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Dog Days are Over

Happiness hit her like a train on a track

Coming towards her stuck still no turning back

She hid around corners and she hid under beds

She killed it with kisses and from it she fled

Fitting for a crew like you guys. Built on the bones of others, acting like ancient lizards. You come in loud, making a scene, and start pushing an authority that no one wants. Swarming around, taking out folks like rabid dogs.

For a group of folks that really like to enforce rules and abhor the wild parts of life, you’ve got a habit of being absolutely nasty. Four against one ain’t even a fair squabble is it? Then again, when has the ACA been about being fair? Your strengths are about controlling others, by force being preferred. There’s no room for anything past that. But what can you expect from folks that would lie, cheat, and steal their way into everything?

In this case though, might doesn’t always make right.


And I never wanted anything from you

Except everything you had and what was left after that too, oh

Happiness hit her like a bullet in the back

Struck from a great height by someone who should know better than that


See, a pack of dogs is strong because they’ve got numbers. Sure, four rabid hounds enraged that a lone individual could come out and tell them no in front of a booing crowd would be easy pickings. But that was just one battle. You weren’t strong enough to put me down for good there, and now it’s a fight for survival.

Field’s even fellas. Lot more dogs on my side, and you’re down a member.. And there, lurking in the shadows waiting, will be me.


Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father

Run for your children, for your sisters and brothers

Leave all your love and your longing behind

You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive


Because at the end of the day, the ACA are tamed in their roots. They make act rowdy, and break their own rules just a little bit, but they never came from a place of struggling. No tamed housepet, no matter how big, matches up with a wolf of the wild. There’s just some things that can’t be taught, censored, or contained.

All it took for me to realize my mistake was going out in front of the audience.Your place in the order of mongrels and leashes and I bounced. You all did what you could to take me down, but I’m made of stronger stuff than that. Honestly, I took tougher as a kid running wild on the blocks below than what you threw. But what can you expect from domesticated pets obsessed with rules?
All I gotta say is good luck bud. No amount of “proper” decorum will keep you safe now with what I’m swinging.


The dog days are over

The dog days are done

The horses are coming

So you better run


The Yellow Python