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Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried

So many Kine fear death. They fear what lies behind the veil and what horrors may await them.

Some religions state that once they die, they get resurrected in a variety of ways depending on the way they’ve lived their lives.

Others bring the dead to either a paradise or to utter misery if they don’t believe what the good book tells them to.

Religion makes Kine fear what is an inevitable factor in life. They believe, regardless of their religion, that as long as they live a good, public life, they will get the best result in the afterlife.

Behind closed doors? Their fear of the hell they may face leads them to a more… Hedonistic lifestyle. They figure the more pleasure they can experience here, then despite their fear of the horrors they could possibly experience afterwards won’t be so intolerable.

But you don’t think we’re watching. We’re ones that have abandoned this fear. We don’t fear the afterlife, or hell, because we know all too well just how empty the other side of that veil really is.

There is no Heaven or Hell, not because said gods are dead. But because they were only ever things of our own making.

Kindred have so deeply accepted this, we’ve given up our humanity. The Embrace was a high we have so greatly appreciated, we try to share it with others.

We pull that veil back, and we reveal that their fears meant nothing. That they never had anything to fear after all. We do this with the Embrace. We grant them an immortality, as long as they obey our rules. Obey our laws.

We introduce a new fear to replace the old. We replace a fear of the unknown with a fear of the known.

While they lived, they feared what they don’t understand. Now, they fear what they know goes bump in the night.

Death wasn’t something to be feared, it was something to be embraced. To be free of the mortal coil. To be free to be the true top of the food chain in this world.

To be the thing feared!

Not the cause of it. Where they feared living their hedonism, for fear of their downfall and the Hell they thought they’d face. Now with those restraints released, death makes us powerful.

But here we are. We are both facing something we don’t understand.

We’re both dying for unknown reasons. But one thing I’ve tasted on your blood was fear. You may have been stone-faced with the prospect of death. You felt no pain, you felt invincible.

But when you faced a creature who knew death, and beat it, you knew you’d met your match.

I don’t fear death, for I am death. A new death for a new world.

So bury it all, bury your fear. Know that your pain is temporary, and that I can grant you a freedom you never thought possible.

I’ll pull the veil back,

All for a simple bite.