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Colts & Stallions

Colts & Stallions

“In the ancient texts of mythological worlds, there were animals known as horses.”

“Some of these animals are thought to exist in Arcadia.”

“But in the wild, the youngest males of this species, are known as colts.”

“The colt is normally an unneutered young horse that is smarter that some, bolder than others and grows faster than females.”

“Just like here, as in mankind, there is a hierarchy to be had.”

“Therefore, as colts grow up within their herd, they are eventually driven from it by the stallion. The stallion realizes that the colt is a threat to the herd’s way of life and will ensure that it doesn’t inbreed by seeding its mares.”

“When the colt is driven out, it eventually finds its own herd, or creates one, in which the colt then becomes the stallion.”

“I can see that look in your eye, young colt. I can see that you have intent upon my mare and that is something, in the wilds of Arcadia, that I simply cannot abide.”

“You’re younger, faster and bolder than I am.”

“You’ve been out into the world and investigated it. You’ve boldly gone where some before you have ever dare go. You’ve grown, by the seat of your pants, watching the world around you unfold and unfurl.”

“And I’m sure that because of this, because of how bold and young you are, that in your mind, you can mount my precious mare and make it yours.”

“But for Stubbins Doom to allow you to do that would be to allow you to pollute the gene pool with your dirty seed. It would be a heinous miscarriage of justice, should you ever take my mare. That isn’t the way it works in any herd, young Ramsey; you cannot take what doesn’t belong to you. If you want a mare of your own, you need to go and find one. This one is mine. This one has been taken by Stubbins Doom.”

“Because, you see, Arcadia is my herd.”

This OSW World Championship is my mare.”

“And I’m the stallion, Ramsey.”

“At Invasion, you’re galloping into battle against the biggest stallion you’ve ever met, in a herd that doesn’t belong to you. You’re looking to take my OSW Championship; my mare and make it yours. You’re looking to oust the stallion from the very thing he owns.”

“But that isn’t the way a herd works.”

Oh no.

“What happens is that the stallion teaches the young colt a lesson in respect. He defeats that young up and coming colt with relative ease and drives him from the herd, forcing him to go it alone and find another path.”

“I’m going to drive you from Old School Wrestling, Ramsey.”

“I’m going to drive you from my herd, dismount you from my mare and force you out into the wild.”

“Not just because these things belong to me.”

“But because that’s how nature is, old foe.”

“I’m the stallion and you’re the colt.”

“And this is my herd and my mare.”