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Have you ever noticed that those who have no control at home try to control everything and everyone around them?

They go through life preventing any of the joy that comes from experiencing it.

They prevent the people truly living life from enjoying their best moments.

They will even go so far to prevent you from saying anything that has the potential to offend the senses.

They need to control everything because the structure that normally has the most stability for them, home, is falling apart around them and they can’t do anything about it.

Look at Zeus after all, when he realized what I was doing, not only did he try to control me but he opened a whole new wrestling organization to control. I guess all of Arcadia wasn’t enough for him

Now it’s you Sebastian, trying to censor the world and shouting at the heavens with a megaphone for the world to notice you.

You present the world an image of a hero, a savior to cleanse Arcadia from the scourges of society like yours truly.

However, all I see is a man dressed as well as he could to try and impress the masses scared out of his mind and trying to pretend like he’s in charge of everything within his vicinity.

We both know you’re not in charge of anything, don’t we?

I know what being in power looks like and feels like, none of it presents like a sad manager at a fast food restaurant.

None of it tries to tell everyone the right way to be or the right way to live because they don’t care as long as it’s not in their way.

For those who try to control everything, they will always care because something or someone will always be in their way.

Tell me if I’m wrong about any of this or will I be censored for telling the truth about how control freaks like you operate?

It doesn’t matter, I’ve never been the kind to hold my tongue or act in a way that’s palatable to the powers that be.

I don’t give a fuck about those that try to control others, you can censor that but everyone will know the word thats behind that black bar.

But I am curious about what has you so wound up, what makes Sebastian try to control everything around him?

Is it Valerie, the person at your side who wants everything you want except for you two to be together?

Is it a childhood where your parents controlled your every act to the point you couldn’t have a childhood and therefore you don’t want anyone to enjoy their life as an adult when you couldn’t even as a child?

Is it the fact that I realized a long time ago? If Zeus controls everything, I can’t control anything, not even myself?

If it’s any of those, you shouldn’t want to censor the world, you should want people to be able to express themselves the way they need to, including yourself.

If I’m wrong, by all means keep trying to control everything.

If I’m right, you don’t need censorship, you need an uprising.

Narcissa Balenciaga