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Crumbling Down

Crumbling Down

There was a big ol’ gathering a while back, a rare celebration down in The Slums.

Work was finally completed on a big community development, something that could really help the people out.

Standing tall was the result of years of hard work, and countless credits donated.

Housing for those in need.

The team in charge of that project was lauded as a hero to the community that day.

Families were finally able to find a home to call their own.

Needless to say, people flocked in droves to move in!

All eager to finally have a roof over their heads.

None realizing that the roof would soon come crumbling down.

Some say they could hear the walls creaking within days of the grand opening.

They were so eager to enjoy their new home that they ignored the first sign of trouble.

But they couldn’t ignore the shaking, the rumbling, the walls slowly but surely coming apart.

Until it finally all came apart.

Leaving families in ruin as they evacuated what eventually became rubble.

Eventually, people pointed to bad architecture as the scapegoat for the incident, but you know what I think?

It was all too good to be true.

See, that’s the thing about Arcadia…anything that should be celebrated instead raises a red flag.

And I’ve seen just about everything.

Every big victory for the community has some big failure waiting close behind.

Every hero rolling into the area gets put under heavy scrutiny.

Especially you, Kaiju.

I’ve been keeping an eye on you since you popped up.

Trying to get a better understanding of this hero, to know what the people are celebrating.

Because what they see, I do not.

I don’t see the hero the people need.

I see a man hiding something.

Something that needs uncovering.

Being the journalist I am, it’s my job to do the digging.

To gather the research.

To find out the truth.

And I will find out what you’re really made of, Kaiju.

For all the heroics you exude, if there is so much a shred of cowardice, I’m gonna find it.

And I will draw attention to it before the walls start creaking.

Somebody’s gotta save these people before the walls come crumbling down.

It’s the only way to keep them from being trapped under the rubble of your broken reputation.

And then they’ll know who the real hero is.

The man that warned them all of the big evil behind the Big Save.

After all, who else can raise the red flag?

If not ol’ Colt Ramsey, then who?

The people will celebrate, and unlike you I will take every bit of recognition I can get.

Because these people need a real hero, Kaiju.

Not someone hiding in shame, keeping something from the rest of us.

Certainly not someone that can bring ruin with one moment of regret.

The people want someone they can trust.

Someone to believe in.

And you’ve got to give the people what they want.

Colt Ramsey