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NICK DIAMOND: What are we doing in the Agora, Johnny?

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Most people come here to shop and trade, but it looks like Albert Lamplight is here for that very reason.

The owner of Illumination Antiques moves through the crowded level, a knowing look in his eyes as he comes across a small office off on the edge of the market area. He looks around, pushing his way inside and into a cushy office space. “Hello, my friends. I hope I’m not intruding-“

“You are.” A voice shoots back from the other end of the office, the chair not turning around, merely brushing Albert off without a second thought. “Now, a smart man would turn around and leave. Are you a smart man?”

Albert chuckles, not the least bit intimidated as he steps forwards, placing a hand on the desk. “Oh, I’d say I’m quite smart. In fact, I came here because I’m looking to do some… Trading in the Agora. I give you something you want, and in return I get something I want.”

There’s a pause from the man in the chair before it turns around, revealing a sharply dressed man in a luxurious suit. He leans back, eyeing Lamplight. “Fine. You got thirty seconds.”


NICK DIAMOND: Who’s that, Johnny?

JOHNNY GOMEZ: That’s Tommy Valentino… A member of the Landucci crime family.

“I’ll only need but five of those thirty seconds.” Albert pulls a photograph from his jacket, laying it down on the table in front of Tommy. The mafioso looks at the picture in disbelief, eyes flicking back to Lamplight. The picture? Lucky Landucci.

“Do you know where this fuckin’ traitor is?” Tommy asks, deadly serious.

“Of course,” Albert says with a chuckle. “I give you his location, and you take care of my problem. Sounds like a fair trade, doesn’t it?”

Tommy nods his head, sneering as he offers Lamplight his hand. “You got a deal and then some. All we need to know is when and where.” Albert shakes Tommy’s hand, the scene slowly beginning to fade.

NICK DIAMOND: What did we just witness here?

JOHNNY GOMEZ: Nicky, I think we just witnessed Albert Lamplight signing Lucky Landucci’s death warrant!


Jackson Cade