In Dr. Death, Promo by Dr. Death

Do you ever feel the electricity between two people?

It’s a tension that both draws them to each other and pushes them away at the same time.

Often times it cannot be explained, as it’s just something out of the realm of our comprehension.

You just have to accept it.

See the thing about electricity is that even though it’s shock can do an abundance of harm, on the flip side of that damage lies an opportunity to heal.

To restructure.

To change.

That’s why electroconvulsive therapy can be so effective for those unfortunate Arcadians who suffer from mental health problems.

Psychosis, or detachment from reality, is one of those problems it targets.

By sedating a patient and sending an electric current through their brain, you cause a brief surge of electrical activity within the resident braincells to induce a seizure.

After emerging from anesthesia, the hope is that the patient is cured, one way or another.

That’s how I cured Frightengale.

Her parents seeked out my help when she was in her early twenties. They described her behavior as “extreme,” as in it was like interacting with two different people on polar opposite ends of the spectrum.

Most days she was aloof. She pranced about, completely unaware of anything going on around her. It was like she was out of touch with reality, but still a purely innocent soul.

A total ditz.

But as infuriating as those days were for her parents, it was those other days that were more so the concern.

Every so often she would wake up and become the most vile human in all of Arcadia. The embodiment of pure evil, she would terrorize her parents and everyone else around her in an emotional twister that would spare no one in its wake.

A total bitch.

This might not ring any bells for you, Gemini, but Frightengale’s behavior closely resembles yours.

One day you’re all flowers and butterflies, and the next you’re hexes and bloodshed.

You’re like a magnet who’s two sides are constantly pushing away and pulling towards yourself, and the space between just cannot be closed.

Your dissociative personalities are two extremes, and although this revelation may be outside your realm of comprehension, I have you properly diagnosed.

And the treatment for your condition is well within my scope of practice.

After I concluded Frightengale’s first session of electroconvulsive therapy, her psychotic episodes came to a hard stop, and out of thanks she’s been by my side ever since.

That palpable electricity between us is proof of her gratitude for my work.

I cured her.

And that’s exactly how I am going to cure you.

I’m drawn to you like a magnet to metal, and when I clamp you tight in my clutches I’ll properly restructure your brain:

I’m going shock the shit out of you.

It’ll be easier than pulling a black, rotten tooth from your mouth.

You’ll thank me later if you just accept it and consent now, because it’s time for your electroconvulsive therapy.

Now take a deep breath, and close your eyes…

See you on the other side, Gemini.