In Promo by Tag

“Everyone has that little collar around their neck.”

“Something for a higher power to hold onto and to make sure that you’re never really free, ya know? No matter how much you try and bite or scratch at it, it’ll just get tighter until your face is red and tears stream down your face.”

“All of you ain’t so different, man. Every last one of you has a collar that some petty cunt is yanking on until you beg them to stop.”

“You can’t escape it. The only way to let the collar get loose is to do what the person holding it says.”

“Chronoa, you kinda want to be the one tugging the collar, right? Only issue is you’ve let yourself become a slave to that. You’re a mistress of fate, yet you’re victim to it all the same. You do things because you believe they’re destined to be and every time you try and enforce it you just get yanked around by those chains you love so much.”

“Then we have Vigour. You thought you got off the hook when you came to earth, right? You have all of those ashen fucks in tow, but they didn’t hold you down anymore, stifle your creativity, right? How wrong you’d be, man. See, when you pulled away and fought your collar it just got tighter. You got hurt, you got choked and abused by them and now Earth’s next. The more you pulled from them, the more everyone else suffered.”

“Impaler, your collar is that mask you have sitting ugly on your face. You tried to take it off, right? But the damn thing keeps finding its way back onto your face, tightening around the skin and suffocating you until you can’t breath. Every time you try and yank it off, it just comes back ten times worse.”

“And TGK? You’re the saddest of them all. You were born with the collar, programmed and built for it. You exist only to avenge your creators and nothing more. I know you want to try and go your own way, but no matter what you’ll just find yourself yanked back by your programming.”

“All of you fight so hard against the collar, man.”

“And I used to too.”

“When it was just a kinky girl holding me down it was fun to fight.”

“But now my collar is in the hands of a vindictive old fuck. A terrible king who pulls it tighter until I can’t even breathe.”

“I’ve… learned my lesson.”

“You can’t fight the collar, you just gotta do what the person tugging on it says and it’ll loosen up.”

“So while you four are fighting your fates, clawing at them to try and get them off?”

“I’ll be following my lead, breathing freely as I beat you fuckers into the ground.”

“Now put your heads between my legs and kiss your win goodbye.”