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Cliff Notes

Cliff Notes

“You’re on a cliff, ain’t ya darlin’?”

“You always fuckin’ have been. Ever since I’ve known you, you’ve been stood on the precipice, right on the edge of a cliff, looking over the landscape of Old School Wrestling. The drop down is a fuckin’ big one. That fall from right up there on your high horse is so perilous that you’re terrified of what happens if you might fall off.”

“So you’ve been out there building ways to keep yourself contained. You’ve built fences around your position, hoping that’d keep you safe up there. They didn’t work, did they?”

“So you built fuckin’ walls, hoping that if no-one could get to you or see you, you wouldn’t ever fall from the top of that god damn cliff.”

“And you guarded those walls, just to make sure that your position at the top was safe.”

“I remember when myself and Luke were the fences. You used us to try and protect your position. You won Invasion and it was us who kept you safe. No-one could get near Pyre as long as the bad mother fuckers fenced her off from all the threats.”

“When that wasn’t enough, and you stole my OSW World Championship, you built fuckin’ walls around you with Simon. Ain’t no-one driving you off the edge of that cliff if they can’t get close; if they can’t even see you.”

“And you guarded those walls with Jet Set Radio – whether they liked it or not.”

“Everythin’ is about retainin’ your position atop that cliff, ain’t it? It doesn’t matter who gets hurt in your pursuit of remaining atop the cliff, as long as you do. You pissed all over me when I wasn’t needed any longer. When the fences weren’t enough, you dispatched myself and that bitch Luke like we weren’t shit.”

But the wall with Simon is startin’ to crumble.” 

“Cracks are startin’ to form in the foundation. Your husband isn’t the safe place any more. He’s not there to protect you or look after you; he’s been in prison and at war with the guards that you forced to keep watch.”

Hell, the guards have left their fucking post.

“I see my way in, bitch.”

“At Red Snow, I know exactly how to break through what’s left of that fuckin’ wall and when I do, I’m coming straight fuckin’ for you, love.”

“And I’mma knock you off the edge of that fuckin’ cliff.”

“I’m gonna watch you topple from top to bottom, bangin’ and crashin’ into every hard rock and crevice on the way down and then I’m gonna take back what you took from me; I’m gonna be the OSW World Champion once again.”

“You don’ fucked around and now you gonna find out.”

“There’s nothing to protect you, Pyre.”

“No fences.”

“No walls.”

“No guards.”

“And those are the cliff notes, bitch.”