Code: Visor

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

Technology is fascinating. From the earliest calendars to the modern cell phones, they’ve always set the pace of humanity. Even in our little dark corners, we’ve not escaped the advances of this world.

But one thing that can stop any technology is a virus. One virus, in just the right system, can cripple the world completely. I’ve used these many times, myself. Enemies of my order who rely so much on technology have found that when they cross me, I can be unforgiving.

A line of code, written by the more tech-savvy of my kind, and their data was mine to peruse. From phone numbers to bank accounts, there was never a secret that was kept hidden from me for very long, and boy did I get some good intel during those moments.

Actionable intel to disrupt the activities and to direct my own clan to act accordingly. I’ve faced down diehards who thought they had one up on me, only to find that their operation had crumbled before they had even come to meet me.

You’re no different, Zero. A techno-savvy enemy, susceptible to the same short-comings as any other piece of technology. I’ve seen it happen, I’ve seen your tech fall. As with every piece of modern technology, there are vulnerabilities. All it takes is the right mind, the right skill and the right code, and your whole life will be an open book, ready to be exploited.

It would be fascinating to see what is stored in that visor of yours, finding out your secrets, seeing what you see. Being able to be one step ahead of you, and the only person you’d have to blame is yourself.

You’d be just another pawn for my clan, for my people. I’d be more than willing to watch as you try to justify to your partners how a 300-year old vampire was capable of knowing every move you’d make before you’d ever made it.

Imagine it, if you would, for a moment. Being a little fly on the wall, bMf’s playbook laid out for me. I know people willing to find the right code to get me through every firewall you’ve ever built to protect yourself, to protect your secrets.

I watched as the other clans and gangs tore themselves apart trying to figure out how I knew each and every move they made. Completely unaware that it wasn’t a rat or a snitch revealing secrets. It was their own computer systems betraying them, the one piece of the puzzle they thought was completely theirs.

That’s your visor, one of the most secure pieces of tech in OSW. One that my little diggers would love to crack open without your knowledge and handing me every bit of intel.

But don’t worry, when I have everything I need, I’d be more than willing to leave behind a little note.

A little reminder, when you’re all alone because your secrets came out. To let your know who ruined every plan you had.

A little note that’d read:

Carpe Noctem.