Coming to Collect

In Promo, Tec by TEC

The Arcadia Police Department has partaken in shady deals in order to ensure justice and peace in all levels.

One officer had to be initiated into a street gang in order to take down their leader, as he only made himself visible to members of his gang. Another had to accept a bribe made by a convict in order to go after a high profile pimp that had his sister in his harem.

And, while I am not doing it in the name of the APD or justice, I have to engage in unsavory acts to find answers in my creation.

Drexl has promised me these answers if I collect debts owed to him. I have been provided records of all those that have been indebted to him and Caesar XL. With these records, I have been authorized to use any means that isn’t lethal to collect these dues.

And when I bring what’s owed to him, I will remind him of the promise we made, which I recorded via an audio log.

“There are some debts owed to me, and a machine of your talents would do me well in collecting… do me that, and I will find you the answers you seek.”

Of the names listed in these records, two stand out. They are Colt Ramsey and Drewitt, my opponents in the upcoming Thunder. These debts that are owed are quite substantial and must be collected before they decide to resume their daily activities.

Colt Ramsey is indebted to Drexl by virtue of being hired by Caesar. He is wanted for his photography and general ability to collect ‘dirt’ on just about anyone in Arcadia. His ability to ‘dig up dirt’ on anyone through photographs is quite desirable to a man in Drexl’s position, especially when said photographs contain members of the Pantheon without their masks.

Drexl wants those photographs, Colt, and a machine of my talents will use any means necessary to get them.

Drewitt, meanwhile, still owes Drexl for his services as a bodyguard and a drug smuggler for the now defunct Pussycat Club. While he sends his regards for being the one to help him buy out the Shark Tank from Caesar, he’s still upset that you tried to kill him when your memory was restored.

The debt owed in your case, Drewitt, is your life. A machine of my talents will use any means necessary to take it.

As for you, Drexl, you better make sure to fulfill your end of the deal. I can fulfill mine with relative ease, but if you can’t fulfill yours, I’ll open a case against you involving your many crimes, one of which includes attempted murder. Do me what you promise, however, and I won’t put you behind bars.

When we all meet in the ring, you three will give each other what you’re owed and I will get the answers that I desire. The case of the missing debts will be solved on Monday, and every case meets its close.