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Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes is really a nasty disease.

It causes your body to be unable to regulate insulin levels, which could lead to a number of complications including irreversible nerve or sensation damage, poor wound healing, and other serious chronic issues.

It’s a controllable disease thanks to modern medicine, but it could lead to mortality given the wrong circumstances or if managed improperly.

In short, injecting the wrong dose of insulin could be lethal.

I remember in clinic, every few months I’d receive a visit from Marley.

A formerly healthy girl, her parents initially seeked my advice when she developed neuropathies: poor vision and numbness and tingling in her fingertips.

When I inquired about her eating habits, Marley immediately proclaimed her love for Teddy Bears, citing she ate at least ten every day.

I immediately tested her blood sugar levels and her results confirmed a diagnosis of type II diabetes.

There’s a candy mogul who wrestles here in Olympus that has single-handedly caused a diabetic epidemic amongst Arcadian children.

His specially-crafted Teddy Bears and O’Toole Bars are loaded with sugar, creating a taste so sweet that it would hook even the strictest health-minded individuals after a single bite.

And that’s by design.

You see, this man has built a candy empire by infiltrating the stomachs and minds of these children, and he will stop at nothing in order to grow that empire to be the biggest, most profitable entity that Arcadia has ever seen.

And The Candy Man can. Know why?

Because Teddy is adored by children, and if you can capture the heart of a child, then you can grab their parents’ by their big, dangly credits!

It’s a positive feedback loop: parents purchase candy which the kids consume to satisfy their cravings and O’Toole makes profits.

So when Marley was rushed into my unit seizing with a blood sugar level of 600, I immediately knew what the problem was.

Marley’s parents ran out of credits from purchasing their daughter all those Teddy Bears. And although Marley was happy and satiated, they neglected to purchase the one thing their daughter needed to manage her disease:


It’s an expensive drug here in Arcadia, and if you don’t have the credits for it and have been diagnosed with diabetes it’s a death sentence.

I pumped her veins with nearly my entire vial of insulin to normalize her glucose levels that day.

I saved her life.

And I made her parents promise to never purchase Teddy Bears again.

And now I seek revenge on you, Teddy, for what you did to Marley and for all the harm you’ve caused the innocent children of Arcadia.

At Clash 302, I’m going to press the rewind button on your epidemic, O’Toole.

After I beat your candy ass, I’m going to give you a taste of your own medicine and inject you with a lethal dose of insulin.

When your glucose levels bottom out, your last vision will be of your empire slipping out of your numb, tingling fingertips.

And without an heir, your fortune and factory will be given back to all the Arcadians who built them for you.

“Syringe, please…”