In Blacktooth, Promo by Blacktooth

“Drex, I want you to think about the stickiest, greenest, crystal covered bud you ever seen.”

“How great it’d feel on your lips as you puff away at that blunt, fillin’ your lungs with smoke and blowin’ out clouds the world ain’t ever seen before.”

“Bet that little thought drives ya wild, don’t it?”

“You got a cravin’ for the good shit in life, the plants that can leave ya comatose on the couch with a lady in your lap.”

“It’s a tasty little vice, I’ll give ya that. Once you get used to a certain kinda product that’s the only thing you got that’ll satisfy the lil itch in the back of your mind.”

“We can say it ain’t addictive, but everythin’ is a little addictive once you get the taste for it. Maybe the plant ain’t, but the feelin’ you get sure is.”

“Now see, I ain’t holdin’ it against you Drexl, I got a cravin’ too.”
“Except for me I don’t lose my dreadlocked gourd lookin’ at plants and titties.”

“Nah, I feel a rumble in my stomach when I spot fresh meat.”

“White meat, dark meat, it don’t matter.”

“But once I get my eyes set on a tasty morsel I know I need it on my tongue. Blood drippin’ down my throat, meat sittin’ on my tongue. My damn stomach growls ’til I feed my addiction and give it a nice big helpin’ of the other kinda red meat.”

“And sure, no one else in Arcadia gets it other than my boys, but all know that once you get a taste of the most delicious meat the world has to offer you just can’t go back to cows and chicken.”

“Now, you might ask, what does this have to do with you tokin’ up and snortin’ lines?”

“See, the difference between our cravin’s is the fact that when you put them side by side, they’re vices. They need to be indulged before you go crazy because you don’t have the feelin’ in your brain that makes it all worthwhile!”

“But my vice? My vice ain’t the difference between a bad night and a good story.”

“Mine is the difference between life and death, Slim.”

“I can’t go out back and cut off a piece of bud to fill my pipe or find a girl to fill with pipe, Drex. I have to go out back and make someone see black so I can taste red.”

“If I don’t feed my vice, I’ll die. If I do feed it, they die.”

“And at Olympus, we’ll both be hopin’ to get our fix, won’t we?”

“But while you can smoke all you want, I ain’t there to cut off some bud.”

“I’m there to slice off a piece.”

“We all got a cravin’ to feed, Drexl, and you’re about to be my next meal. My stomach’s growlin’.”

“I feel the withdrawal settin’ in.”

“So get ready.”

“Because I’m gonna ring that dinner bell.”