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Crime Scene Clean-up

Crime Scene Clean-up

“Cleaning a crime scene can be a challenging prospect.”

“But as in any profession, you need the right tools for the job.”

“Industrial grade chemicals are necessary in order to disinfect the scene, remove dangerous pathogens and make the area safe for future use. It takes a particular set of skills and materials to undertake any clean.”

“It all starts with the personal protective equipment.”

“Without the right PPE, you’re immediately exposed to the mess left behind. You need to be sanitary – safe and protected.”

“Once you have the gloves, glasses, boots and biohazard gear, you’re able to undertake any challenge set before you in a safe manner.”

“Then you need the equipment.”

“The mops, buckets, brushes, scrapers and hoovers all play their part. Sometimes you’ll need knives, ladders, and spades. Every tool you may need in your arsenal, you need to bring with you to do the job.”

“Finally, it’s time for the chemicals.”

“ The industrial grade bleach and peroxide.”

“ The enzyme solutions to re-liquify blood and bodily fluids.”

“Aster, Deathrow is one ginormous crime scene, isn’t it? If you’re stood in it, you’re unfortunately either the victim, or the person cleaning it up.”

“And we’re both thrust right there in the middle of it. There’s blood to the left of us, body parts to the right, and I’m stuck in the middle with you.”

“But only one of us is here to clean.”

“I’m looking at you Aster and I don’t see any protective clothing. There are no gloves to protect you from the grime or brain matter. You’re not wearing anything to stop you getting awfully messy if you were here to undertake the clean. In fact, if you were the cleaner, there’s every chance you’re leaving this place with some kind of biohazard born disease or illness.”

“There’s no mop, bucket, or scrapers in your possession. You don’t have any tool to get the job done. You’ve nothing to scrape up the brain matter or soak up the blood. There’s no cloths or towels.”

“You don’t have any chemicals, ways or means of cleaning. If presented with the toughest stain – whether blood red, or dark grey, you’ve got no way of making it disappear.”

“I on the other hand am wearing the correct personal protective equipment. I’m carrying my tools, my mop, bucket, knife, and scrapers. I’ve a whole trolly full of chemicals, ready to undertake even the toughest of stains.”

“And like I said, you see, there’s no cleaning this crime scene without the right tools for the job.”

“So, if you’re not the person sent here to clean.”

“That can mean you’re only one other thing.”

The victim.”

“And if you’re the victim, Aster, then it’s my job to clean you up.”

“It’s my job to make sure there’s nothing left of you to dirty up Deathrow.”

“And believe me when I say, I have just the right chemical for that.”