Devil’s Device

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

“There was once a beautiful young lady.”

“Every weekend night, she would strut into the club with her beautiful looks, tight figure and well done make up. She sauntered into the club and straight to the bar, giving a flip of her hair before she sat down.”

“And every weekend, just like clock work.. every man in the building would rush to her side, credits in hand to buy her a drink or whatever she may desire.”

“She’d play hard to get, but there was always that one man who thought he could break down her walls. He thought that he had what it took to be different than the rest of the masses.”

“He thought that he had what it took to make this woman his.”

“Each week, another man would eventually pay the check and lead her out by the hand.”

“Yet the following week, she would always come back by herself. The man from the previous week never heard from again.”

“The man walking blindly into his demise. Because this woman wasn’t just a normal woman.”

“She was a device of the devil.”

“A bait sent forward from the devil himself to collect a poor man’s soul and bring it to him on a silver platter.”

“Here in Old School Wrestling, a devil lurks these shadows.”

“And I hunger for the soul of a poor innocent man.”

“Colt Ramsey, it seems your time has come.”

“You’ve found yourself infatuated with a young, beautiful woman.”

“Everything about Narcissa appeals to your attractive receptors.”

“Her beautiful locks of hair, her tight body. Those cold, dead staring eyes that pierce your soul everytime you look at her.”

“All of that is a sight that you cannot seem to get out of your head, is it?”

“A young reporter who’s not short of heart, you’re determined to take her by the hand and lead her down your path, are you not?”

“Instead, you find yourself chasing after the lady who’s playing hard to get.”

“And that chase has led you right into the shadows.”

“Right where I, the devil, lurk.”

“And I’m hungry, Colt.”

“Pandemonium has left me starving.”

“At Clash this week, you will be chasing the devil’s device right into your own judgement.”

“This week, I will satisfy the hunger that causes the rumble in my stomach.”

“You now find yourself face to face with an unrelenting devil. I care not about who you are, or what you do, Mr. Ramsey. All I want is to continue my work.”

“Chasing your little flusy with your dick out will become the biggest mistake you’ve ever made, Colt.”

“Because when Arcadia wakes up the next morning, they will have woken to another major headline.”

“One that reads ‘Local Artist creates masterpiece from the remains of former reporter.'”

“A headline that is sure to get the attention of all the Arcadians. A headline that will be talked about for weeks to come.”

“It’s truly a shame that you won’t be here to report it.”

“Because with the stroke of my brush, you shall be my latest masterpiece.”