In Gemini Dark, Promo by Gemini

I once communed with a mighty sorceress.

She possessed a power so enchanting that she could bend the will of all who crossed her path.


And those who tasted it were cursed to be ensnared in her web.

For desire could inspire courage or fear, love or hatred. It could bind hearts to one another.

Or blow a hole clear through them.

It was the key to unlocking the deepest secrets of the soul.

But she warned of those who would claim to hold the key to people’s desires.

Full of charm and charisma, speaking in honeyed words, such a man could beguile the hearts of all who listened.

His creations would make him a master of temptation, weaving a spell of delight with his irresistible offerings, captivating sweet sensations for the senses to feast on.

He would say he held the answers to people’s deepest yearnings.

And they would flock to him, eager to indulge in his tantalizing treats.

Much as the people flock to Teddy O’Toole and his confections.

He’s captured the attention of the masses, luring them with a Teddy Bar into his world of sweetness and delight.

Those who chase his wares are chasing the sugar high they get, creating an endless loop of desire and pleasure.

Temporary pleasure.

Because the pleasure his treats offer are nothing more than a façade, meant to throw a blanket over the growing fire within them.

And beyond the façade, what is he offering? Emptiness.

Behind a sugary veil, a hollow fleeting pleasure.

Temporarily satisfied, yet blind to the inferno burning deep within their souls.


You see, Teddy, you’ve built an empire on the sweet taste of temptation, but you’ve failed to grasp the true power of desire.

You believe you have the world in the palm of your hand, but just as the death you brought Drewitt, your sugary treats are but a fleeting escape, a temporary high that will never truly satisfy.

Deep within all of us is desire.

Desire to be satisfied.

And you have never been satisfied, have you?

Because all your sweet distractions offer is that fleeting moment of pleasure. It gives you control over those who chase it, but what happens when the fire within them melts your precious candy?

It’s all an illusion, a house of cards that will crumble at the slightest touch.

Just like you, Teddy O’Toole. And that’s what you fear, isn’t it?

It’s why you killed Drewitt. You could no longer control him, and you panicked.

The high was over, and there was nothing you could do to sate him.

Just as there is nothing you can do for me.

For my magic is not of this world. It’s born of the deepest desires within me, forces transcending your temporary pleasures.

It does not seek to dull my emotions, but instead ignite my passion into a raging inferno of pleasure.

Of satisfaction.

Your candy can captivate, but it cannot control. It can never hold a candle to the power that I wield.

You seek to control the desires of others, but I am desire.

And my curse will never be lifted.