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Deaf Man’s Song

They say that music is a language within itself.

But can a blind person play music without seeing the notes on the page? Could a deaf person play without being able to hear what they play?

I see a song.

A piece of manuscript parchment. Upon the page, notes are scrawled upon music staves, directing the musician in the correct manner in which to play the song.

All one has to do to master the song on the page is stick to the script. If the musician knows how to handle their instrument and read the notes, then they can play the song.

The musician carefully plucks and strums the notes on his instrument. He can read the music, he can play the instrument. He knows the song to be a beautiful song. Yet, no matter how hard he tries, the song sounds terrible.

Because he cannot hear what he plays.

For despite his best efforts, the deaf musician cannot hear when his instrument is out of tune. He trusts the notes on the page, trusts his own skill and plays with confidence, thinking that he is creating beauty. But a musician relying solely on their vision will fail, for they cannot possibly comprehend the complexities of the language they attempt to communicate through.

Just as a blind musician can only ever hear that what he plays sounds true, but could not ever hope to learn to play by sight.

Music is a multi-sensory experience.

And O’Death is only truly interested in one thing.

You may have reached the highest of heights by playing your songs, El Mariahci Muerte, but as a musician you limit yourself in your approach.

You play only ever what is written on the manuscript. As the story plays out through your song, so it comes to pass. You are unable to stray from those notes, and you cannot hear any difference.

But every song you play has written the same climax, the same ending stanza. The grave is your ultimate goal, and this is where your music leads.

You’re simply playing out a cosmic song of life and death, relying on your music to light your path and hoping that you’re not out of tune. For as much as you can see the music… you lack the capacity to truly hear your song like I can.

Your vision limits your creativity, for you cannot stray from your page.

I am nothing like you.

Without sight to guide me astray, I play my song differently to yours. I play by feel.

The vibration of my message as it is cast out into the world and echoes off ears that can hear the wisdom in my words.

The feel of the prism that guides me.

The sound of my song resonating within this world, changing as the world changes.

I am not limited by your script.

My message will not die with my body.

The Third Eye lives on even after your song has long finished being played.

You just are too tonedeaf to hear it.

And I’m too blind to care.