Down the Rabbit Hole…

In Promo by Sweet Alice

I woke up in a cold and alone on a sidewalk in an unusual place. 

When she appeared before me, she looked at me with panic in her eyes.  “Have you seen him?” She hurried asked. 

“Who?” Was all that I could stammer out before she grabbed my shirt, dragging me with her. 

“The white rabbit silly.” 

Before I knew the scenery felt as if I’d gone through the looking glass. 

“Hellooooo, Alice…” A giant cat with a Cheshire grin upon his face materialized before us answering a question I hadn’t voiced yet in giving me my capture’s name.  

Minos, what a delight to see you.”  She said with a gleefulness that made my skin crawl as did the cat’s warped smile while it wrapped me up in its tail. 

“Well, my dear the white rabbit is awaiting you at door number…” He took a moment to examine his tail playfully before releasing me. “Eight.” 

Alice smiled at me again. The look in her face was still panicked but yet she smiled two conflicting gestures were plastered there it put me on edge. 

“We mustn’t keep the rabbit waiting. He has something special planned for you and he’s not someone to be kept waiting.” Alice said, continuing to drag me down a corridor. 

Until we happened upon two rotund men at door three. 

Tweedledee and Tweedledumb, for what reason are you outside your room?” She asked expectantly, drawing to an abrupt halt and slamming me into the ample flesh of one of these two behemoths. 

“We’re hungry!” They said in unison. Before they both grabbed me and as if great pythons they unhinged their jaws and opened their maws before I heard a large “crack” and I fell with a tremendous “thud”. 

“No!” Alice exclaimed to the two now unconscious masses. “He has an appointment with the rabbit.” 

I looked up at Alice, the smile still unnerving but at least she saved me. 

We soon reached our destination and inside there were rows upon row of ditches.   

We were greeted by a giant rabbit whose hair what was left at least was indeed white. 

“Oh, Sweet Alice, thank you for bring this man to me. He was very late for his appointment.”  

Who was this mangy flea ridden rodent to tell me… 


Its voice boomed and its beady red eyes focused on me. 

“You’ve been found guilty in the court of Minos and here you’re sentence to live out the rest of your days!” 

I turned again to Sweet Alice whose face sat with that smile. My mind began to race “What punishment?! Why?!” I went to voice my objection but nothing, I felt for my lips, and not but smoothness. I have no mouth but I must scream. 

That was my last thought before the foot of Sweet Alice still smiling made contact with my chest sending memories coursing through me. 

As I felt the reptiles and snakes latched on to me, I remembered… I was a fraud.