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Eat Me

I’m on the menu

You won’t get indigestion

I even come with dessert…

Your insides won’t even hurt

Story tells of a certain restaurateur that made quite the name for himself.

People all around Arcadia came to know that he sold the most tender, juiciest meat around. Critics found themselves with nary a bad word to say about his dishes. Word spread and the demand for his food grew.

And he was always able to keep up with demand.

The steak that he provided tasted like no other, was seasoned to perfection and grilled to the customer’s liking. Many tried to replicate the restaurateur’s dishes, but never could.

It wasn’t until the kitchen was inspected for hygiene certification that they uncovered the truth.

The meat that people had come from all over Arcadia to partake in, that juicy morsel that made him famous… Was nothing but human flesh.

Countless souls found themselves wandering through his butchery and wound up on plates to be served to others. Business was booming, the meat tasted good.

It’s just a pity that Arcadian society didn’t see things the same way.

Eat me

From my skin down to the bone

You can evolve

You can really give the dog a bone

Before I change my mind and I sink my teeth in you

Eat me

Old School Wrestling showcases some of the finest dishes in all of Arcadia. A plethora of meat primed for the slaughterhouse. Enough to make you lick your lips, Blacktooth.

There is no shortage of souls volunteering for this butchery, from the bleak to the slums, desperate souls look upon Olympus with the same eyes they looked upon that restaurant.

They don’t question where the meat comes from, as long as it tastes good…

And you, amigo, you’re only too happy to take a bite.

You continue eating, knowing only that the meat tastes juicy and tender.

Not caring about what really goes on in the kitchen.

And you, Blacktooth, you think that you’ve got things all figured out. You’re the food critic around here, tasting all the morsels and living your life in a wonderland of menu options, and the supply never runs out.

You don’t question the meat that wanders into your compound, as long as the supply keeps coming.

Smile as you rip flesh from my spine to my legs

Vile, all the scary things you’ll find inside my head

Bite till I’m dead

I’m on the menu

Are you hungry?

But in reality, Blacktooth, you’re just another one sitting at the table. Old School Wrestling is Zeus’s restaurant, and there’s always enough flesh here to go around.

What secrets he hides, is for him and his Parthenon to know. I’ve seen enough to know what’s truly behind that kitchen door.

This week, he has served you a Champion upon his menu.

You lick your lips, eager to take a bite.

Only, this meal bites back. Because in this restaurant, we’re all fucking cannibals.

And my bite is bigger than yours.

Are you hungry, little man? Because I sure am.

It’s time for another meal.

El Mariachi Muerte