In Blacktooth, Promo by Blacktooth

Sitting in the center of the Blood Runner’s butchery is a man’s corpse, the poor soul newly dead. Blacktooth lingers over him, digging his blade into the man’s chest, slicing downwards and cleaving him open! Blood splatters Blacktooth’s face, the Devil licking it off with a wicked grin.

“You ever taken everything from somebody?”

He chuckles.

“I don’t just mean their life. I mean everything they ever had, ever wanted. Just left ’em empty?”

Reaching inside of the corpse, Blacktooth rips out the man’s stomach, tossing it over his shoulder callously into a bucket next to himself. “See, you could take the food off of their plates, rip their hard meal right out of their needy little hands and watch them starve with those big, pleadin’ eyes.”

Blood squelches out viscerally, coating Blacktooth’s arm as he digs even deeper into the corpse, grabbing organs, playing with them gleefully. “See, this corpse has everything it needs to live, don’t it? But if you start takin’ things and sure ’nuff it goes from serviceable to useless.” Blacktooth chomps down on a piece of meat, ripping it off in his teeth and swallowing it.

“Now, Burned Man, he took my stomach from me. Broke the generator for my deep freeze and left my meals to rot. He stole the food right off of my plate! So what do I do?” He snarled, ripping the lungs out of the corpse in front of him, chomping down on the still pink flesh.

“I start takin’ back. I know what Maxie cares about, you know. Not just that veal he’s so in love with, either. I’ll rip the air from his fuckin’ lungs and start strippin’ his life down to the bone. If I gotta start with the slums and chow down on the folks he can’t save? Then I’ll gobble down every last mother fucker in that shithole. If they’re the blood in his veins then I’ll drain every last drop onto the fuckin’ floor.”

Blacktooth snaps off the ribcage, prying it off in his hands and throwing it into the bucket along with the lungs, blood coating his hands and clothes as he feverishly drives the knife into the corpse, stripping out more and more of its insides until he pulls out the last piece of flesh still sitting in the corpse’s shell.

The heart.

“But if that don’t work? Then I’ll go for where it really hurts.” He squeezes the heart in his hand, nails digging into the piece of gore as he licks his lips. “I’ll kill the veal. I’ll rip the heart right out of his fuckin’ chest and watch him fuckin’ crumble. I’ll take everythin’ from him because he fuckin’ dared take a bit of flesh from me.”

The Devil buries his teeth into the heart, ripping and tearing, devouring it animalistically before our very eyes.

“And when he’s down, when he’s emptied? I’ll ring that fuckin’ dinner bell.”

The scene fades out, but as it does, the sound of a bell rings in the distance.