore speaks of a set of armor that was supposed to protect the wearer from all sorts of potential damage.”

“It was said to be a mixture of steel, cotton, and Kevlar crafted by Hephaestus himself. When worn, nothing could penetrate its defenses, not sword, bullet, or even fire.”

“When its defensive capabilities were tested, they found that the wearer would be unscathed after all forms of attack.”

“However, when the time came for human trials, people began to complain about how heavy it was. To them, it felt like they were being encased in cement and were carrying the weight of an elephant.”

“After being told to bear it, they were then ordered to run an obstacle course where they’d be hit with various weapons until they reached the finish line.”

“There was an obvious problem that soon became apparent after the first tester. The wearer’s movement was severely impaired to the point of immobility.”

“Realizing that the perfect suit of armor was never meant to be, Hephaestus shredded any future plans of crafting more.”

“As for the armor he already made? Legend has it that it’s still in his workshop, waiting for the day he eventually tears it apart.”

“This tale might not sound familiar to either Kaiju or Gemini, but it should still ring through to them nonetheless.”

“Chiba is a hulking tower of a man that seeks to protect the smaller, frailer photographer from any potential harm. Like the armor made by Hephaestus, he will not allow sword, bullet, or fire to hurt his partner.”

“But all that protection seems to be doing is smothering Gemini. Sure she’s safe from all forms of damage, but she’s hardly allowed to move as a result.”

“These two will have to run an obstacle course at Olympus this coming Monday. With the armor that is Kaiju Chiba and Gemini wearing it, one has to wonder if they’re able to even make it to the first hurdle.”

“Kaiju might be willing to make sure he takes the majority of the punishment, but by doing so, he’s keeping the flower child from becoming who she’s meant to be.”

“She needs to face danger head on in order to overcome it. By shielding her from it constantly, you’re making her and yourself a priority target for more dangerous threats in the long term.”

“That’s why me and Destructo Boy are a more powerful pair. Sure I protect him from some dangers, but I allow him to fight them as well. I don’t smother him with overbearing protection like Chiba does Gemini.”

“The girl needs to shed the encumbering armor if she wants to succeed in her goal of spreading joy to Arcadia. If she can’t do that, then she might as well be dead alongside her protector.”

“Me and the boy will give her a reason to do so once that bell rings. Hopefully by then she’ll see that Chiba might keep her safe from the fire, but not the smoke.”