Eagle Eye

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

Down in one of the darkest corners of the Slums, a murder has just been committed.

The APD arrive as soon as possible, clearing the area of civilians and other onlookers to get a proper investigation started.

They block off the crime scene to stave off intrusion, as someone with a very important role arrives.

The photographer.

Even with the chaos that transpires at the scene of a heinous crime, the one with the camera must document the area exactly as it is, as soon as possible.

The photographer holds the shutter open long enough to walk through the area, adding light from all the sources he can, to illuminate a crime scene that is consumed in darkness.

Put simply, he paints the scene with light.

And that light helps reveal every detail of the scene, that even the most eagle-eyed officer would miss in the heat of the moment.

After all, how can an officer of the APD protect and serve if he can’t even see what’s right in front of him?

A man of Jackson Cade’s reputation has spent years training in the academy, always remaining disciplined through every drill, every lecture, every ounce of prep to become an officer of the law.

He becomes focused on finding every detail in his investigation, every small and seemingly unimportant piece of the puzzle to catch and arrest those who commit crime.

But all that focus goes away when you’re stuck in the dark, Jackson.

You find yourself walking into a situation that the academy didn’t train you for.

All that prep, all that training gets put to the test real quick when the pressure is on.

And it becomes real easy to lose sight of the truth in the heat of the moment.

Searching for the criminal and dealing with unwanted onlookers at the crime scene is a daunting task.

You can easily miss a detail or two in the process.

The darkness makes important clues hidden in plain sight, never to be picked up or noticed as the APD scrambles to catch their latest perpetrator on the run.

That’s where the photographer comes in, Jackson Cade.

That’s what I do.

Step in when documentation is needed.

Every snap of the shutter is another piece of visual evidence to help you do your job.

But I like to hold the shutter open a little longer.

Make my way through the crime scene.

Paint it with light, so the final picture gives a much clearer, much more illuminated view of the area.

And that light makes everything visible, Jackson.

Every nook and cranny of the crime scene.

Even the details that your eagle eye might have missed, in the heat of the moment.

Because the truth has been there this whole time…and it’s about time you finally see it.

To finally uphold your promise to protect and serve the people of Arcadia.

The people want a good cop, Jackson Cade.

And you’ve got to give the people what they want.