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Don’t Fear The Reaper

Don’t Fear The Reaper

Once upon a time, there was a little girl terrified of death.

Surrounded by it a young age, her every night was filled with the fear that those she had lost were coming to drag her down into the darkness.

Into the abyss of the unknown. And this fear carried through the years until it infected those she loved.

Every cut, every bruise, every sickness was treated with deadly seriousness as she did everything she could to push aside death from her door.

And when he finally came for her, she would move heaven and earth to stay firmly in the light.

Even usurping fate itself to ward death away permanently.

Not realizing this would create a cataclysm of events that would drag an entire universe down into the abyss.

Blame it on those she loved, blame it on the cancer, blame it on everyone but the terrified coward in the mirror.

So when she was given the curse of immortality, she relished every single moment of it.

No consequences, no regrets, an entire reality to shape and mold with all the time in the world to make up for her sins.

But forever is far too long of a burden and as the millenia drew on and on, she found herself wishing for that darkness she once feared.

Because at least it was better then being forever trapped in the light.

It’s funny, I avoided coming here for so long knowing it may well be my end.

Even after all this time, I still feared the prospect of death.

I just didn’t know I wasn’t the only one.

Those who still cling on from beyond the grave, those who seek to leave a scar on history, those who seek to usurp the very laws of the universe

Hell even the reaper himself recoils at the very notion he may be mortal after all.

Yet the person I had the most in common with was the very soul I believed most at peace.

You had me convinced you were a good soul Banzan, selfless and pure. I believed you could teach me to accept my destiny.

When in truth, behind that facade you’re just a coward like the rest.

The great demi-god Vali who hid away from the true gods until they were nothing but dust so he could toy with children.

Unlike you, I don’t relish turning a man into a weapon but it was needs to be done for the good of the universe.

You’d make that kid your plaything just to satisfy your sick self indulgent desires.

A monster who’s forgotten to be human and terrified anything would make him feel powerless again

Yet in your infinite wisdom did you ever think the weapon I hand delivered to you was a trojan horse?

Because you can defeat me a thousand times Mountain yet I would bet my eternal soul he will make you feel the same fear I once did.

I know when the snow turns red succeed or not, i will finally pass into the darkness

Yet when I watch a boy become a man drenched in the blood of a cowering demi-god,

That’s a sight I’d gladly let be my last.