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There is a certain power in being able to finally speak up.

Take, for instance, the biggest crush you’ve ever had on someone.

They make your heart aflutter, and your mouth go dry when you try to utter a single word.

This all causes a block within your mind, keeping you from working up the nerve to ask them out on a date.

To even tell them how you feel, for that matter.

So you spend half your time thinking about just the right thing to say…and the other wishing you could find the right moment to say it.

It just about makes you crazy, head over heels in love with someone who doesn’t even know it.

You don’t want to be weird about it, telling them you flat-out love them…but you know there’s something there, just in the pit of your stomach, pushing you to admit there’s a feeling of some sort.

Then, one day, the block lifts.

And those words become a lot easier to come by.

A lot easier to let out of your mouth.

So you finally take that brave step forward, and you go to your crush.

And you let them know just how you’re feeling.

Their response doesn’t quite matter, not in the heat of the moment anyway.

Just by finally getting past that scary hurdle of approaching them, you’ve gained confidence in being able to express yourself.

And that confidence gives you power.

The kind of power that can shine through the darkness.

Cutting right through those who would try to smother you in it.

Especially those who would try to kill you for simply whispering their name.

People like Mannfred Curze.

See that, Manny?

The power of speaking is at work here.

Simply saying your name gives me a certain confidence, much like finally getting the nerve to ask Narcy-doll out.

And if I can overcome the nerves of getting my opportunity there, you’d best believe I can overcome the Night Haunter.

The terror of The Bleak.

Because that power weakens the hold you would otherwise have over people, Mannfred.

It’s why someone would dare trespass your domain and terrorize those who dwell in it.

Fidel saw past the dread you instill in people, and has taken power for himself by speaking your name far louder than you ever would’ve wanted.

Leaving the door wide open for others to cut you down at your very core.

Which is exactly where this guy steps in, Mannfred.

What better way to impress my Narcy than by staring fear itself in the face, and using my words to take control of the situation?

A good, stern talking to, followed by a good and proper walloping.

That’s the Colt Ramsey way, Manny.

And with the terror of The Bleak defeated, I can raise my head high and give a smile and a wink to Narcy.

People want to see the big bad monster conquered, Mannfred.

And I have got to give the people what they want.