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Gods dream of Empires, but Devil’s build them.

Caesar watched as construction began on his Empire a long time ago it was to be a place he could reign over, a place he could call his own. Though he didn’t lift a finger, he watched as those around him worked through torturous conditions. Caesar was obsessed with construction of his Empire; he watched every detail. He watched as every nail was hammered into the framework.

At one time the Empire of Caesar stood above all others. It was a land so rich, so advanced, so wealthy and so strong that pundits claimed it would never be conquered, it would never fall, it would never burn. This Empire was the envy of the world, all those who would visit it wished to stay. Others would dream that they would one day be able to gaze upon it with their own eyes.

The Scholars were the smartest in the world, the Soldiers the strongest and the Women the most beautiful.

But this empire grew over cocky and over confident. It began to take the word of the pundits as Gospel, believing itself to be impenetrable and undefeatable. This Empire, along with Caesar would soon learn that nothing lasts for ever. For Empires are always believed to be indestructible but the truth is they are unsustainable.

The scholars would learn that the difference between stupidity and genius, is that genius has its limits. There were only so many books that could be read, only so many debates that could be had. Eventually the scholars grew tired of the same debates, the same conversations, like an old married couple who secretly despise one another eventually they sat in silence.

The Soldiers would learn that without iron to sharpen iron, they were bound to dull. Without conflict and without war the skills of the soldiers slowly dissipated. The empire had been so powerful for so long that none had dare to oppose it, so the soldiers grew fat. Where was no threat, there was no enemy.

And the women would learn that age is a debt that always seeks to collect. Some may escape the debt of time for longer than others, but eventually everyone has to pay. The women despite their best efforts began to age. Gone was their beauty, gone was their allurement. They quickly learned without their grace, they just simply existed.

And just like that, the Empire of Caesar began to slip away into obscurity.

I’ve watched you and your power slip away, fade into obscurity. There’s no longer an allure to you or your club. The decline and the downfall of the Empire of Caesar was slow and agonizing, like you are destined to feel at the hands of Skulltography.

But the fall of Caesar XL will be quick and violent, like a hammer striking a nail. For I am building the framework to my future success, around your defeat.

You’ll watch again, as our hands are raised in Victory, having learned the true face of Vengeance is the Skull.