[Zip!] [Zap!] [Lightning flashes down from the dark night’s sky, striking the ever faithful neon Old School Wrestling logo. In the background, we can hear Kenny Loggins faintly singing along.]

“Highway to the Danger Zone

Ride into the Danger Zone.”

[The sound of thunder and lightning continue to roar in the background as we fade from the logo to a pitch black screen.] [That’s when ‘Highway to The Danger Zone’ revs into action, the crowd getting to their feet inside The School Yard as Errol Flint and Freight Train Ferguson stand ringside, ready for their match to start.]

“Highway to the Danger Zone

I’m gonna take you

Right into the Danger Zone

Highway to the Danger Zone

Right into the Danger Zone!”

[And tonight, that’s exactly where we are. The camera circles the cheering fans before coming to rest inside the ring with an in wrestling gear Errol Flint. He stands with a microphone, his chest puffed out because he’s ready for a fight tonight.]

“I apologize for the abruptness of this, but it’s time to get straight down to business. Slade, I’ve been waiting months for this and I’m not waiting any longer. Get your ass out here and let’s finish this once and for all.”

[The fans cheers quickly turn to boo’s as ‘Stronger’ by Kanye West hits and out onto the ramp way steps Jackson. He has a microphone in hand and begins his walk towards the ring.]

“I’m glad you have a desire to get this over with as quickly as possible Flint, because so do I. Only it would appear that for some reason, you didn’t bring a partner.”

[Flint turns around in confusion, HAVING HIS HEAD ALMOST TAKEN OFF WITH A BIG BOOT BY FREIGHT TRAIN FERGUSON!] [WHAT THE FUCK!?] [The fan’s can’t believe it as Slade smirks and gets into the ring. Is this for real? Has Jackson Slade been working with Freight Train Ferguson all along? He gets into the corner and demands the referee ring for the bell, watching as Ferguson works over Flint with kicks to the mid-section, kicking the holy hell out of him. Enough is surely enough! That Big Boot decimated the Chairman and those kicks are driving right into his chest and stomach. Ferguson finally pulls him to his feet and lifts him into a Powerful Gorilla Press Slam! Errol bounces chest first off the canvas and finds himself struggling to catch his breath.] [FtF grabs him again and slams him into the corner, nailing him with shoulder barges as Slade claps from the outside. This has to be over by now, come on and just put an end to it already. Ferguson drags him out and into a Clothesline, posing to piss off the crowd. He doesn’t cover though and tags in Slade, who struts across and slaps Flint around the head repeatedly. The fans booing only seem to spur him on as he drags him to his feet and slaps him down to the canvas once more.] [Slade kicks out at him, tagging back in Ferguson who climbs the top rope and watches as Jackson grabs a limp Flint and holds him up for Fuck Almighty to grab. He wraps his paw like hand around the Chairman’s throat, lifts him up and leaps into the air. SLAAAAAMMMMMM DUNNNNKKKKK!!! OH BOY!!! THAT ONE HAD SOME STANK ON IT! Freight Train Ferguson gets back to his feet and stands with one foot across the chest of the Chairman… One….. Two…. Three! It’s over! Jackson Slade pulls one over on Errol Flint, damnit. Ferguson was with him this entire time and Flint appears to be no closer to the truth about who ran him down.] [Jackson retrieves a microphone from ringside, almost strutting back to the middle of the ring where Flint lays, unconscious at his feet.]

“Aw, poor Errol Flint – busted once again by Jackson Slade. It’s funny isn’t it? First, I was responsible for your car wreck and now I’m responsible for a train wreck.”

[He laughs at himself whilst Ferguson grins.]

“Now I know that you were going to double cross me. I know that you were never signing off on me becoming the Commissioner; Ferguson told me that much,” [Slade says bending over with a scoff.] “But as of right now, I know that more than anything, you’re going to want me around.”

[Ferguson nods in agreement.]

“After all, who else knows exactly who ran you down and almost ended your life? I’ll be seeing you around, Flint. Because from here on out, I’m in the corner of my first new managerial acquisition; FREIGHT… TRAIN… FERGUSON! Welcome to The New School.”

[Both men slap hands as Slade finishes off.]

“Applications now open, bitch.”

[Stronger hits one more time as Slade and Ferguson raise arms to a booing reaction from this capacity School Yard crowd. It looks like Jackson Slade has just opened himself for business in Old School Wrestling and Freight Train Ferguson has become his first client.] [Victor Grimes and Edna are sitting in his locker room. It is almost time for his match with Phoebe Outlaw, and Edna is not happy.]

“You’re just looking for an excuse to get your hands all over her sweaty body, aren’t you Victor?”

“Damn you, you beastly woman! I can’t get away from you at home, and now you’re nagging me at work, too! Did you even watch the telly last week! I bashed her over the head with a vase and then proceeded to kick her arse all over the building!”

“I saw it, yes! I saw you grabbing her all over her bum and knockers, I did!”

“Oh, sod off! [He waves both hands dismissively at her and stands up to leave. Just as Edna opens her mouth to protest, he opens the door and is immediately hit by a sock full of nickels. He collapses and Phoebe Outlaw immediately begins pounding him into the ground. Edna rushes over and start hitting Outlaw with her purse. It doesn’t phase Phoebe, who looks at Victor’s wife with fury.]

“This isn’t your fight! Back up!!” [Edna sees the look in Outlaw’s eyes and does as she is told.] [This provides a diversion as Victor punches Phoebe directly in the clam. She bends over and he hits her in the back with an axe-handle. She drops to her knees, and he kicks her in the face.]

“I’ll teach you to step into a man’s ring, you trollup!”

[He grabs her by the hair, and yanks her all over the hallway. He pulls her all the way through the curtain and down to the ring. He receives massive amounts of heat as he rolls her into the ring.] [Victor rolls in after Phoebe, but he’s no spring chicken anymore. Before he can even get up, Phoebe has recovered and grabs the ropes as she snaps a boot into his head. Vic covers up and yells at the referee to “get this crazy cow off me!”. The official forces a break – just long enough to call for the bell and gets things started properly. Phoebe closes in on Vic… who stays in his corner, arms at his sides. The referee calls her off and checks on Grimes. After a brief exchange, the exasperated referee motions to the timekeeper, who rings the bell again – louder and longer this time. Vic didn’t hear the bell ring!] [Phoebe looks around, mouthing “are you kidding me?” – but Vic takes his opening and clubs her down to the mat from behind! BOOOOOO! That sly old bugger just pulled a fast one! He rolls her over and immediately pins her… in a rather inappropriate way. ONE… strong kickout! Vic screams that it was “at least two!” and flashes a V-sign at the official as a visual aid. He pulls Outlaw up by her hair—getting a warning in the process—and whips her into the ropes – but she counters! Vic runs into the ropes… well, jogs. Okay, more of a brisk walk. Phoebe gets tired of waiting and drags him back into a side suplex! ONE… TWO… foot on the ropes!] [Outlaw cusses and grabs his boot – but it comes right off and she falls back! Vic laughs and gets to his feet, revealing holey white socks under his boots. Phoebe screams and throws the boot at him, but he ducks it and slaps an abdominal stretch on her! Outlaw fights the hold, but the Cunning Codger grabs the top rope for added leverage, unseen by the referee. He wrenches the hold and slaps her ribs for good measure. The fans rally behind Phoebe, prompting Vic to yell “shut up, you council-flat scum!”.] [Forgetting his wife is likely to be watching this whole affair, Vic licks his lips and goes to GRAB PHOEBE’S BREAST – BUT SHE BLOCKS HIM! Phoebe grabs Vic’s bony wrist and twists it. Vic screams in pain and releases his hold. He falls to his knees—which crack—and begs for mercy. Phoebe nods her head sympathetically and earns her Scouts badge by helping the old man up – before pulling him into an arm drag!] [Vic hits the mat and slowly gets up. “You stupid bi—” A ROARING ELBOW TO THE JAW CUTS HIM OFF! Vic goes down like a sack of spuds. ONE… TWO… THREE – shoulder up! The fans groan in dismay, and Phoebe shakes her fist; she almost had him. She pulls him to his feet and whips him into the ropes, but the OAP counters, throwing a short-arm clothesline at Phoebe. She ducks it and jumps up for the NORTHERN EXPOSURE NECKBREAKER – Vic spins free, however! He grabs her in a headlock. She struggles, and they end up sandwiching the referee into the corner. Vic takes advantage with a DONKEY KICK BETWEEN PHOEBE’S LEGS!] [Grimes cackles as the fans boo him. He sinks into another lascivious cover. ONE… TWO… TH- shoulder up! The Outlaw lives to fight another day! Vic grabs at what remains of his thinning hair and cusses the referee out – “where did you learn to count, driving school!?”. He yanks Phoebe up and—“AAAARRGGGHHH!”—PHOEBE CLAMPS DOWN WITH A TESTICULAR CLAW! Vic could break glass with that scream! The referee orders Phoebe to let go, and she does – only to nail Vic with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [The fans pop for Phoebe, who pumps her fists in the air. The referee, meanwhile, is tending to Vic Grimes, who can be heard moaning “my bloody hip!” and “I don’t believe it!”.] [When we catch up to those backstage, Evan Jackson is angrily storming through the corridors with what looks like a burnt photograph. He finally arrives at the locker room of whom he thinks is responsible and barges in; only no-one is there.] [The room instead is full of photographs much like the one he’s holding, showing us of Evan’s past great feats inside a wrestling ring. All his major victories and loses are displayed, furthering his lingering doubts about his past.] [That’s when he snaps. He angrily starts ripping all the pictures off the wall, laying waste to everything in his vicinity as he does. Finally, he’s left with the wall, which has a message for him. It reads, “Having Doubts?”] [Suddenly a figure barges in from behind and attacks him over the back with a steel chair! It’s Doubt and he came out of literally no-where. Jackson stumbles forward and turns, ducking the second chair shot and slamming open a locker door, directly into the face of Doubt. Doubt stumbles, giving Jackson the chance to nail him with a battery of right hands, beating him down to the floor.]

“How about that for doubts, huh!?” [He yells at him.] “I’ll see you in the ring, kid.”

[He backs away slowly, exiting the room as Doubt lets out a horrifying chuckle. Perhaps this is exactly what he wanted?] [The bell sounds but neither man moves. Evan Jackson slowly approaches as does Doubt. Something is barely inaudible as Evan just stares at Doubt. Doubt pokes Evan’s shoulder, but Evan pushes him back with force! Doubt hits the ropes and just glares across the ring at him. As he does so, Evan rushes him with a stiff forearm strike! Evan goes for another, but Doubt ducks under it to switch positions. Doubt turns about and connects with a brutal discus elbow catching him across the head. Evan staggers only to grab Doubt and hits an elbow strike! Doubt staggers backwards as a superkick connects on the chin of Doubt!] [Evan Jackson begins to feed off of the audience as he climbs the turnbuckle. TO THE PO- NO! Doubt got his knees up to stop that. Doubt rolls Evan up! ONE…TWO…NO! Evan barely gets a shoulder up as he gets to his feet first. Evan hits the ropes and connects with shotgun knees that send Doubt into the corner roughly! Evan smiles as he rushes towards the opposite corner as if building speed! He rebounds off of the corner and… ROLLING WHEEL KICK from Doubt nearly decapitates Evan!] [Doubt looks down at Evan as he clutches his fist. Something big is coming! Doubt quickly ascends the top rope where he claps his hands. Moonsault! WAIT NO! He keeps turning before DRIVING his knees into the sternum and abdomen! THE CAUSE OF DOUBT! Doubt thinks this is it as he hooks a leg. ONE…TWO…NO! Evan’s arm just happened to be under the rope! Doubt argues with the referee who just tells him to continue on. Doubt pulls Evan to his feet, but Evan seems to be in bad shape. Doubt wraps the arm of Evan and pulls it beneath himself before turning and pulling on the leg.] [THE SECOND GUESS! Evan is in pain as he reaches for the ropes. The referee is in position asking Evan if he wants to submit! Evan is shaking his head as he tries to get out! Doubt hooks back on the leg and pulls even more forcing Jackson to cry out in agony! Evan tries hard to reach the ropes but slowly his enthusiasm is stopped. His hand falls limp. The referee lifts his hand and it falls. ONE! The referee tries this again. TWO! The referee shakes his head as he lifts Evan’s arm for a third fall.] [BUT NO! EVAN HAS LIFE! Evan pushes off the mat just enough to reach for the ropes! He gets there, but Doubt looks shocked. He shakes his head denying to release the hold. The referee begins his count and Doubt releases it at four and a half! Doubt begins stomping on Evan with ferocity. His ire seems to have raised. Doubt grabs Evan up by his head and locks in his finish. Two knees to the gut followed by a double arm underhook position. EATING YOURSELF A-] [NO! Evan fights out of it! ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Low kick that knocks Doubt to his knees! Mafia kick connects and floors Doubt. Jackson climbs to the top rope and TO THE POINT! The frog splash elbow drop connects and Evan isn’t done there! He pulls Doubt up to his feet, kicks him in the gut, and wraps his arms… CRANIAL IMPLANT! The double-arm DDT spikes Doubt’s head into the mat! He hooks a leg… ONE…TWO…NO! Doubt kicks out barely! Evan pulls at his hair.] [Jackson pulls Doubt back up, but Doubt hits a devastating uppercut! Jackson backs away as Doubt jumps to the top rope. BLOCKBUSTER! Jackson is down as Doubt looks confident. EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! Jackson is limp. ONE…TWO…THREE!] [Doubt celebrates his win by squeezing one gloved hand. He looks down on Jackson before lifting him back up and connecting with another EATING YOURSELF ALIVE! The referees file into the ring to stop him as Doubt exits the ring.] [The Chosen One is pacing back and forth in the locker room as Matthew Cories is sitting while tying his shoes.]

“This Corey guy. I just don’t get him. He runs into me twice then attacks me when I try to help him out. Then I hit him with TWO Boomsticks, and he’s still standing? Plus, what was that weird outlash? I have to figure this out.”

[Ashley Williams continues to pace back and forth as Cories just nods glumly.]


“What’s wrong with you, Matty?”


[Naturally, Ash sees right through that as he takes a seat beside his tag team partner.]

“Matty. I’m sorry. I haven’t even taken the time to help you out with Doc. Now, what can I do to help you out?”


“Come on Matty…”

[Ashley puts his arm around Cories, but Matty just stares at the floor with a thousand-yard stare. An awkward moment as Cories just continues to stare.]

“Matty. Do you want me out there for your match? I can make sure that he doesn’t try any-”

[Cories pushes him off as he pulls his hands to his head before slowly rocking.]

“No… no. I have to do this myself. You can’t help! I’ve got this.”

[Ashley tries to put another arm around him but this time Cories shoves him as he gets to his feet.]

“NO! You can’t help! Tonight, I will defeat this monster and clear my head for good. Get Black. Don’t worry about me.”

[Cories pulls the door open and exits the locker room as Ashley watches him leave with confusion.] [The opening bell rings and Matthew Cories wastes little time charging after Doctor D’Ville… Collar and Elbow Tie Up, right into a PERFECT PLEX! The Doctor stumbles to his feet and the Fresh Prince of Wrestling whips him into the ropes… on his return, TILT A WHIRL BACKBREAKER! And Cories with the cover! But Louis kicks out at two! D’Ville uses the ropes to get to his feet and once he’s up, Matthew charges… CACTUS CLOTHESLINE! And both men go tumbling over the top rope and collapse in a heap at ringside. The fans go wild, happy to see Cories getting the best of D’Ville.] [The Fresh Prince gets to his feet first… FIST DROP! The Doctor is not faring well here. Matthew runs D’Ville to his feet and shoves him head first towards the barricade… but D’Ville reverses momentum, and it’s Cories who goes head first into the barricade! The crowd boo’s as the Doctor regains his composure. Cories charges again but D’Ville ducks! Using Cories own momentum to send him face first into the ring post! The referee is already at a count of six so the Doctor slides Matthew back into the ring; following in right after.] [By the time D’Ville hits the ring Matthew Cories is already on his feet. He swings wildly but the Doctor ducks again, infuriating the crowd. As Cories spins around, D’Ville stumbles him with a head-butt. Cories swings at air and D’Ville moves in with high precision accuracy, punching and kicking Cories until he can barely stand. Doc hooks the head… INVERTED DDT! With Cories down D’Ville shakes his head at the heat he’s getting from the crowd.]

“I’m only helping the boy!”

[D’Ville screams to the crowd before turning to the corner and scaling the turnbuckle. Everyone knows what this means and the crowd starts a rolling clap to motivate Matthew to his feet. The Doctor sets up and flies… TREPANATION! And the Doctor catches all of it! D’Ville crawls into the pin… but somehow, Cories kicks out! At 2 and 9/10th’s!! D’Ville can’t believe it, addressing the official as if he were at fault.] [GERMAN SUPLEX! Cories somehow manages to get to his feet and he catches the Doctor by surprise! But the crowd support doesn’t seem to be enough to keep him going, as Matthew drops to one knee to catch his breath. This gives the Doctor time to find his feet and he races towards Cories… but Matthew hooks D’Ville and takes him off his feet! FALLAWAY SLAM! With D’Ville down again, Cories uses the turnbuckle to crawl to his feet. Leaning against the corner he screams…]

“It’s Morphin’ time!”

[Just as D’Ville gets up… Super Kick! MARCH OF THE DRAGONZORD! D’Ville collapses and Cories quickly goes for the cover. This time, it’s D’Ville that kicks out at 2 and 9/10th’s! The crowd just as shocked as Matthew Cories appears to be. The Fresh Prince of Wrestling drags the Doctor to his feet and hooks both his arms. The crowd go crazy as Cories screams…]

“Life’s tough!”

[But D’Ville pushes out! Cories swings, but Doc catches him! LOBOTOMY! D’Ville with that swinging brainbuster leading to butterfly/sit-down faceplant! And Cories is out! But D’Ville is out too! The crowd begins to boo as the Doctor begins to stir. D’Ville crawls slowly into the cover and the official makes the count! One… Two… Three! NO, KICK OUT! Somehow Matthew Cories just kicked out! The pair stumble to their feet… and Matthew catches D’Ville by surprise… hooking his arms once more! GET A HELMET! And D’Ville is down! Cories with the cover! One… Two… Three!] [He’s done it! Matthew Cories has walked into the Doctor’s office and walked out with a win!] [High Society makes way down the hall in preparation for their match when they are stopped by none other than Damian Crowley. Damian pushes back Max who was center and backs up before the trio jumps on him.]

“What’s the percentage chance you’ll win this match?”

[The three look at Damian as though he were an idiot before Baxter speaks up.]

“Just what do you mean by that, boy?”

[His words are replied to by a voice from behind, the Hangman having appeared as though by magic.]

“Why are you three so worried about percentages? Owned percentage of the company.”

[Lee Crowley is heard, having appeared in front of the three.]

“Being the one percent. Tell us, why is it so important for you three? We’re baffled that after all the roadblocks we put up, you still go on about being the top percent.”

[Nigel is the first to answer.]

“Because it means rubbish like you won’t be able to touch us. Every time you’re near me I can swear I smell the garbage that isn’t just your talent.”

[Max chimes in.]

“You three don’t deserve our presence, and by all means do we deserve what we take for we pay for it, unlike low lives like you and your family. So we care because it just proves we’re better than you.”

[The Family laughs, Tobias and Piotor joining in as they walk up from either side of the hall. Lee holds his hand up to silence them.]

“If you wish to believe that then do so. But I will say one thing. When it comes down to it, percentage doesn’t mean anything, dear boy. But in this case I should remind you. Just like in your lives, the percentage of you coming out on top is 1%.”

[Million goes for a punch but the lights flicker, the family disappearing before his very eyes, leaving High $ociety dumbfounded to where they went.] [The two men begin to circle after the bell sounds. Anonymous is sizing up Axel the Shark as Axel seems to have an air of confidence about him. Anonymous rushes Axel with a basement dropkick which Axel just slaps away. The Kid’s Champion grabs the head of Anonymous and pulls him up into an atomic drop! Anonymous is holding his tailbone as he turns around and Axel leaps into the air and hits a hurricanrana! Anonymous seems surprised at Axel’s fire, but the Shark seems to be fueled by rage for everything that Anonymous has tried to bring to light.] [Anonymous rolls away and gets to the apron. Axel hits the ropes and leaps over the rope to hit a cross body onto Anonymous! They go crashing to the floor, wadded up in one another as the fans pop huge. Axel lays in with shots to the head of the Guy Fawkes mask before watching the robed man crumple. Axel rolls back into the ring to hold his hands up as the crowd pops! Anonymous regroups outside the ring, unprepared for the ultra-serious and fired up Axel the Shark. The mind games may have had the opposite effect.] [Anonymous hits the apron, and Axel goes over to pull the man into the ring, but Anonymous is read! He kicks Axel in the face and slips into the ring. He kicks him in the gut and runs off the ropes. He grabs the neck of Axel and wrenches it as he executes a picturesque swinging neck breaker. Axel hits the ground and the crowd is on their feet to cheer him back into it! Anonymous climbs the top rope and is looking down. He leaps off maybe looking for an elbow drop, but the crowd explodes as Axel gets his leg up, his boot connecting with the chin of Anonymous.] [Axel crawls away after this move, but Anonymous isn’t letting that happen! He grabs him by his boot and drags him to the center of the ring. Axel begins to stir and Anonymous climbs the top quickly. He leaps off for double axe handle, but Axel moves! Anonymous hits the ground hard, but rolls up into a standing position. Axel leaps to the second rope and springs off for a springboard tornado DDT! Anonymous’s face is driven into the mat as Axel ‘s mask smiles down at him. Anonymous gets to his feet and Axel grabs him and throws him into the corner. ] [Axel rushes Anonymous for a Yakuza Kick, but Anonymous falls out of the way. Axel gets caught up on the top rope and seems to be in a lot of pain! Anonymous rushes to the opposite corner and takes in the situation! Axel turns around just as Anonymous rushes him with a Yakuza Kick of his own! He pulls him in for a cover! ONE… TWO… AXEL IS STILL IN IT! Anonymous seems to shrug as he hops up to his feet. He grabs Axel’s mask to pull him to his feet as he is trying to decide what to do now. ] [He pulls up the Kid’s Champion and kicks him in the gut. He grabs the head of Axel and throws him up in the air. BLESSING! ONE… TWO… THRE… AXEL IS UP AT THE LAST SECOND! Axel and Anonymous both get to their feet as Anonymous beats the mat, trying to figure out a way to put down the Kid’s Champion. He grabs the Shark and goes to throw him up again, but AXEL GRABS THE LEG… SUSHI KICK! No pinfall, but Axel goes up to the top rope. He leaps off… SHARK DIVE!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!! AXEL WINS!!] [The action in the ring done, both Axel the Shark and Anonymous don’t seem to be done. Axel seems ready to continue the fight, but Anonymous holds up his arms. The lights drop out of the School Yard, drenching it in darkness.] [The lights come back up, dimmer than before. Axel stands in the ring and is surrounded by children wearing Guy Fawkes masks. They all creepily sing until Anonymous joins them.]

“The wheels on the bus go round and round, Axel.” [Anonymous states, his voice echoing throughout the arena. The children go silent. Dead silent.] “Until they derail. Then people die. Children die.”

[The children reach up and remove their Guy Fawkes masks, revealing Axel the Shark masks underneath.]

“You see, these children are all Axel the Shark.” [Anonymous gleefully remarks.] “Axel the Shark was a little boy who loved the killer of the sea, and when his lazy bus driver ran off the road, he paid the price. Now that same bus driver parades around in the middle of the School Yard disgracing the memory of his victim.”

[In the ring, rage seems to be pouring out of every inch of Axel’s body. His secrets have been laid bare by Anonymous.]

“The truth is out there, Axel, and we always shine our light on it. We…”

[Before Anonymous can finish his line, Axel has slide out of the ring to take the microphone. This wasn’t what the black robed man was expecting.]

“Axel the Shark was a little boy, alright. He loved sea creatures, including the shark. He also loved Pokémon. He played with action figures. He didn’t have a lot of friends because he didn’t get a bath every night. Axel the Shark was how he escaped from a world that wanted to throw him in the trash. His drawings are on my gear. His name is now my own.”

[Axel steps up on Anonymous, almost pushing him back.]

“That day,” [Axel begins, almost trembling.] “He was telling me about his dad’s new job at McDonalds. Maybe he could get that shark shirt he saw at the Dollar General store. Maybe he could get some pencils and paper to draw his own Pokémon cards because his parents couldn’t buy him anything. Maybe he could get a lock on his room to keep his dad from throwing things away when he had too much of his ‘special cola.’”

[Axel stops and seems to collect himself.]

“Because I was the only person who listened to Axel, who gave him the time of day. In a world where children like him get thrown away by their parents, or where their parents give them up to do things like this…” [Axel waves up at the kids in the ring.] “…the only person who gave a darn was the ‘lazy bus driver.’ So when that tire went out and I overcorrected, inertia did its thing to the kid standing up next to the driver.”

[The stunned silent crowd just waits as Axel pauses to bow his head and collect himself. A random fan yells support for the masked man.]

“When I held him in my arms and watched the life fade from him, I swore to myself that day that Axel the Shark would mean something to kids. There’s a lot of kids out there that don’t have parents, that don’t have anyone who cares about them. They don’t have a hero to look up to. They don’t have a person who tells them that it’s okay to be a kid. That they don’t need to grow up yet. We dress our five year old girls like they are twenty, and we tell our five year old boys it’s not okay to pretend. Axel the Shark is the Kid’s Champion. Because they need one, and the likes of you only send them down the road to corruption.”

[Anonymous seems to want to retort, but Axel cuts him off.]

“I couldn’t save Axel, but if I can keep one kid going, then it’s all worth it. And I don’t care what you or anyone else says.” [He gestures up towards the kids in the ring.] “Let’s go home, kids.”

[The children slowly remove their Axel masks, revealing the scared faces of a bunch of children. Someone in the crowd starts to slowly clap, everyone joining in as time goes on. The children all circle around Axel and walk up the aisle as Anonymous seems dumbfounded.] [The Power of Positivity’s music plays and the fans go wild as LH Harrison and Alex Reese hit the stage. The two sport matching ring gear and Reese looks to be holding… an inflatable doll? The dolls decked out in a pair of wrestling trunks and a t-shirt, both with negative signs on them. Once in the ring, POP grab microphones.]

“Ladies and Gentlemen…”

[LH is cut short, by the voice of Vinnie Lane.]

“Fella’s…” [Vinnie’s face appears on the Tron.] “…sorry to break up the gay rom-com, but I’ve got some bad news. This match… isn’t going to happen.”

[Alex and LH look confused.]

“Ya’ see, I couldn’t find a worthy enough Tag Team partner so…”

“Well that’s alright!” [LH returns the favor and cuts Vinnie off.] “We knew you weren’t going to be able to find anyone willing to be your partner tonight so we found someone for you.”

[Alex holds up the inflatable doll with a smile. Vinnie scoffs.]

“Hilarious! But seriously, pack your bags fella’s, you’re going home.”

[The crowd doesn’t like what they’re hearing, but no one’s more annoyed than the Power of Positivity.]

“No!” [Alex barks and, despite his shared discontent, LH places a hand on his friends shoulder to calm him down.] “When Gator head-butted me, I was willing to believe it was a positive, because it brought LH and I together.” [Alex and LH slap five.] “Then, when Gator got fired, meaning I couldn’t get my revenge, I was willing to believe it was his negativity that brought him down! But I’ll be damned if…”

“Oh shut the fuck up, kid! It’s over! Too bad, so sad, no match!”

[The Tron cuts off the crowd goes wild with boo’s… and the Power of Positivity are livid. Alex is the first to storm out of the ring and LH follows, both men running up the runway and disappearing backstage. The crowd is barely done boo’ing about the match being canceled when…] [The Power of Positivity! They’re back! And they have Vinnie Lane in tow! The crowd goes wild as LH and Alex muscle Vinnie into the ring and demand the official ring the bell! This match is on!] [The bell sounds as Harrison and Reese simply nod at each other and do rock, paper, scissors to see who goes in first. Reese beats Harrison with his rock vs Harrison’s paper. Alex gets into the ring and smirks across the ring at Vinnie Lane who looks at his empty corner with a frown. Reese and Loverboy tie up in the center of the ring, but Vinnie suddenly starts screaming which forces Reese to let him go. Vinnie hobbles back to his corner with his right arm going limp by his side. The referee goes over to check on him.] [Reese comes over to see if he’s okay only for Vinnie to sucker punch him! He grabs Alex and lifts him up before driving him to the mat with a pumphandle slam! Vinnie smirks before lifting him back up and connecting with a snap suplex! Vinnie taps on his head before walking over to Harrison and blowing a raspberry in his face. He turns back around and Reese is up… Pele kick! Lane is staggered as Reese gets up behind him for the WAKE UP CALL! The double knee backbreaker is hit as Lane rolls away to the outside in pain.] [Reese approaches his tag team partner and in comes Harrison. Both men hit the rope and leap through for a double suicide dive to Vinnie! SHOTS OF INSPIRATION! Vinnie is propelled over the guard rail and into the laps of the people on the front row! The crowd goes crazy as LH and Alex raise their hands in the air before taking a courtesy bow. LH grabs Vinnie and pulls him back into the ringside area. As he does, Vinnie grabs LH and pulls him by his trunks into the corner pole on the outside! LH hits it shoulder first in pain as Vinnie smirks. He rolls LH back into the ring as he follows.] [Vinnie picks up LH who responds with a knife-edged chop! Vinnie’s chest is lit up as he falls back into LH’s own team corner. LH tags in Reese. Both men cross the ring and motion for another big move! They rush and hit simultaneous super kicks! FEET FOR THOUGHT! Vinnie slumps out of the corner as Reese smiles. He goes for the pinfall. ONE…TWO… Foot on the rope! Reese pulls Vinnie to his feet.] [Alex hits a few chops of his own before pointing to his partner LH who points back. Alex turns about and connects with a discus clothesline. Reese pulls Lane to the corner where he sets him up. He takes a few steps back, motions to the crowd who cheers before coming rushing in for a running leaping clothesline! BUT VINNIE PULLS THE REFEREE IN THE WAY! The referee takes the brunt of the force and falls to the mat in a heap. Reese looks surprised but Vinnie Lane swiftly kicks him right in the Little Motivators! Reese falls backwards in pain as LH Harrison is in a tizzy!] [Loverboy slides out of the ring and walks over to the announce table before grabbing a steel chair from nearby. He’s about to enter the ring when LH Harrison gets in the way. Vinnie looks him up and down BEFORE SMASHING IT OVER HIS HEAD! LH falls to the ground as Vinnie crawls into the ring. He sets the chair down on the ground before pulling Reese to his feet. HEARTBREAKER! ON THE CHAIR! Reese isn’t moving. The referee comes to his senses just in time to count… ONE…TWO…TH-NO! Reese kicks out! Vinnie looks irate. He pulls at his hair before turning to see LH standing there with a big smile upon his face! A PLACE OF HOPE! He pulls Reese atop of Vinnie. The referee is still groggy but counts. ONE…TWO… THREE! NO! Vinnie got another foot on the rope and LH can’t believe it. He extends his hand in which Reese get to his feet and tags!] [Harrison grabs Vinnie and holds him in a wheelbarrow position. Reese hits a springboard somersault leg drop nearly decapitating Vinnie! BREAK THE SILENCE! Harrison covers him! ONE…TWO… THREEEE!] [Harrison gets to his feet as does Alex. Both men are celebrating their win as they have earned a number one contendership for the Tag Team titles. Vinnie slides out of the ring in pain as The Power of Positivity comes through in the end.] [The sound of scuffling is heard as the cameraman rounds the corner to see Corey dragging his feet along. He pounds his head as soft murmuring is heard. He opens a door and looks inside. He slams it quickly with a growl.]

“Where are you Doc?! I’m tired of these games!”

[A high-pitched creak is heard as one door opens. Doctor D’Ville exits with his normal, haunting smile upon his face.]

“Hello, my friend! Are we scheduled for another meeting so soon?”

[Corey walks over to him and grabs him up by his suit and pushes him up against the wall.]

“What the fuck have you done to me?”

“Done to you? Is the little girl still plaguing you, Mr. Black?”

[Corey looks to his left where the little girl is shown sitting on a bench. But something is different. She doesn’t look as innocent and normal as before. Blood-stained lines have fallen down her face as she looks up at Corey as more red tears form at the corners of her eyes.]

“Yes, and I want you to fix it! I know you did this to me! I KNOW IT!”

[The doctor places his hands on Corey’s and hushes him with a soft tone.]

“There, there, Mr. Black. The encounters you’re having are not my fault. Perhaps our interactions opened a deep and dark recess of your mind forcing you to come to terms with something dwelling deep within you.”

[Corey’s eyes close before slowly opening to see the little girl has vanished as has the doctor.]

“Creeping Death, Mr. Black. It’s the only release from your past.”

[That comforting laugh fills the hallway as Corey looks up at his reflection in a hall mirror, barely recognizing the ragged face looking back.] [The referee has a hard time separating these two long enough to ring the bell. You can practically see the steam leave their nostrils as they paw the ground, ready to clash. DING DING DING – they CHARGE! Grabbing fistfuls of shirt and hair, they UNLOAD on each other with fists of fury, their hands a blurred tornado like some Saturday-morning cartoon! The diminutive referee intervenes, demanding a break. They pull away reluctantly. Ash already has a split brow, while Corey dabs at a bloody fat lip. This one is going to be physical! They circle one another again, before clashing like duelling stags.] [The polished grappler, Corey, traps Ash in a headlock. The Chosen One shoves him off the ropes, and BOOMSTICK EARLY ON!? COREY ROLLS UNDER—Ash turns around—DISCUS ELBOW! ASH DODGES IT! The crowd pop as both men bring out the big guns just minutes into this match. They back off from each other, a little more wary of those surprise finishers they share. One second, one wrong move, and it could be lights out. They go for a traditional tie-up, but Ash weaves behind, knowing he won’t out-grapple Corey face-on.] [He lifts him up for a German suplex, but Corey hooks his feet on Ash’s hamstrings. He grabs his head and floats him over with a snapmare. Black then hits the ropes and NAILS a seated Ash with a dropkick to the face! He doesn’t pin him; this isn’t going to be over quickly. He pulls him up and sends him into the ropes. He catches him with a ‘rana on the rebound, but Ash sandbags it and hoists Corey up for a POWERBOMB – COREY BACKFLIPS OFF OF HIS SHOULDERS! Big pop for Corey’s athleticism, as he ducks a clothesline and tears into the ropes – SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT to a standing Ash!] [With Ash down, Corey looks at the ropes and nods. He scales the turnbuckle. He slowly stands up straight and spreads his arms like wings. Are we going to see it!? YES! PHOENIX SPLASH – BUT THERE’S NOBODY HOME! Ash avoids it by a hair’s breadth, leaving Corey to PLOUGH into the mat! Ash rolls him over… but shakes his head. “Not like that”. He peels Black off the canvas like a hamburger patty, then hooks the arms. HAIL TO THE KING! Ash DRILLS him with the underhook piledriver! He pins him on his terms. ONE… TWO… THREESHOULDERUP!] [Ash can’t believe it as Black just BARELY kicks out in time! The look of shock quickly turns to one of determination, however, and he cocks his fist to a BIG pop! Ash stalks Corey, who slooowly pulls himself up using the ropes. He turns around – BOOMSTICK—DUCKED—SUPERKICK! Corey with a DESPERATION superkick that finds its mark! Ash hits the mat spread-eagle. Black knows it’s now or never and slumps over him. ONE… TWO… TWO POINT NINE NINE! Ash throws his shoulder up just in time. The fans applaud the efforts of both these warriors tonight, as they lay on the mat, their chests heaving rapidly.] [Both men crawl away towards opposite corners, absolutely spent, as the referee starts a count. 1… 2… 3… Corey is still seeing stars after the piledriver, while Ash gobs a mouthful of blood up after the superkick. 4… 5… 6… Corey slaps his elbow for luck, then pulls his elbow pad down. Ash cocks that 12-gauge fist of his. 7… The crowd simmer away. 8… Both men pull themselves up with the ropes and lock eyes. They CHARGE – BOOMSTICK, MEET ELBOW! HOLY SHIT! Their heads snap back violently, as they clock each other with a knockout punch and a knockout elbow! They teeter to and fro, literally leaning against each other to prop themselves up… ASH GOES DOWN FIRST – COREY IMMEDIATELY AFTER, LANDING ON HIM! ONE… TWO… THREE!] [The referee raises Corey’s hand in victory, but I don’t think Black even knows he’s won! What a physical match!]

“God, is it true?” [Lux Bellator is kneeled before the same cross that The DEAD baited him under two weeks ago.] “Is Father Pedro really leading me astray? I feel so….conflicted. He’s led me to the RAGE Championship and now the United States Title. He’s stood by my side for years. [A puzzled expression.] “But, is it possible that he has his own agenda? That he’s using me? Lord, help me see the truth.”

[Bellator rises and leaves the locker room. As he enters the hallway, he spots the DEAD coming towards him. He holds his shovel, but does not wield it. The DEAD speaks.]

“Did you think about what I said?”

[Bellator still seems unsure of himself.]

“Yes. I’ve given it to God. The Lord provides everything, and He will provide me with an answer. As for now, you and I shall still battle this night. Father Pedro says that you are too far gone, that you can’t be saved. But I’m not sure. You could still become a soldier of God. You could be like me; you’re not too far gone!”

[The DEAD considers it. The two stare at each other, neither the first to move. Finally, the DEAD nods and walks past Bellator. Bellator walks off in the other direction. The camera leaves Bellator behind and follows the DEAD who is walking confidently after his talk with Lux. Then suddenly, cowardly, Father Pedro comes out of the shadows and levels the DEAD with a chair to the head.]

“Stay away from him!” [Chairshot to the downed DEAD.] “He’s mine!” [Chairshot.] “He does what I say!” [Chairshot.] “Lux is my monster!” [Chairshot. Pedro throws the mangled remains of the chair onto the DEAD and walks away grinning.] [The bell sounds as Nigel Royal and The Hangman are going to start this match off. They tie up in the center of the ring, but Hangman gets the better and pushes Nigel bowling over. Nigel gets to his knees, but Hangman just beckons him on. Nigel gets to his feet but turns around and tags in Max Million. They lock up, but Max sticks his fingers into the eye sockets of Hangman. He quickly withdraws his hand looking incredulously at Hangman. Hangman bellows at him as Max steps back slowly in confusion. Culture Boy steps into the ring after slapping Million on the shoulder.] [They go to lock up, but Culture Boy hits a throat uppercut. Hangman staggers back as Baxter slides around to the back and connects with two quick shots to the kidneys! Culture Boy rakes the back as Hangman recoils. Hangman turns around quickly and wraps his hand around the neck of him! He pushes Bobby into his own corner whilst choking him. Lee tags himself in with a smile plastered upon his face. Hangman pulls him out to hit a CAPITAL PUNISHMENT chokeslam followed by Lee leaping from the top with TRAUMA! Lee goes for the cover. ONE…TWO…NO!] [Lee pulls Bobby up to his feet but Bobby wraps his arms around Lee and sends him careening over his head with a belly-to-belly suplex! The slow crawl begins as Bobby manages to get to his partner Nigel! Nigel enters the ring and begins exchanging blows with Lee who just gets up. As they exchange blows, both sidelines are in a frenzy barking support. The crowd seems confused as they slowly begin dueling ‘Nig-el Roy-al!” and “Let’s Go Lee!” chants! He connects with a knockout punch before bouncing to the outside of Lee and connecting with a neckbreaker! Lee is down as Nigel quickly gives a bow to the family.] [Nigel pulls Lee to his corner and tags in Million. Max stands over Lee before pulling him up and dragging his face across the top rope! Lee struggles but then begins to smile! Million releases him with a smirk but Lee is beaming at him! Million hits the ropes and connects with a running clothesline! Lee hits the mat and slowly comes back still smiling! Million grabs him for a DDT but transitions that into a BAD INTENT CROSSFACE! Lee is STILL SMILING! Hangman gets tired of watching as he and Damian enter the ring. As does Nigel and Baxter.] [THE FIGHT IS ON! Nigel and Hangman begin trading blows as Damian and Culture Boy do the same! Hangman hits CAPITAL PUNISHMENT ON NIGEL! STUFF PILEDRIVER ON DAMIAN! Hangman pulls Max off of Lee by his hair only for Culture Boy to take out Hangman with a leg clip! Everyone is on the outside fighting as Lee gets to his feet behind Max. PSYCHOTHERAPY! The Twist of Fate is hit as Lee hooks a leg! ONE…TWO…NO! Max powers out. The referee manages to get everyone back on their respective sides as Damian has his hand extended. Lee tags him in.] [Damian comes in hot with several sharp jabs before hitting a nice SNAP DDT! Damian crosses the ring before rolling and rolling once more for a senton! SHATTERED EGO! Crowley gets to his feet before climbing up to the top turnbuckle… RISING STAR! But Nigel pushes him off the top turnbuckle to the floor before he can leap! Bobby rushes over and rolls him back in the ring as CHAOS ENSUES! Lee clamors onto Hangman’s shoulders on the apron and leaps out for a crossbody that takes out Culture Boy!] [Damian leaps forward for a tag on Hangman, but Hangman is pulled from the apron by Nigel! He’s thrown into the steel stairs leaving Damian by himself with Max. Damian slowly turns around and Max is poised! STOCK DROP! Damian is laid out! ONE…TWO…THREE!] [High $ociety escapes the ringside area where they celebrate on the top of the ramp pointing at them with smirks across their faces. The Crowleys look in a disarray.] [Brent Kersh stand in the middle of the ring with a microphone in hand. The crowd is going wild and he waits for them to quiet down. When it appears that they aren’t going to, he starts talking. They quiet down a bit as they listen.]

“I stood in front of you in the middle of this same ring four weeks ago trying to get answers from Marvolo. I, like all of you, wanted to know why he turned his back on OSW. But ever since that time, all we’ve seen is Marvolo trying to run from the arena, hitting me with a low blow, and avoiding me at any cost.”

[He’s interrupted with an OSDUB chant. He smiles and waits for them to quiet again.]

“Marvolo, I’m tired of chasing after you. I want you in this ring right now!”

[Kersh waits for the music, but nothing happens.]

“I’m not gonna ask again, Marv. Get… out… here… now!”

[Still nothing. The crowd starts chanting “Mar-vo-lo-sucks” followed by clap-clap-clapclapclap. Still nothing. Kersh shakes his head and begins to step through the ropes to leave. Then Number One’s music hits and the lights go down. Lower than normal. Marvolo steps out onto the stage. He’s wearing his old red outfit, but something doesn’t look quite right. he kneels down to tebow, but misses the spotlight altogether.]

“What’s this?” [Kersh says from the ring. The “Marvolo” on the stage stands up and raises a microphone.]

“Numbehr Wahn!!!”

[It’s Raquel!! The real Marvolo just popped up from under the ring and tries to blind side Kersh. But Brent turns at the last minute and hammers Marvolo with a right hand. The bell rings!] [The bell rings as Marvolo drops to the mat, drilled by that massive right from the Enforcer as Kersh drops down, mounting the #1 and slamming powerful hands into the side of Marvolo’s face, the #1 trying to cover up from the furious assault. Kersh gets to his feet, pulling his masked rival to his as he throws Marvolo across the ring. The #1 bounces off the ropes as the Enforcer tries for the Spinebuster but as he turns Marvolo around, the #1 manages to grab under Kersh’s elbow and twist around, landing on his feet and flipping Kersh to the mat with an arm drag of sorts] [Marvolo grabs his left hand around the wrist as he begins to load up and as Brent gets to his feet, the #1 grabs Kersh by the back of the head and drills him with the Burning Sword. Marvolo celebrates, taunting the fans as the Enforcer pops back to his feet, shaking his head. The #1 turns around, right into a hard kick to the gut as the Enforcer lifts Marvolo up high for a suplex, holding Marvolo up high as all the blood rushes to his head, the crowd counting down as Marvolo tries to squirm his way out, getting to an incredible 25 count before Kersh finally drops the #1] [Marvolo gets to his feet stumbling, trying to get a breather as he stumbles into the corner. A slight smile comes across the Enforcer as he sizes Marvolo up and as the #1 turns around, he gets absolutely annihilated by a massive clothesline from Kersh that sends Marvolo almost flying back into the turnbuckle. Marvolo tries to stumble out but Kersh throws him back, climbing up as he begins to deliver punch after punch to the exposed head of Marvolo. After ten or so punches, the Enforcer drops down, lightly touching the #1’s shoulder as he flops face first down on the canvas] [Kersh goes to pull Marvolo up to his feet but the #1 rolls himself into a ball and extends one hand, urging the Enforcer to take it who reaches down to but backs away at the last second, rushing up with a kick to the face. Marvolo just manages to avoid it, leaping to his feet behind Kersh, as the #1 tries for a German Suplex. Kersh blocks it, throwing Marvolo over his shoulder with a hip toss. The #1 gets to his feet, rushing at Kersh in anger with a clothesline but the Enforcer ducks under it as he turns Marvolo around and drills him into the canvas with a Spinebuster] [The Enforcer calls for the end as he pulls the limp #1 up to his feet, lifting him up onto his shoulder as he tries for the Southern Discomfort but Marvolo wiggles free, landing behind Kersh and as Brent turns around, Marvolo delivers a hard kick to the gut as he’s lifted up and driven hard into the canvas with a lightning fast Brainbuster. the #1 doesn’t cover, instead climbing onto the apron as he slingshots onto Kersh with a Hilo. the #1 calls for the end as he pulls Kersh up to his feet, WHITE TIGER! This could well be it as Marvolo hooks the leg of the Enforcer] [ONE…TWO…THR…FOOT ON THE ROPES! The Enforcer gets a foot on the bottom rope and Marvolo can’t believe it. He admonishes the referee for a moment before an idea comes over the #1 as he points to the top rope. Marvolo pulls a limp Kersh to his feet, dragging him over to the corner as he lifts him up to the top rope. Marvolo climbs up, steadying himself for a moment as he tries for the Super White Tiger but Kersh begins to fight back, landing heavy lefts and rights before a massive headbutt sends the #1 crashing to the canvas below. The Enforcer climbs up on the top rope properly, steadying himself as Marvolo gets to his feet, before diving off with an impressive missile dropkick. Kersh signals for the end, as he pulls Marvolo up to his feet but the #1 catches him, rolling him up in a small package out of nowhere as the referee counts. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!] [Marvolo springs away from the roll up and hops back to his feet, celebrating as if he’s just won the World Title. Kersh slams his hands down on the canvas and gets back to his feet, offering a handshake to #1 who goes in, only to whip his hand away, snort and exit the ring. Brent shakes his head in disgust as Marvolo heads to the backstage, victorious here tonight.] [Jackson Slade is looking in the mirror backstage, absolutely delighted with himself after he pulled the rug out from underneath Errol Flint earlier tonight. He adjusts his tie just as the door knocks, in walking none other than Phoebe Outlaw.]

“Phoebe, I’m glad my message found you. My name is Jackson Slade and-”

[She cuts him off.] “I know who you are. The question is what do you want from me?”

“Straight to the point eh? I like it. If you didn’t see then earlier tonight I started my own little New School Revolution. What I’m going to do is take great wrestlers such as yourself and make them even greater. I’m going to open up doors that no-one has ever opened for you before.”

“And you want me to sign up to your services?” [Phoebe asks with a scoff.] “What makes you think I’d do that? I’m the kind of woman that can open doors for herself, Slade. Besides, I think you’re the last person around here to have any pull.”

[Slade chuckles to himself with a shrug of the shoulders.] “You might think that but I have what Flint desires most; information. I’m going to use that power to take people like you and Ferguson to the top of this business. So what do you say? How about you sit down and we talk numbers? I’m sure you’ll find them favorable.”

“I’ll think about it. Aligning with you is dangerous under any circumstances. I don’t trust you and if you go down, we all go down with you.”

[Jackson nods.]

“I’ll let you know my answer soon.”

[Outlaw turns around and heads towards the exit, leaving Slade to think about what she has said. That little weasel is determined to get as many people on his own personal managerial roster as possible.] [This United States Championship match opens quickly with the DEAD sprinting at Bellator while Lux had his back turned talking to Father Pedro. DEAD drives Lux into the corner with a heavy elbow shot to the back of the head. DEAD whips Bellator to the far corner following closely and drives Lux chest first into the turnbuckle with a driving shoulder. DEAD whips Bellator again to the far turnbuckle. Bellator crashes into it and stumbles back out and is met with a RUNNING BIG BOOT TO THE CHEST! Bellator is flattened and DEAD quickly locks in a BLATANT CHOKE HOLD!!] [The ref counts to four and The DEAD releases the hold. He pulls The Light Warrior to his feet and locks him in for THE DEATH RATT….no! Bellator slipped away and a DESPERATION SPINNING WHEEL KICK! The DEAD drops to the ground and both men recover. Bellator is to his feet first and runs at a kneeling DEAD and ELBOW STORM! Lux is mounted on the DEAD’s chest delivered elbow after elbow to his head! The DEAD doesn’t feel it, but he is looking woosy regardless. The ref pulls Bellator off, and pushes him away. DEAD climbs to his feet, but Bellator rushes back and DEUM LUCEM! Side Sunset Flip into a pin! One… Two… Thr… Kickout!!] [Bellator pulls The DEAD to his feet but, DEAD gouges Lux in the eyes! Followed up by a kidney punch! Bellator drops to a knee as the DEAD runs and bounces off the ropes… AGO-KNEE! The Shining Wizard levels Bellator and control has switched again! DEAD quickly pulls Lux to his feet andSPINEBUSTER!! Cover… One… Two… Th… Kickout! DEAD to his feet right away and starts stomping Bellator into the mat! He does so until the ref makes him stop. The DEAD backs up but climbs to the top!! He waits for Bellator to rise and when he does… DIVING SPEAR FROM THE TOP ROPE! One… Two… THREE!!] [NO!! Father Pedro points out to the ref that Bellator’s foot was resting on the bottom rope. The DEAD can’t believe it! He pulls the foot off and pins again! One… Two… T… Foot back on the rope! The DEAD is frustrated and pulls Bellator to his feet and whips him to the corner. DEAD follows closely… uppercut! chop! uppercut! chop! He backs up and running head butt! EL MUERTE!! But the force of the blow knocked Bellator into the referee and knocks them both down!!] [The DEAD stands with his back to the ropes, knowing he can’t pin because there would be no count anyway. Then….CHAIR SHOT TO THE DEAD’S BACK!Father Pedro just nailed DEAD in the back! But the DEAD barely moves and turn to look at Pedro. Pedro shakes his head and pleads for forgiveness. The DEAD is not listening and grabs Pedro by the hair and yanks him into the ring, where he crashes hard to the mat! The DEAD picks up the the chair and hammers PEDRO OVER THE HEAD! The DEAD turns and YAKUZA KICK!! Bellator just drove the steel chair into The DEAD’s face! There’s blood everywhere!] [The DEAD is off balance. Bellator looks to take advantage and LOU THESZ PRESS INTO MOUNTED ELBOW STRIKES!! The ref is not around to stop him so he continues until he gets tired. Then he yanks the DEAD up by his hair and whips him. Upon return Lux jumps for a Head-scissor and DDT! ARM OF GOD!!But Lux doesn’t lock in the armbar as the DEAD won’t feel it. The ref is stirring. Bellator pulls DEAD up once more and lifts him to the top turnbuckle!!! Lux climbs and TOP ROPE DISCIPLE MAKER!!! The ref is partially conscious and a slow count! One… Two…. THREE!!! Lux Bellator has done it again and retains the U.S. Title!!] [After the match ends, Lux and Father Pedro stand in the ring. They are celebrating the victory when suddenly the tron comes to life with video from earlier in the night.]

“You could be like me; you’re not too far gone!”

[The DEAD considers it. The two stare at each other, neither the first to move. Finally, the DEAD nods and walks past Bellator. Bellator walks off in the other direction. The camera leaves Bellator behind and follows the DEAD who is walking confidently after his talk with Lux. Then suddenly, cowardly, Father Pedro comes out of the shadows and levels the DEAD with a chair to the head.]

“Stay away from him!” [Chairshot to the downed DEAD.] “He’s mine!” [Chairshot.] “He does what I say!” [Chairshot.] “Lux is my monster!” [Chairshot. Pedro throws the mangled remains of the chair onto the DEAD and walks away grinning.] [The tron cuts out and Lux looks at Father Pedro incredulously. Pedro smiles nervously.]

“My boy! You know I didn’t mean it! I was angry! The DEAD has been trying to separate us! [Lux nods his head as Pedro continues.] “He had it coming, and those things I said… they were just… just… It’s true! You are my monster! You do what I say! And right now I say get to the back! This isn’t a conversation to be had in front of the cro…..”

[Suddenly Lux grabs Pedro by the robe! He pulls him close. Pedro shakes his head, but… Disciple Maker!! Bellator just flattened the source of his evil! The crowd is going absolutely insane! They are chanting BEL-LA-TOR! BEL-LA-TOR! BEL-LA-TOR! And we go to commercial!] [Jake Jeckel watches a screen in the warehouse, standing in front of it as the image of Bruce Van Chan makes way across it. He smirks as he watches the enraged Bruce, barb wire wrapped bat in hand, as he tears a war path through Juggalos standing guard at the entrance to the warehouse. Jeckel turns off the TV and leans against it, watching the front door of the Warehouse expectantly. The sounds of banging are followed by a dent forming in the door, followed by another. The large door is kicked open, Bruce Van Chan standing over a bloodied Juggalo as he stomps inside of the warehouse.]


[Bruce looks to close in, Jake holding his hand up and pointing behind him to a big, painted door.]

“Wait there, Brucey. Don’t think you’re getting her yet. I still want my match. If you win, you get her back. If I win, you get her back. I just want my mother fucking match. Place the bat down, Brucey. You gotta give me a fair fight right?”

[Van Chan runs forward and swings at Jeckel, the Juggalo ducking the shot as it crushes a box, Jeckel shoving Bruce back before grabbing a crowbar.]


[The brawl is on as Jeckel swings back towards Bruce, Dr. Sleep ducking and swinging his baseball bat and knocking the crowbar from Jeckel’s hands. Jeckel sneers and jumps at Bruce, forcing the baseball bat from Van Chan’s hands and locking the two up. Neither man seems to be giving way until Jeckel hits a kick to the gut and drops down- JUGGABLOW! Jeckel low blows Bruce and grabs him by his hair an flings him forward BUT BRUCE REVERSES! Van Chan side steps and flings Jeckel forward right through the TV! Sparks fly as Jeckel’s head gets planted firmly in the TV.] [Bruce gives Jake no time to rest as he pulls him from the TV and viciously beats his head into the box before Jeckel reverses and lands a few good shots to the ribs of BVC, taking the opening and headbutting him before hitting a close arm clothesline! Bruce gets up just in time to catch a crowbar from Jeckel! The Juggalo beats Bruce with the crowbar, sending him back into a few crates, dropping the crowbar and forcing Bruce onto his shoulders INTO THE HATCHET! BRUCE LANDS ON TOP OF THE CRATES IN A HEAP!] [Jeckel stands up and smirks at his carnage, turning to walk away then hearing “I’M NOT GIVING UP!” Jeckel turns around to a missile dropkick from atop the crates! Bruce recovered from the Hatchet in record time and crawls to the busted TV set, using it to help himself to his feet. He turns back to an enraged Jeckel who rushes forward, getting a European elbow for his troubles, receiving a flurry of shots from Bruce who is refusing to let up, anger showing in each strike. He grabs Jeckel and hits an uncharacteristic headbutt before forcing him around and NAP TIME! The Inverted DDT drops Jake!] [Bruce is definitely not done yet as he peels Jake from the ground, grabbing Jeckel by his pony tail and forcing him face first into a nearby storage rack, busting Jake open! Bruce keeps going but Jake elbows him off of himself, taking Bruce by surprise with a hard right, then a left, finally a kick to the gut followed by the lift and JECKEL POWER BOMBS BRUCE INTO THE TV! The television set topples backwards with Bruce, the TV fully crushed and Bruce’s back covered in the the shards of the screen.] [Van Chan looks towards the door Paige is behind and grunts, powering to his feet, much to Jeckel’s disbelief. Bruce spits out the blood from his mouth and leaps over the TV, Jeckel ducking a blow from Bruce and irish whipping him into a crate. Jeckel grabs the discarded crowbar nearby and uses it to open a nearby crate, revealing it to be filled with cinder blocks! He grabs one and heaves it Bruce! Van Chan narrowly avoids the concrete block. Bruce rolls to his feet and tries to collect himself as he turns around to see Jeckel has gotten into a forklift! The Juggalo drives forward towards Bruce, death on his mind.] [Bruce rolls to the side, the forklift colliding with a crate and Jeckel slamming his head onto the steering wheel. Bruce takes the chance and scales up the storage rack, using the forklift as a ladder! Jeckel falls from the forklift, looking up at Bruce and sneering, grabbing Bruce’s barb wire wrapped bat and scaling after. Both men find themselves atop the storage rack, a good fifteen feet off the ground. Jeckel swings but Bruce ducks and grabs the bat away!BRUCE NAILS JECKEL IN THE FACE WITH THE BAT! The Juggalo falls fifteen feet and crashes onto a pile of crates. Bruce looks down at Jake, then to the door with Paige behind it. BRUCE LEAPS! SHOT THROUGH THE HEART! BRUCE CRASHES DOWN ONTO JAKE AND CRUSHES THE BOXES!] [Jake is no doubt knocked out and Bruce Van Chan retains his title and regains his wife in a brutal match.] [Bruce stands up after the match, having landed hard on the ground floor of the warehouse. He wobbles a bit, looking down at the nearly unconscious Jeckel before turning back to the painted door. He limps towards it, almost falling multiple times after the battle he had just been through. He falls to a knee at the door before standing up to remove the latch and fling the door inward, smiling genuinely for the first time in weeks.]

“Paige! Paige I was so-”

[His smile drops as he backs away from the door, tears visibly welling up in his eyes as the camera pans around to show Paige, or rather Paige covered head to toe in Juggalo paint and clothing. The juggalette pushes past Bruce, almost ignoring him as Bruce turns back from the room to see Jeckel getting to his feet, laughing at Bruce.]

“I’m sorry, Brucey. Were you expecting Paige? Well you guessed wrong! I had a little contingency on this one. Throw enough video tapes and subliminal shit and you can Brainwash anyone! I’d like you to meet the newest member of my posse Jacqueline Jeckel!”

“Who’s this bum, Jake?”

[Bruce is speechless as Paige, rather Jacqueline stands before him, not even recognizing him. He drops to his knees, only for Jake to toss something at Bruce. Van Chan picks up the item, revealing it to be Paige’s wedding ring.]

“She won’t be needing that anymore. After all, she’s a Juggalette now!”

[Bruce holds the ring tightly in hand and rears to run at the laughing Juggalo when he’s stopped.]

“Wait just a second, Bruce. I wouldn’t do that. If you want Jacqueline- I mean Paige back, only I know how to snap her out of it. Stay the fuck back, and I’ll be seeing you at the Showcase. Because I still want that title.”

[Jake leans on Jacqueline, making his way out of the warehouse as a helpless Bruce watches.] [The crowd grows silent as the lights enter a red state of frantic movement. The hard drums of “Warrior” by Imagine Dragons play as the spotlight shines on the towering figure that is “The Question” James Hunter. Accompanied by his ax, Hunter slowly makes his way down the ramp towards the ring – moving at the pace of the music. He has barely had a chance to remove his title before Ozric Mortimer is already standing just outside the curtain.]

“Betrayal is the willful slaughter of hope, James. And every betrayal contains a perfect moment, a coin stamped heads or tails with salvation on the other side.” [Ozric states, sneering up the aisle.] [Hunter seems confused, but Mortimer continues.]

“Each betrayal begins with trust, and those who don’t know the value of loyalty can never appreciate the cost of betrayal.”

[Ozric holds up the remains of the envelope he destroyed last week. They have been put back together. They contained the truth about Brandon Garcia.]

“The contents of this envelope contained falsehood.” [Mortimer casually says as Hunter grimaces.] “But they also contained truth.”

[The Question shrugs as if to say ‘get on with it.’]

“The Flock will not abandon a wayward soul, Question, as long as that soul has been truthful with us. Mr. Garcia held truths in his heart that he did not lay bare with the Flock. That will not be tolerated. We do not tolerate weakness, of the mind or the heart.”

[The statement hangs in the air as Hunter waits for Ozric to finish.]

“I care not if Santelmo is released from confinement.” [Ozric finally states, getting a confused look from Hunter.] “The Flock only cares that the All-Star Championship returns where it belongs. Regardless of the result of this match, any information released is of no concern. Not that your physical being will feel up to anything after the ensuing carnage.”

[Ozric hits the ring, and this match is ON!] [Instead of moving to action, both James Hunter and Ozric Mortimer decide to stand still. Just as they have been for weeks, they seem to be engaged in some kind of psychotic staring contest that ends in pain and misery. Then, all of a sudden, as if some unheard second bell had just chimed, the two charge at the exact same second! Colliding in the center of the ring with a tornado of fists and feet. They hit the ground hard and continue to brawl, rolling back and forth across the canvas for control.] [Eventually they brawl right under the bottom rope and dangle over the apron. Mortimer manages to appropriate their momentum to drive Hunter’s head against the corner of the apron… and Hunter just smiles… which makes Ozric Mortimer smile!?! So he does it again, and again, and again, until blood is pouring from Question’s forehead and out across the canvas. The Sparrow celebrates his domination by whispering something incomprehensible to the Question.] [He turns to look out at the crowd and that’s all the time Question needs to spring to a knee and shove Ozric Mortimer back, through the ropes and into the ring. Hunter follows up by leaping over the top rope just as Mortimer finds his feet… Diving Clothesline! Hunter catches Ozric in the middle of his neck and the Sparrow goes down hard. Question brawls him to his feet and whips him into the ropes… so hard that Ozric Mortimer goes up and over top rope and back outside the canvas! Hunter follows after him and catches him as he finds his feet… Suplex into a Backbreaker!] [Mortimer drops head first to the floor! Hunter sneers as he follows down to the mats outside the ring. He grabs his ax, and grabs Mortimer by the hair. HE GRATES OZRIC’S FACE WITH THE AX!!! As he lets go to grin, blood all over his face, Hunter kicks at the now-bleeding Ozric Mortimer. The two are clearly enjoying themselves here as Ozric has a grin on his face as well. Hunter moves back into the ring, waiting as Mortimer slinks back in between the ropes and catches him with a boot that could have legitimately been labeled a low blow by the referee.] [However, the referee is just an innocent bystander as these two men wage war. James Hunter hooks Ozric Mortimer by the wrist and whips in into the ropes and on his return… CONTRADICTION! ONE… TWO… THR… NO!!! Mortimer gets the shoulder up and Question is so furious his wound begins to pour fresh blood. He charges at the Sparrow as he gets to his feet, but Mortimer side steps! GRACE AT GROUND ZERO!!! ONE… TWO… THRE… KICK OUT BY HUNTER! Both men slowly climb to their feet, but Ozric is quicker. He unleashes his fury on the All-Star Champion!] [Somehow, Hunter manages to see through the growing crimson mask to poke Ozric in the eye and roll him up. One. Two. Kick out from Ozric! Ozric powers to his feet, furious and screaming at Hunter to get to his feet as he backs into the corner. The crowd swells as they anticipate what’s coming next as Ozric grabs the arms of Hunter to pick him up. But the Question was ready, jumping and using his momentum to jump over the head of Ozric. FLIGHT OF THE HYPOCRITE! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!! HUNTER RETAINS, HE’S STILL THE CHAMPION!] [Ozric Mortimer rolls outside the ring to the floor, unable to believe he lost to his own move. James Hunter cradles the All-Star Championship as he looks down at Ozric. Both men look like they went to the slaughterhouse, but the Question has emerged victorious.] [The sound of boots clacking against the cold concrete can be heard as we head to the backstage area. Entering the building and heading towards the office of Errol Flint is a long haired man, wearing jeans, a red shirt and a black suede jacket. We’ve never seen him before as he takes a seat behind the desk of Flint and rummages through some paperwork.]

“You can call me Vane.”

[He says in a rough English accent, his voice deep and hoarse.]

“And I’m a fixer. After what happened at the top of the show, I’ve been asked to right the ship. You see, that’s what I do. I right wayward ships. I take control of the wheel and I straighten things out; by any means necessary.”

[His piercing blue eyes tell no lies as he looks dead into the camera.]

“This isn’t the first time I’ve fixed a problem for Errol Flint. I get paid a lucrative amount of coin to solve problems like Jackson Slade and Freight Train Ferguson. I also get unadulterated and absolute power to do whatever it is I choose and no-one on this roster or in this company can stop me.”

[That brings a smile to his chiselled face.]

“Errol Flint wishes to know who ran him down at Driven and I’m tasked with finding that out. Try to stop me or halt my process at your own peril.”

[Vane stands up.]

“Meet the new boss, not like the old boss.”

[Ethan and ‘Crow stare one another down, and Scarecrow holds the RAGE title he took from Bird high overhead. Bird shoves him back, and the belt falls to the mat between the two gladiators. Bird and the Hayman have some heated words, and Scarecrow fires a forearm shot that rocks Bird! A second forearm strike sends Ethan Bird stumbling, and Scarecrow grabs the RAGE belt… RIGHT ACROSS THE FOREHEAD OF BIRD! Bird is busted wide open, and Scarecrow looks at the belt streaked with Bird’s blood and smears it across his chest. Ethan’s face is a crimson mask – KNEE DROP! Bird is hurt!] [Scarecrow drapes the belt across Bird’s bloodied face, and sets up for another knee… but the referee gets in his way! He won’t allow the move with the belt still in play, and it gives Bird a little time to recover… BELT TO THE SKULL BY ETHAN BIRD! Scarecrow crumples to the canvas as Bird tosses the belt outside of the ring and drops onto Scarecrow’s chest and starts hammering him with lefts and rights! Bird drags ‘Crow up… onto his shoulders! Bird with a sidestep into a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Scarecrow bounced! ONE… TWO… KICKOUT by Scarecrow!!] [Scarecrow rolls to a corner, but Ethan follows him with unrelenting stomps… Bird sticks his foot into the strawman’s throat, shoving him up against the bottom buckle, forcing the referee to count to five before breaking. Ethan turns to shout at the ref as Scarecrow slides under the bottom to the outside… he trips bird up and yanks him backward, splitting his legs on the ringpost! Scarecrow lifts and drives Bird’s knee down onto the steel steps! Scarecrow pulls the steps away, and has Ethan’s leg trapped between the stairs and the post! Scarecrow backs up… RUNNING BOOT TO THE STEPS! Ethan’s leg might have broken!] [Scarecrow, back in the ring, he drags Bird to the center and turns him over for a half crab on that knee. Bird is wailing and yanking at his hair, but he drags himself to the bottom rope causing a break. Bird can’t even stand up! He collapses into the ropes, and Scarecrow runs at his face with a knee raised – bullseye! Bird’s had snaps back, and blood spatters across the ring. Scarecrow runs in again – SPEAR FROM ETHAN BIRD! Bird folded him up, but he can’t capitalize as he grabs his knee in agony!] [Scarecrow starts to get up, but Bird is on him, though still on his knees… he drives a series of headbutts into the face of Scarecrow! Scarecrow rolls onto his belly, and Bird mounts his back… DRAGON SLEEPER! Bird has it locked in deep! Scarecrow looks like he might actually tap out, but he drives a sharp elbow back into Bird’s injured leg! Bird immediately abandons the hold and grabs his leg, and Scarecrow pulls himself to his feet by the ropes. Bird gets to a sitting position… BIG BOOT FROM SCARECROW! Bird’s head hits the mat with a smack! ONE… TWO… SHOULDER UP!] [Scarecrow tries to drag Bird up, and Bird’s blood is coursing down the arms of the Hayman, but Bird can’t put any weigh on his leg. Bird falls back down… hitting a DDT on Scarecrow! From out of nowhere! Scarecrow is up, but groggy… Bird struggles to one foot, hopping up and down! Right cross! Left hook! Straight jab to Scarecrow’s face! Bird has him hooked and he’s up for the World’s End, but the knee gives out on him! Scarecrow lands on his feet and rocks Bird with the Haymaker! Scarecrow lifts him high… BYE BYE BIRDIE!!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!!!] [After that enthralling match between Ethan Bird and The Scarecrow, both of them are back to their feet in the middle of the ring. They stand opposite each other, tired, worn, and perhaps ready to collide just one more time.] [But they don’t.] [That’s when it happens. The sounds of birds fluttering is only interrupted by gruesome snap shots of maggots eating through the face of Ozric Mortimer. The Deranged Psychopath suddenly appears in a flash of light within the middle of the ring.] [BOOM!] [Scarecrow doesn’t stumble, doesn’t falter, doesn’t stare away; he simply stands tall in across from him and then, then they collide!] [Thunderous right and left hands shudder between both of them, rocking each other back and fourth as flashes of light accompany every single shot. Ethan Bird stands in shock, confused, irritated, wondering what in the hell Ozric Mortimer thinks he’s doing.] [A final flash of light occurs as both of them they lay into each other with one more fist, only afterwards, they’re gone.] [No-where to be found.] [The ring still shakes from their presence, but they’ve vanished into the darkness. Where will we see these two absolute horrors again?] [Perhaps in our nightmares, for now.] [Bird looks around the ring, his face like thunder. Oh man, there’s going to be hell to pay when Ethan Bird next sets his sights on Ozric Mortimer.] [The World champion… 2015’s ring king… the SHADOW KING himself… Mike Lane makes his way through the curtain and the building just FUCKING ERUPTS. With the ultimate prize strapped firmly around his waist he drinks every bit of ovation he—WHAT THE FUCK?? RED RIVER JACK JUST CAME OUT OF NOWHERE AND ATTACKED!! Jack bulldozes Lane with a massive avalanche sending the champion sailing face first into the barricade. The sound of bone on steel is disgusting and Lane is busted open before the bell even rings!! Jack is like a rabid dog just MAULING Lane with right hand after right hand, the Shadow King’s skull bouncing off the concrete floor in the entrance way. Children’s eyes are shielded as hoards of officials make their way to the aisle to pull Jack off of Lane but it’s no use.] [There are at least twenty officials in the aisle- referees, suits and security and they’ve finally pulled Mad Jack away from the champion while EMT’s rush out to check on Lane… who shoves the crew away and LAUNCHES himself onto Jack and the suits!!! Don’t count the champion out. It’s a FUCKING BRAWL at Danger Zone!!!! Lane grabs Jack by the back of the head and leads him to ringside before locking wrists and whipping Red River Jack into the turnbuckle. Jack smashes into the steel and crumples to the floor. Lane collapses against the barricade out of sheer exhaustion. Sweet Jesus… Jack is busted open now… blood is streaming from the mad man’s forehead.] [The officials are pleading with these sworn enemies to pull the fight inside and the champion finally obliges. Lane peels Jack off the mat and rolls him under the bottom rope, quickly following suit as the referee quickly signals for the bell to ring. DING! DING! DING! Mike Lane rests on his knees while Red River Jack slowly makes his way to his feet, resting in the corner as the crimson mask paints his seething grin. Lane hops to his feet and charges but Jack surges out of the corner with a SPARTAN KICK!! Jack cracks Lane in the chest and the champion crashes to the mat. Jack flips Lane to his stomach and locks in a KOJI CLUTCH!! KOJI CLUTCH ON THE CHAMPION!!!!! The Shadow King struggles as he clutches for the bottom rope… and he gets there. Red Rive Jack is forced to release the hold.] [Lane holds his throat as he pulls himself up by the second rope. Jack slides under the bottom rope… he gets a charging start… Jack leaps… APRON NECKBREAKER!!! Jack yanks Lane’s neck onto the apron and the Champion is out cold. Lane falls to the outside and Jack immediately scoops him up and slides him back in. RRJ slides in and throws himself on top of Lane, 1……… 2………… Mike Lane kicks out!!! Jack pins Lane down for the cover again, 1…… 2………… but the Shadow King refuses to stay down. Jack wipes blood from his eyelids and runs his hands through his hair. Both men make it to their feet and RRJ throws a stiff right hand at the champion. Lane retaliates with a European uppercut of his own to send the mad man reeling. Another stiff shot from Jack… another uppercut from the Champion. Jack winds up and unleashes a lariat… Make Lane ducks… the Shadow King locks in for a T-Bone Suplex… but Jack fights free- he kicks and leaps… STEP UP ENZIGU- LANE DUCKS… he hooks the arm and turns toward the corner… LANE T-BONE SUPLEXES JACK INTO THE CORNER!!! EXPLODER T-BONE ON JACK!!! Lane pulls Jack out of the corner and covers, 1………… 2……………… RRJ GETS A SHOULDER UP AT THE LAST SECOND!!!!] [Mike Lane stands and rallies in the corner as he waits for Jack to rise. The Shadow King leaps out of the corner… SHADOW KIIIII… Jack ducks!!! Jack ducks!!! Kick to the mid section… SEEING RED!!!! SEEING RED!!!! Red River Jack lifts Lane up and kicks him in the mid section again… SEEING R- WAIT!! WAIT!!!!! Lane is out SHADOW KICK!!!! SHADOW KICK!!!!! SHADOW KICK!!!!!!!!!!! Lane covers Jack, 1………… 2……………… 3!!!!!] [Mike Lane has done it. He has finally slain the beast.] [He gets back to his feet and is handed his World Championship, raising it in celebration of a feat here tonight that was not easily accomplished.] [The fans chant his name in unison, rocking The School Yard with ‘LANER! LANER! LANER!’ as he nods along in approval.] [“Chariots of Fire” by Vangelis suddenly hits, the crowd’s cheering changing tune for ‘The Enforcer’. Brent Kersh steps out onto the stage, nodding, clapping his hands for Mike Lane who just overcame a huge obstacle here tonight.] [He makes his way to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope, popping up to meet The World Champion who looks at him quizzically. Kersh asks for a microphone and receives one, his hand raised, telling Mike that he doesn’t want any trouble.]

“Congratulations!” [Kersh says earnestly.] “That was one hell of a match. Now I know you’re wondering why I’m out here and believe me, I don’t mean to interrupt your celebration but I wanted to announce this man to man.”

[Lane’s brow furrows.]

“Every single time the World Championship is defended, a man stakes his claim by attacking the other. I’m here to change all that. At RetroACTIVE, I’d like to challenge you for the World Heavyweight Championship. What do you say?”

[Kersh offers Lane a handshake, the fans cheering him on.] [Mike looks around the crowd, realizing what he has to do and accepts, shaking the hand of Brent Kersh and sealing a deal for their Main Event at RetroACTIVE.] [SHADOW KICK! HOLY FUCK!! SHADOW KICK TO THE JAW OF BRENT KERSH!!] [The Enforcer hits the deck hard!] [The World Champion smiles, snatching up his dropped championship and climbing the turnbuckle. The fans cheer, if only because they love both these men. At RetroACTIVE, these two worlds collide!] [The show comes to a close with Lane celebrating and Kersh on the canvas, recovering from a huge Shadow Kick.]