“Death Threats”

In Promo by The Generation Kid

“A friend of mine used to receive death threats every single day. He wasn’t too popular at high school.”

“The first time it happened, you can probably imagine his horror. The note told him that he’d die at four pm after school. He didn’t leave school until six pm that day.”

“As the days went by, so did the notes. Each one seemed to be progressively more violent and more terrifying and my friend, he did everything he could to avoid their prediction.”

“Until one day, he completely forgot to check his locker.”

“It was such a busy day that he just didn’t get around to it.”

“So, the next day when he went there and found two notes, one dated the day before, he realized that he wasn’t escaping death. He wasn’t beating the reaper. These notes were predictions, not premonitions. Someone was writing them to frustrate and scare him, that’s all.”

“When he told us about the whole ordeal, it became a thing. After class, we’d all rush to the lockers to find the latest Deathnote.”

“Giggling, gleeful and full of humour, we’d take turns reading out the strange and once terrifying predictions of Tom’s death, knowing all the while that it meant very little.”

“Tom realized that once you stop worrying about what might be, you can focus on what is.”

“You’re a walking set of death threats, Deathnote.”

“Every page is another note predicting the demise of someone. As Death’s son, you have the inside information. Your notebook has all the predictions of Death that you could ever want and naturally, you’re not shy about knowing it.”

“The thing is, no prediction or premonition in that book can be altered or changed.”

“There’s absolutely nothing we can do about the things you know.”

“So, in essence, you’re exactly the same as the person who left those notes for Tommy, threatening his death.”

“I could live my life in terror, afraid of what you’ve got written down and placed inside my locker. I could try to avoid it, I could try to hide from it or escape it. I could let it rule my every day life and become a miserable wreck because of it.”


I could simply forget about it.

“I could forget about the things I cannot change. I could forget about what you think you know and what I think I know and focus on just one thing in particular.”

“What I do know.”

“And what I do know is that I’m the OSW Rewind Champion for a reason, Deathnote. You may know when I’m due to kick the bucket. You may put that on a little note inside my locker and hope it scares the crap outta me.”

“Except I’m not gonna read it. What I don’t know, can’t hurt me. When Tommy figured that out, his whole perception changed.”

“Death may be on every page in your book…”

“But I can’t stop it either way.”

“I can, however, stop you though.”

“That’s something I DO know.”