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Each War…

Drewitt walks along a dank corridor, lit with pink and blue neon lights – at first seemingly alone, but as the camera pulls out, it becomes clear that Grimskull walks alongside him, their strides matching and their gaze resolute.The neon lights dance around, reflecting from the mask of Drewitt and the spikes of Grimskull as they make their way onwards.

“It always comes back to War…” Drewitt begins, shaking his head somewhat.

“War is the one constant in all of history. Conflict is inevitable when Arcadia is inhabited by those who live with free will. There will always be disagreements on the best way to proceed, and there will always be arguments on outcomes,” he continues, turning his face towards Grimskull as he explains his thoughts.

“We both know all too well, brother, the wars that must be fought. You and Vision, me and Tombstone. We have been in the trenches and we have emerged from those wars only with minor cuts and bruises, against the odds in some cases.”

“But war is not always as simple as two men ripping each other apart in the ring.”

Drewitt stops, and Grimskull follows suit.

“Tucker Goode has a war he fights every day. His war is in his head, and it’s the conflict between the half of him that wants to be himself, and wants the freedom to love who he wants…” Drewitt puts one hand out, palm up. “…and the half of him that must do what is expected of him. The half that aligns with the ACA in censorship of all the things they deem forbidden.”

Drewitt puts the other hand out, and mimics the balancing of scales.

“Speaking of the ACA, Sebastian Boswick also faces a war.  His war is against anything and everything he hates. Violence, sex – you name it, Sebastian abhors it. He stands on one side of the battleground, and almost the entire world stands opposed to him.”

Drewitt drops his hands back down to his side.

“And The Kingdom face their own battle – a war against those they deem to be their enemies – the ACA themselves. And whilst it’s true that this war is one brought about by physical conflict, they also have a war to face against their own power’s origin – against their genesis as The Kingdom.”

Apokalypsis begin walking again.

“The problem is, Grimskull, that Tucker Goode faces his war head on each day, but it does not look to have an end in sight. Sebastian can’t hope to beat the sheer numbers that oppose him, and The Kingdom can’t beat a group with so much anger as the ACA, nor can they win a war they do not yet know the extent of. And yet, each of these wars consumes their very being.”

“All of these people have the experience of War, brother, but none of them know how to actually win their war.”

Drewitt shakes his head once more as the scene fades to black.