Curious Fish

In Promo by Banzan

“Only the curious fish get caught…”

Imagine a pond with many fish. Each fish has its place in the pond and they exist in harmony. But a fisherman approaches the pond seeking to catch some. He baits his line, casts it and watches as the hook sinks below the water.

The fish fear that which is different. They swim away from the shiny bait, for they have heard tales of what happens when fish get too close. 

As enticing as the bait seems, the fish do not bite.

Only the curious fish ventures close to the bait. Only the curious fish is inquisitive enough to be swayed by the shiny hook and the bait. 

The fisherman waits as his hook swims underneath the surface, knowing that sooner or later one of the curious fish will take that bite.

Only the curious fish ever get caught.

In the pond of OSW, there are many fish.

Some fish swim close together in groups, some swim alone. Some lash out and attack all other fish that come near. In some mad, chaotic way, they all live in harmony.

And there are those that entice the fish to take a nibble, those fishermen that seek to entice those in the pond to their bidding. Sigil. Sir Vant. Death.

They cast their lines and see what nibbles their lures can attract. Most of the fish in the pond know to stay away from such fishermen.

But within the pond of OSW, there are three Curious Fish.

Three Rainbow fish, eager to explore their world and see what the pond has to offer. So they swim close to the bait in their own lives.

Vigour, eager to explore that which links him to his old pond. Unaware if the trail he has left behind will allow those he has tried to escape to find him in this new and exciting pond.

TGK. The unassuming new kid, eager to make friends. He has made sure the nibble at the bait of friendship offered to him.

He has nibbled the bait but is yet to properly taste the agony of the hook’s barbs.

But you Starboy, know all too well the barbs of the hook when they sink in.

Curiousity is your middle name, Starboy. The voice of those that seek similar experiences, where nothing is taboo under the sun.

Be wary of swimming too close to the hook, Starboy

For there is much to be curious about, like bait in the water.

And like good little fish, you nibble away.

And like good fishermen, Vayikra will not stop until they have landed you upon their boat, strung you up for all to see.

The pond sees all. Fisherman and fish come together.

I am no fisherman. I am no fish

I am the water of the pond.

My lifeforce exists in all things and all things swim in my waters.

I see you, curious fish, and I know your fate.

Curious fish get caught.

They are skinned, filleted and end up upon the table.

Let the fishing commence.