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Before I made my way up to covering full-fledged stories, I was covering obituaries…and lemme tell ya, I was sent in a LOT of them to publish over time. Memories left behind of the grieving families for their loved ones, and I was taught early on not to let these stories affect my ability to get them published for the paper.

But there are two obituaries I never had the heart to publish…because I was the one who wrote them.

The first was for my father, a man who did everything he could to take care of me…even on his final day. I remember it all too well, for the man died in my arms. I saw death in that man’s eyes, and it horrified me. Everything after that was a blur to me, something I still can’t quite wrap around my head after all this time.

But at least I got to say goodbye to him.

I cannot say the same for my dearest mother, who was sent to an infirmary after suffering for a long, long time…finally reaching her last breath and heading to eternal slumber.

Something I only know because my father told me.

These are the obituaries I have been afraid to put out for all of Arcadia to see…because it means accepting that they’ve been taken from me. Sent off to whatever comes next…thanks to you, Ferryman.

I’ve stared into your eyes before, Tombstone…and you managed to scare me into defeat. I’ve asked myself why that was, over and over again without an answer…until now.

Because looking into those eyes, I see my parents being ferried away from me. I see my father whisked away from my arms by your hand, my mother carried away before I could give her the sendoff she rightfully deserved.

This is the horror I’ve lived with for far too long, Ferryman. The reality that they’ve left me for whatever final destination they’ve reached…a destination you played a part in taking them to.

Leaving me to finally publish their obituary.

John and Ann Ramsey, beloved parents. Caring deeply for each other, ’til death do they part. Survived by their son, Colten.

A son who seeks his revenge against the Ferryman himself. Come, O mighty King of Destination, show me what power you hold…and I will fight you with everything I’ve got.

I will stare you in the eyes once again, and this time I won’t be afraid…for what have I to be afraid of? Losing more than I have already? I’ve lost so much that I cannot count the cost anymore, Tombstone…but I will collect what is owed to me, at your expense.

You may have taken my parents, but you cannot have me, Ferryman. You will not have me, because I’m too damn stubborn to go.

There are too many stories left to chase, too many people looking to know the truth, and this is a chance to really give the people what they want…a little bit of closure.

Colt Ramsey