Drenched in Sin

In Promo by Ether

“There was one religious kid that used to follow me around and found fault with just about everything I did.”

“Every time I wanted to indulge myself in all the pleasures life has to offer, they’d be there to call me a sinner and try to dissuade me from what I want to do.”

“Nearly every day they’d stalk me and try to turn me into a pious bore. If they thought they were going to turn me from the hungry girl into something I’m not, they had another thing coming.”

“One day, I decided to flip the script and follow their fucking ass for a change. Granted, I didn’t expect to find them doing anything spicy or interesting, but I thought they’d like a taste of their own medicine for a change.”

“While following them, I saw them go through a back alley with a whore and enter an unlabeled building. I snuck in and discovered that he was doing something rather uncouth for a supposedly devout person.”

“They were snorting coke off her unwashed ass while having his dick sucked by another slut.”

“I couldn’t help but bust a gut at the hypocrisy. When they got caught, they proceeded to get out of town and I never saw them again.”

“Vayikra remind me a lot of that kid. They follow everyone around and accuse them of being sinful, despite being full of sin themselves.”

“Although they haven’t done anything outlandish like inhaling crack off a prostitute’s shit stained ass, they certainly committed their fair share of atrocities here in OSW.”

“Take, for example, their constant abuse of the Rainbow Party. They’re just trying to live their lives to the fullest, yet those three zealots proceed to attempt to murder them for simply living.”

“Everybody watched in terror as they tried to crucify TGK. Everybody screamed in horror as Vigour was hung high above the ring. Hell, everyone nearly shit themselves as Starboy was stoned for simply being who they were.”

“Despite doing all these horrible things, they don’t see anything wrong with what they’ve done. In fact, they’re proud of unleashing their wrath upon those three.”

“I can’t help but bust a gut at their hypocrisy. They’ve been caught by just about everyone with two fucking braincells and they’re too full of pride to see that their actions have betrayed the words they preach.”

“If you thick headed morons aren’t going to leave the fed after getting caught out by your hypocrisy, then me and Tag will force you out ourselves.”

“Come Fuck the World two sixty nine, Renault and Gable will come face to face with that Jet Set life and get an ass kicking for being the phonies they are. Once we’re done with them, they’ll be so humiliated that they’ll have to leave OSW for good.”

“The world will be glad to see a hungry girl devour two impostors in the middle of that ring. When that bell rings, this hungry girl’s gonna eat!”