In Promo by Zero

“Mr. Simon had a big bad fuckin’ dog.”

“And he treated that mutt like a piece of shit.”

“Every day, in the blazin’ sun or the pissin’ rain, that dog would be tied up in the yard to bark his days away and growl at anyone who passed by. Simon liked it that way.”

“The old man knew the dog had trainin’. He knew he could be a vicious piece of shit given even half the chance. He didn’t want that dog inside, he wanted that dog as protection.”

“He made that dog follow every fuckin’ command he gave him.”

“Sit, heel, attack, roll over – the dog obediently did it.”

“It didn’t matter that he was a nasty bad mother fucker.”

“Every time Mr. Simon said, that feisty little cunt did.”

“Then one day, some poor helpless innocent little kid walked into Mr. Simon’s yard and got more than he bargained for. He thought the dog was friendly. He thought the dog was lonely. He thought the dog needed fuckin’ help.”

So he tried to give it.

“Simon has kept me chained up in the fuckin’ yard for months, sweatin’ out the sun and shiverin’ in the rain. He’s made me do every fuckin’ thing he wanted. I’ve attacked people he’s told me to attack. I’ve bitten people he’s told me to bite. I’ve lost, I’ve suffered and I’ve stayed chained up in that fuckin’ yard when I’d rather be anywhere fuckin’ else.”

“I’ve been Simon’s dog for a long time now.”

“And then you came into the yard, kid.”

“You thought I needed help, so you came into the yard, and you unchained me. You took away Simon’s ownership. You took this rabid dog away from the master that had fuckin’ beat him down both physically and mentally.”

“Last week at Fuck the World, by beatin’ that mother fucker in a match, you unchained me, kid.”

You broke me free.”

“You stepped into his yard, took his dog and led it the fuck away from its abuser.”

And what did I do?

“I went for your fuckin’ throat.”

“See Kid, a dangerous dog is a dangerous dog. It doesn’t matter who its fuckin’ master is.”

“The mistake you’ve made is a grave one. At Ring of Dreams, you’ve let the dog free to make its own choices. You’ve taken it away from its master and you thought that would change things for the better.”

“It hasn’t.”

“I’m still fuckin’ pissed that I was his dog to begin with.”

“I’m still fuckin’ pissed that I had to every fuckin’ thing he said.”

“And I’m still fuckin’ pissed that it took a cunt like you to break my chains and release me from his ownership.”

“I’m still… fuckin’… pissed.”

“And a growlin’, barkin’, angry mother fuckin’ dog is still a growlin’, barkin’ angry mother fuckin’ dog…”

“When owned… or not.”

You fucked around and released me, kiddo.”

And now you’re about to find out.”