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Deserving Possessor.

[The Double Feature championship sits on a workbench, nestled comfortably inside of its enclosure for the evening. Directly in front of it, a very obsessive Albert Lamplight sits with a careful and cautious stare.]

“Everybody wants something.” 

[Albert crosses his arms.] 

“As a storeowner, I’ve learned to adapt to the fact that most people that cross paths with me are only crossing that path because they want something. It’s never because I’m just a good guy, or that I’ve played an honest servant to multiple levels – it’s because I’ve got what they want.”

[Albert takes out a chamois cloth from the inside pocket of his suit jacket and starts to wipe down the enclosure.] 

First, it was those censoring mongrals that wanted my store. But, let’s face it, they didn’t deserve it. All they ended up doing was make a little bit of noise, an outrageous mess, and took a very important pen. Temporarily.

“And then…” 

[Albert expresses his frustration by raising his arms in air before going right back to dusting.]

“A devious little she-mole tries to worm her way through that mess to pick up where they started by not only trying to, once again, take my home away from me – but also my very important artifact.” 

“Did she deserve any of it? What has she done that could somehow reward her with anything that benefits my life? Of course, simply beating me fair and square in front of thousands of people would have simply taken care of the job, but…”

[Albert giggles, before taking a seat. He regains his gaze on the enclosure and pulls it closer to him.] 

“She didn’t deserve any of it either, I suppose.” 

“I’ve learned very quickly that even through the worst moments, the deserving possessor will always shine in the end. I see that as you shine back before me – not only protected by your own environment, but by the environment that houses yours – Because of one very important thing – blood, sweat, and tears aside -” 

[Albert carefully opens up the top of the case, exposing the Double Feature belt, and then moves the workbench light closer – this light reveals a very familiar remote.]

deserve it.” 

“I deserve this store, I deserve the items that live and breathe here, and most especially – I deserve you.” 

“It took a long time for me to get to a point to where I can confidently say that, Ms. Balenciaga. I had to fight like I never fought before and even then, it was just too damn easy to second guess me.” 

“It was too easy to assume that I wouldn’t make it.” 

“Too easy for you to assume that I’d just let it be like I have before, right Narcissa?” 

“Just lay down and take it once more from just another person that wants something from me.” 

[Albert looks down at the title.] 

“I’ve come too far only to come this far, Ms. Balenciaga, and I will do whatever – ” 

[Albert grabs ahold of the remote.] 

It takes to ensure that it remains within the grasp of the deserving possessor. 

“Everybody wants something, Narcissa, but this time? My store is closed.” 

Albert Lamplight