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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.



We open cold, with static covering the grainy footage of a camera, that’s recording. The person holding it watches as fifteen men trundle towards the opening of the Mortuary. They stand outside the main doors to the level, knowing the next entrance lies within.

Drexl then appears, stepping into frame.

“Aight boys,” he says, rallying the troops. “Once we go through dis door, we’s at the gate. Ya’ll know the plan, innit?”

The camera nods.

They burst through the door and immediately rush towards the gates of The Mortuary, beginning their climb over.

Four men make it over as Drexl takes a large pair of bolt cutters to the cage, trying to cut the bolt that keeps it open.

“Get inside! Get in-fucking-side, yo!”

Suddenly, the doors to the Mortuary open and smoke bellows out.

“What the fuck?” Asks one of those on the other side of the gate. The camera points towards him, watching as hands reach out from the ground to grab at his ankles. He’s stood in a graveyard and the dead are pawing at him.

He screams, bellowing.

The camera backs away.

Through the smoke ahead, the visage of Tombstone defiantly appears. Two of the men untethered by the dead decide to charge at him. He uppercuts one with such ferocity, the sound of his neck snapping echoes through the camera lens.

The second man is grabbed around the throat and tossed powerfully at the gate Drexl is trying to open. The gate rattles fiercely, forcing Big Slim back.

The Ferryman clicks his fingers, and the gate willingly opens.

Get him!” Big Slim roars.

His crew do as their told, all bar the man holding the camera.

As they enter the ground, Drexl stands watching with a smile on his face.

A smile that soon turns to terror as Tombstone raises his arms, stopping everyone inside the gates. They all begin levitating, shaking ferociously.

“What… the…. fuck?” The Cameraman finally whispers.

This is hallowed ground,” A voice suddenly says.

The camera whips around.

Igor Mortis!

Igor stands now behind the cameraman, who drops the camera and falls back to the floor, scrambling away.

The camera glass shatters, but we can still see some of what’s going on.

Drexl is running.

He’s running for his life.

Meanwhile, Igor picks up the camera and points it toward the Mortuary, where Tombstone is drawing the souls from countless screaming men.

You came tolling the bell,” he growls. “And when the bell tolls, we collect.”

As their souls leave their screaming bodies, the camera suddenly drops, smashing into the ground.



El Mariachi Muerte has not been seen in days. The Old School Wrestling World Champion has been decidedly quiet and his partner, Dr. Death, bangs on the door of his home.

Finally, the door opens just a crack, revealing Muerte.

“What’s going on?” Death enquires, clearly perturbed. “We have a Tag Team Championship defence tonight and neither I or Frightengale have seen sight or sound of you.”

He peers through the gap.

“I received another song,” he admits. “A song that tells of a story so terrifying, that I dare not leave my abode, amigo.”

Death leans in.

“You have another song sheet?” He queries. “Let me see it.”

No!” Muerte blurts out.

“Why can’t I see it, partner?” The Luchadoc says, folding his arms. “Is one of us in peril?”

“I love you brother, but I need to take care of this alone,” The Mariachi says solemnly. “I’ll be at our match tonight, but after that, I need to seek out the old voices.”

The Luchadoc shakes his head.

“No,” he refuses. “You aren’t doing this alone, mi amigo. You don’t have to sing the song to me, but if you’re going to let someone else read it, I’m coming with you.”

Singing Death sighs.

“Very well mi amigo,” he relents. “But the old voices are sacred. They’re the oldest Mariachi’s, dating back many years. They know things we could only dream of knowing. If you’re coming with me, you must remain silent.”

Death nods.

And just like, El Mariachi Muerte shuts the door on him.

Perplexed, The Luchadoc slowly backs away.

What the hell did that song sheet say?

An explorer finds himself deep in the proverbial shadows as Drewitt takes on Kpavio!

Kpavio rushes the Explorer, blindsiding him with a forearm smash before sending Drewitt to the corner. Kpavio rushes at him, but the Explorer is just quick enough to avoid disaster…sending Kpavio colliding with the turnbuckle instead! Drewitt uses the opening to his advantage, bringing the Skull down with a neckbreaker!

This sends the Skull crashing into the canvas, and gives Drewitt a chance to lay into Kpavio with some hard stomps to the midsection…until the Skull manages to roll out of the way, getting back to his feet! Now it’s Drewitt rushing toward the Skull…and right into a roundhouse kick!

RUIN! The high impact of that kick sends Drewitt reeling back, which gives Kpavio an opening to hop onto the turnbuckle, launching himself off for a springboard DDT on the Explorer! VIOLENCE–NO! Drewitt catches him in mid-air, setting the Skull on his feet before nailing him with an impact DDT!

SIGHTSEER! The journey of this match is suddenly looking much better for the Explorer as he rises to his feet, staring the Skull down before bringing him to a standing position…and grabbing Kpavio by the neck, hoisting him up for the chokeslam! ARDUOUS JOURNEY CONNECTS! Drewitt covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Drewitt picks up a win over Kpavio, the Skull cracking under the pressure of the Explorer!



The match has come to an end, but we’re not through here just yet…not by a long shot.

Because the lights cut to black, leaving the ringside area enveloped in darkness…precisely the place Kpavio wants to be in, cutting through the tension with the sharpness of his tone as he speaks.

“Oh, Gemini…you’ve done it now, haven’t you? I offered to teach you the lessons you needed to understand what must be done…and your response was to cast aside the light, leaving only the darkness.”

The Skull can’t help but chuckle at this before pressing on.

“But what you seem to forget is, I thrive in the darkness. The shadow is where I work best. When the light fades, danger lurks…and that is where vengeance awaits. It’s a cruel world out there, Gemini…and you’re about to find out just how cruel a hero I can be.”

With this, the lights finally come back on…leaving us with only a confused Drewitt standing in the ring, as Kpavio has vanished from the ringside area entirely…leaving behind the promise that Gemini is in the crosshairs of the Skull, a man intent on vengeance at her expense.

A promise he intends to keep.



There is a quiet sort of chaos in the air of The Bleak. Where before there was some kind of order, even threats from the mystery man to keep the game going longer fall on deaf ears.

“What is happening?” comes the query from Mannfred Curze. Most of those around him continue onwards, the next part of the journey the clearest for many. Anything away from this place. One such person takes the chance to respond.

“Mr Curze, sir,” he starts. “These people are scared.”

The Horror looks around – at the people and their demeanour.

“The people do not have anything to be scared of. I have always made sure of that. What is the issue?”

“Sir, they no longer trust that you can keep them safe. They will allow you to live, but they cannot reside here whilst Aarman Fidel lives on.”

Silence once more. It is broken by Mannfred Curze.

“I will just have to prove to them that I can keep them safe. I know who is behind all of this now, your safety is more assured…”

The Bleak resident looks nervous.

“What?” Curze demands,

“People are still going missing sir – your discovery is clearly not enough.”

The end of the sentence is punctuated with a scream. Curze rounds the corner, heading towards the source, only to find a woman sobbing.

“My husband!” she cried. “Gone like the others”

Curze clenches his fist. He’s been evaded by the Vixen until now, but he’s never felt quite so disrespected as something so close to home as this. He needs to find Fidel fast, and teach him a lesson.


Tonight, Luther Grim is hunting for a hero! It’s Destructo Boy vs Luther Grim now!

DING! DING! Luther and Destructo Boy tie up! Grim seemingly has the strength advantage and starts to push Destructo Boy but the hero holds his ground! Luther Grim looks shocked and lets go! Destructo Boy smiles but it’s quickly wiped away with a flash elbow strike!

The hero is stunned but still standing and Grim Irish whips him into the corner! Destructo Boy goes up and over the ropes! He lands feet first on the apron! GREAT PUR-NO! Destructo Boy counters the spear attempt with a knee to the face! Grim is on wobbly legs!

Springboard DDT by Destructo Boy! Grim is down and Destructo Boy goes to the top rope! He’s going for the 630 senton! JUSTICE GRENADE! NO! Grim gets his knees up and Destructo Boy crashes hard! His backs bowing in pain! Grim gets up and yanks Destructo Boy up on his shoulders! TROPHY HUNT! He nails the falling powerbomb!

You know Destructo Boy’s back is in agony! Grim is salivating as he backs into the corner! He’s screaming at the boy to get up! Destructo Boy is pulling himself up and Grim charges at full speed! GREAT PURSUIT! Destructo Boy looks like he got ran through with that spear! Grim covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Luther Grim has done it and Destructo Boy is his newest trophy!



Mystic Grove.

Underneath the twisted towering trees of the Mystic Grove, Gemini, the good version, is happily immersed in her world of nature and photography.

The delicate click of her camera accompanies the soft, melodious melody she is humming.

Breaking through the tranquil scene, the thud of heavy footsteps echo from the undergrowth.

Emerging from the dense foliage is Kaiju Chiba.

His deep-set eyes hold an ocean of unspoken worry.

“Gemini,” Kaiju’s voice rumbles through the Grove.

“Hi there!” She calls, waving as he approaches.

“What do you remember about Warforged, Gemini?” He asks warily.

Gemini’s eyes meet his.

“Well,” she says, putting a finger to her chin to think. “I fought that scary hunter, and then I helped you with Kpavio.”

“And then?” The Big Save presses.

She tilts her head, confusion flickering across her face.

“I don’t remember anything else, Kaiju! Just going home and getting a good night’s rest!”

Shaking his head, Kaiju turns away, looking out over the dark Mystic Grove.

“Gemini… There is something you must know, but…”

The air grows tense and the Grove seems to grow darker.

“But what?”

Kaiju turns slowly, coming face to face with Gemini.

But not the nice girl he came to see.

Standing in her place is the darker, evil version of Gemini, her gaze icy and her presence foreboding.

She flicks her eyes towards Kaiju, a twisted smile playing on her lips.

“Welcome to my Mystic Grove, Kaiju Chiba,” she purrs, her voice a haunting echo. “Be quick, I have business to attend to elsewhere. Are you here to pledge yourself to me? Or would you rather have a fight?”

“Neither.” He returns flatly, gauging the situation.

After a moment, Kaiju squares his shoulders, his expression resolute.

“I pledge to protect Gemini, and protect her I will,” he asserts, his voice solid as stone. “Even from you. I’m going to save her.”

As abruptly as she appeared, evil Gemini vanishes in a puff of smoke, leaving the good Gemini in her stead.

She blinks, her confusion evident.

“Save me from who?” she asks, her voice filled with genuine curiosity.

Suddenly, her attention is stolen by a passing butterfly.

“Oh, look, a butterfly!” she exclaims, her previous conversation forgotten.

Kaiju can’t help but smile at her abrupt shift in attention. He shakes his head, his smile warm.

“Never mind, Gemini,” he reassures her, his gaze lingering on her, “Never mind.”



The sounds of a shower running. Loud, enthusiastic and entirely off key singing accompanies the steady flow of water as we hear colt Ramsey singing out his utter joy.

“Believe it or not, I’m walking on air…”

The sound is punctuated by a knocking that pierces the dwelling, yet Colt does not hear in the midst of his song.

“…Never thought I could feel so free-hee-heee.”

Narcissa gingerly pokes her head into the room, Colt’s office that she had located weeks ago, her knocking going unanswered. She begins to call out for him, but upon hearing the sounds of Colt singing his heart out, Narcissa visibly shudders.

“Fuckin’ hell. That’s why he stays behind the camera.”

She takes out of her bag a large A4 envelope, placing it clearly visible on Colt’s table and scrawls his name on the front. Taking another moment to shake her head at Colt’s shower song, Narcissa readies herself to leave just as the water shuts off and the singing halts in a rather high and terribly sung crescendo.

The sudden silence startles Narcissa, and she knocks over a desk chair accidentally. The clatter will have been loud enough for Colt to hear in his back room, so Narcissa makes a hasty exit. Her figure slinking down the stairwell just as Colt enters his office.

He has a towel draped around his waist and is busy applying an obscene amount of cologne as he investigates the noise. Noticing the envelope, and Narcissa’s handwriting, he cracks into a smile.

“She just can’t get enough huh?”

He rips open the envelope and pulls out the folder contained within. Flipping through the pages, his face goes from a wide grin, through confusion, and lands on mildly concerned. Thinking aloud, he thumbs through the pages.

“It’s going to be tough, but I think I can pull it off Narcy-Doll. I’ll have to call in a few favours, but anything for you.”

He sniffs the envelope, catching a scent of her perfume and closing his eyes to take in the olfactory pleasure, before placing the manilla folder with his assignment into his desk.


It’s a tale of two different kinds of horror as Jasper Redgrave puts his artistry to the test against the Night Haunter himself, Mannfred Curze!

The two come to blows quickly, trading lefts and rights to see who can get the upper hand…and eventually, it’s Redgrave coming out on top as he sends the Night Haunter reeling toward the ropes before hitting a swinging neckbreaker that drops Curze to the canvas…but Curze is back up!

This draws a smirk from the Artist, realizing there’s plenty more canvas to paint upon as he rushes toward Curze, clobbering him with lefts and rights…but the Night Haunter turns it around, sending Redgrave to the corner where he starts pummeling the Artist with punches and kicks to the midsection!

This seems to wear the Artist down some, giving Curze a much-needed opening as he hoists Redgrave up, turning him around before locking in the tombstone stretch! BEYOND THE GRAVE! Redgrave’s in a rough spot here, wincing in pain as he tries to wriggle his way out of the hold!

Redgrave finally pulls it off, attacking Curze’s leg to break the hold! Redgrave’s back to his feet, hitting a superkick that sends Curze to the ropes…followed by a spinning back elbow! COLLAGE OF VIOLENCE! Curze isn’t down yet…so Redgrave hits a Pedigree! SYMPHONY OF SYMMETRY! Redgrave covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

The Artist makes a fine piece of work out of the Night Haunter here, as Jasper Redgrave defeats Mannfred Curze!



Harvey Escher lays asleep, cradling a blanket on a rickety bed in his cell. The floor is no longer covered in blood but smells and looked bleach – so much so in fact that it stands out from the rest of the dirt and grime.

“Did you find the answers you seek?” A voice asks of Escher, who’s eyes abruptly open.

He adjusts them, not believing at first of what he sees.

It’s Aster Gray.

“I told you that I walked a line between life and death; that I was neither alive or dead, awake or asleep, happy or sad.”

“Why’d I dream of you?” Escher says angrily. “You aren’t the reason I was afraid. I acted harshly and quickly.”

“You dream?” Gray says, taking a seat on the bed. “Oh dear, Harvey.”

“What?” He begs. “What do you mean by that?”

“This is no dream,” Aster says, grabbing him violently by the throat. He chokes him violently, watching as the colour leaves his face. “You wanted the truth. You wanted to know if what I spoke of was indeed the reality and here I am, neither alive nor dead.”

He slowly releases the grip.

“But since you tried to murder me, dead is what you’ll be, Harvey,” Gray threatens. “Dead… is what you’ll be.

Gray slams Escher’s head back into his pillow and stands up, carefully walking away. He stops to turn back and look at him.

“Meet me at Ring of Death,” he warns with a sinister smirk. “If you dare.”

Harvey immediately sits up, holding his throat.

Did he just get visited by Aster Gray?

Or is he continuing to lose his fucking marbles?

What the fuck did Jiro say?

Harvey Escher has been losing his mind since he was asked to interrogate Jiro.


Tonight, it’s like a tale of love and death in Arcadia when Tombstone faces off against Aarman Fidel. Will love, or in this case lust, conquer Death or will another soul be ferried to the other side?

The bell rings and Aarman rushes in with a drop kick to the knee of The Ferryman, staggering the big man. Following it up, the Duke of Desire begins to lay in kicks to the knee of the big man, but Tombstone pie-faces Aarman, sending him staggering into the ropes.

The Wishmaster rebounds looking for a Massive Gore – AAROW OF GREED AND – COUNTERED INTO A JACKNIFE POWERBOMB – ODE TO CHARON!  The Ferryman falls into the cover hooking the leg— ONE… TWO… THREE!  NO!  The referee waives it off- Fidel got his hand under the bottom rope!

Tombstone grabs the Duke by the hair and starts to lift him up when Aarman delivers a devastating uppercut to the testicles of The Ferryman, doubling him over! Aarman follows it up by hitting the ropes and… GORE! – AAROW OF GREED AND DESIRE! This takes the massive Tombstone off his feet!

Aarman heads to the corner, and sensing victory he leaps- middle rope- again, top rope— WINGS OF EROS! Massive Flying Elbow Drop to the heart of Tombstone… Who sits up!  Aarman, in shock, sees only one opening. He dives to lock lips with the Ferryman, who slaps his hand around the throat of Fidel and quickly stands up, then delivers a thunderous Kneeling Chokeslam – FOR WHOM THE BELL TOLLS!  Laying into the cover—  ONE… TWO… THREE!

The Duke of Desire had his attempt at lighting a deathly fire snuffed out by The Ferryman!



The Blood Runners’ Compound.

A grim fortress of blood, tears, and death, it’s filled that would have any man quaking in his boots.

By a lone torch, Blacktooth sits with Gemini in an eerie closeness. The tension between them from weeks ago, seems to have dissipated.

The flickering light makes it seems like their shadows are dancing on the stained floor.

“You know,” Blacktooth’s voice scrapes the still air, rough as gravel, “I saw what happened at Warforged.”

His eyes, as dark as the compound’s walls, flicker with an unsaid understanding.

“I think I understand you now, Gemini.”

Gemini leans closer. Her voice, a venomous whisper, slithers into his ear,

“Do you now?” She says, her warm breath raising the hairs on Blacktooth’s neck. “Then you understand what I’m offering you.”


What’s she offering?

“You want to be at the top of the food chain, don’t you dear?” She continues. “No longer will you have to hide in the shadows.”

She lays her slender hand on his calloused digits.

“Power. Respect. Fear. With my power, you can have all that and more.”

The Witch lightly runs her finger up his arm before resting her hand on his chest.

“And me.”

Blacktooth’s gaze hardens, his mouth curving into a predatory smile.

“What’s in it for you?” he asks, already knowing the answer.

She moves even closer, her leg draping over his so that she is now straddling him, their lips inches apart.

“I’ve got a problem I need taken care of.” she says, her words echoing in the dimly lit chamber. “I need your Blood…”

Blacktooth takes a moment, his gaze meeting hers. She grabs his face, leans in, and deeply kisses him. They continue for a moment, his hands reaching around to pull her closer. When they pull away, panting, she grins.

“…your Blood Runners.”


What’s hotter: The Burned Man or Colt Ramsey’s passion for Narcissa Balenciaga?

The bell rings and The Burned Man goes to grapples Colt who deftly rolls underneath his grasp! As TBM turns, Colt takes out his camera and aims at his opponent— FLASH! TBM’s momentarily blinded and Colt takes advantage, leaping up and wrapping an arm around TBM’s neck— DDT! SAY CHEESE!!

Colt goes for the pin but TBM powers out after one and a half, then Colt attempts to ground TBM with a series of punches and kicks that only serve to anger the Arcadian Mummy, and as TBM stands he catches lariat and spins Colt into a submission— ETERNAL BURNING!!

The crossface chickenwing is locked in, but the scrappy Journo manages to roll to the side of the ring and get a foot on the rope for a break. Instead, TBM maintains his grip and yanks Colt to his feet— SNAP HALF NELSON SUPLEX! HE WON’T RELINQUISH THE HOLD!

TBM rolls Colt through and goes for a second— HALF NELSN SUPLEX! ASHES TO ASHES!! The Burned Man is on fire, and he drags Colt to his feet once more and half nelson-lifts him into a wheelbarrow driver— STORM CRADLE DRIVER!!! DUST TO DUST INTO A COVER— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Colt’s flame for Narcissa has burned him, courtesy of The Burned Man with his big victory!



In the relative peace of The Altar, Grimskull sits across from Vision.

“My people are turning against me,” says Grimskull. “I do not think I can continue this any more. I had hoped to show you that our way was the true path to freedom, but my people think you are leading me away from that path.”

Vision smiles.

“The sky is darkest just before the storm breaks, Grimskull. And the sky after the storm is clear and true.” Vision leans in closer. “I must tell you that you are learning well about the Prism, and how the Prism is the true path. There are just two remaining facets. These are the hardest and most difficult to understand, but those who pass the next two facets have the full power of The Third Eye behind them. The full rainbow.”

He stands, walking away from Grimskull.

“Pain and death remain,” Vision starts. “But these are different to the pain and death that most humans are able to relate to. I am not sure if you can even cope with these last two facets. But we must try.”

Grimskull stands too, watching as Vision leaves via the door at the end of the room.

“I’m not sure at all, that you can cope, Preacher.” says Vision.

“I’ll prove to you that I can cope with anything your kind throws at me,” says Grimskull, a determination in his voice.

“That’s just the thing, Preacher,” says Vision. There will be no ‘your kind’ and ‘mind kind’ after you go through these last two facets. You will transcend above all of that, and finally realise what it is like to be truly free. I’m certain you’ll still be with us then. The alpha awaits your ascendance, after all.”

The door closes, leaving Grimskull alone to ponder just what that means.


There’s some bad blood between these two, as Drexl and Blacktooth renew a feud fueled by sex, drugs, and cannibalism!

The bell rings and the two competitors circle each other. Blacktooth taunts Drexl by unveiling his rotten, jagged teeth, to which Drexl pauses and stares disgustedly at Blacktooth, pondering how to attack this rabid animal… IRON PERFUME!! Blacktooth blinded Drexl with the bloody mist and follows up with a flurry of fists!

Blacktooth whips Drexl into the ropes and on the rebound feigns a kick at the oncoming pimp— BLADED KICK! DREXL ROLLS UNDERNEATH IT AT THE LAST SECOND! Blacktooth tries a back elbow that Drexl ducks as he runs the ropes, and on the rebound leaps at Blacktooth— SPEED DIAL!!

The somersault clothesline drops Blacktooth and Drexl follows up with a few body stomps before emphatically kissing the jewelry on his knuckles and dropping and grinding them in Blacktooth’s face— ANGEL TEARS!! But Blacktooth is unfazed, snatching Drexl’s arm and clamping his fangs down on it— FRESH MEAT!!

Drexl is howling in pain, and his escort of the week, a cheeky blonde, hops up onto the apron and whistles, distracting Blacktooth and attracting the crowd’s attention. Blacktooth approaches her— SLAP! She leaves a red mark on his face and he turns around into— THE BOOTY CALL!!! Attitude adjustment into a pin— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

A bit of payback for her fallen slutty sisters, Drexl’s ho assists him in victory tonight!



The Gallery

A dank pallor hangs in the air.

As does Jackson Cade.

The Embrace of Pain – a monstrous contraption of rusted iron, splintered wood, and sickeningly stick tendrils – holds Perseus in its unforgiving grasp, suspended above a pool of bubbling blood.

Across the chamber, Redgrave stalks back and forth, his dark eyes gleaming with twisted satisfaction.

The oppressive silence is broken only by his voice, echoing with a chilling resonance through the cold, damp stone of the room.

“You see,” Redgrave begins, his voice heavy with condescension, “You people, your A.P.D., only know how to look up to Zeus and his Pantheon. They’ve forgotten how to look down at everyone else. The ‘Slummies’ as they call them, as if they chose to live in Grimskull’s hellhole.”

He chuckles as he sees Cade fighting to get moisture to his throat, to respond in some way.

“That’s why they never came after me. As long as I only killed the forgotten, then Eagle Unit left me alone.”

The Artist pauses, a smile creeping along his thin lips.

“But then I got bored. And when I turned my gaze on the A.P.D, on your brothers, I realized they would crack so easily. All I had to do was turn my blade in the direction of their families, and they would do anything for me. In exchange for information about Arcadia, all they had to do was give me their blood.”

Fully smiling now, Redgrave gestures below Cade at the pool of blood.

The blood of Eagle Unit.

Cade, clearing his raw throat, meets Redgrave’s gaze with steely defiance.

“You’re a monster.”

Unfazed, Redgrave smirks, shrugging nonchalantly.

“Perhaps. But tell me, isn’t it a monster’s world we live in? Why else would they allow my art to be so audaciously displayed?”

Pausing as he approaches the Specialist, Redgrave’s lets the moment linger before speaking again. This time, his voice is lower, imbued with an ominous tone.

“But you… they all talked about you. You’re a different breed, aren’t you? No family, no friends, no connections to exploit. A man alone. Just focused on being the best Little Eagle you could. By the book, right?”

The Artist snorts.

“And you still went rogue. You, of all people.”

Straining against his bonds, Cade is wracked with pain.

“Someone had to stand against you.”

Redgrave laughs, the sound echoing harshly off the stone walls.

“Indeed. And now, the Little Eagle decides to leave the safety of its nest. Admirable… or foolhardy?”

Turning to leave, Redgrave offers one final parting shot.

“Well, we’ll just have to see if you can fly, won’t we?”


Sweet meets bitter in this match between Teddy O’Toole and Gemini! We find out who comes out on top now!

DING! DING! Both high flyers charge out of the gates! Teddy catches Gemini with a hurricanrana, she gets out of it with a front handspring! She flips into a back handspring headscissors! What a maneuver but Teddy cartwheels out of it! They both go for dropkicks! The timing makes them both miss!

They know they have to try something different! They tie up! Teddy has Gemini in a wristlock but she rolls through out and slaps him in the face! He charges after her but she hits the drop toe hold! He falls into the middle rope! Prone position and she runs the ropes! Lionsault on his back!

She covers! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! Teddy kicks out! She pulls him up! TWO SIDES! DDT-No! He counters it into a northern lights suplex! He holds for the cover! ONE! TWO! THR-NO! She gets the shoulder up! He pulls her up just to toss her out of the ring! SOUR TWIST! He nails the corkscrew plancha!

He pulls her up and tosses her back in the ring! He locks her in a sleeper hold and drops her hard! SWEET DREAMS! He nails the sleeper slam and heads to the top rope! He dives! SUGAR BOMB-NO! HEX!  Gemini kips up and counters the Swanton with a backstabber in one fluid motion! She covers! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Gemini proves that sugar can’t crack her bitch-coated shell!



The Slums.

Sitting in the center of this ever expansive floor of Arcadia is something that many residents of the Slums view almost as holy ground.

Maxwell Rijen.

Or rather, a shrine dedicated to the fallen hero. A painting of him and his crooked smile sit under a wooden arch. Flowers, old and new, decorate its base with some even going as far as to leave small gifts there. However, for once, no one seems to be around. No one except for Destructo Boy, of course.

“How did you do it?” His voice is shaky as he speaks. Maybe it’s anger, maybe it’s sadness, but James is nothing more than a well of emotions as he looks upon his father’s shrine. “You were the best. No one got in your way… No one tried to stop you. They respected you, treated you like a hero. But when people look at me, all they can see-“

“Is a boy.” The gruff voice of The Burned Man interrupts the scene. Arcadia’s Mummy walks forwards from the shadows of a nearby home, arms crossed as Destructo Boy turns to face him, his face immediately contorting to one of anger.

“Leave.” He speaks quietly, holding the Kingdomblade in hand and leveling it at The Burned Man who slowly backs away.

“I will. I’m just here to tell you that if you’re so determined to be a hero, then you better be ready for someone to be a villain.”

Destructo Boy gets ready to fight, blade clutched in both hands. “You saying that’ll be you?”

“I don’t want to be, but if you’re going to run out and get yourself killed trying to make your father proud, then I might have to be.”

There’s a long silence, both men staring one another down before The Burned Man finally speaks one more time.

“Because the difference between me and someone else, Boy? I don’t want to see you die.”

With those few words, The Burned Man sinks back from the clearing, leaving Destructo Boy to stew on his words.


The OSW Tag Team Titles are defended here tonight in our main event. Can O’Death keep ahold of their gold or will the V1sionaries walk away the premier tag team?

The bell sounds as Grimskull and Dr Death start off for their teams, the bigger Skull getting the better of the Luchadoc with a heavy combination of blows before he sends Death flying into the ropes. Death springs forward, ducking underneath a lariat before springboarding off the ropes

FLYING HEADSCISSORS! Death sends Grimskull flying across the ring into the corner, the Martyr barely able to stand up to his feet before he’s squashed into the buckles with a spinning Stinger Splash. Skull slumps down onto the mat as Death keeps on him,


Death begins to stomp down on Grimskull with a flurry of hard kicks to the chest before Grimskull manages to catch one of them, throwing Death backwards into the air. The Luchadoc manages to land on his feet, rolling backwards before rushing forward

INTO A BRUTAL LESSON! SUPERKICK RIGHT ON THE BUTTON! Grimskull knocks Death down cold as he stumbles to his corner, tagging in V1sion. Grimskull doesn’t get out of the ring though as both men lift Death up to his feet, throwing him into the ropes before grabbing him on the rebound


Death gets up to his feet, holding his throat and gasping for air as he stumbles right into a kick to the gut

BRAINBUSSTER! V1sion spikes Death into the mat, the Third Eye floating over for the first cover of this contest













The Luchadoc is still in this as he’s pulled up by V1sion and rocked with a pair of hard knees to the gut before the Third Eye tosses him into his corner. Grimskull gets tagged back in as V1sion stuns Death with a brutal spinning elbow to the jaw, the tag champ stumbling backwards

SNAP DRAGON! Grimskull drops Death right on his head, the Luchadoc barely hitting the canvas before V1sion leaps off the top rope

FROG SPLASH! EMOTIONAL VOID! That very well could be it there as Grimskull drops down for the cover



















Grimskull and V1sion pull up the hurting Death, rocking him with a pair of rights to the jaw before lifting him up high, possibly looking for a double Brainbuster here but the Luchadoc manages to slip out the back, nailing an almost desperation double neckbreaker on the pair. Death is breathing hard but he’s focused as he rushes to the ropes, leaping off at the rising V1sion.

THIRD EYE BLINDED! Death got caught with the facebuster out of nowhere but V1sion doesn’t let go, keeping the dazed Luchadoc on his knees as Grimskull quickly climbs up to the top rope

BLIND FAITH! LEAPING HEADBUTT DRIVING DEATH’S SKULL INTO V1SION’S KNEES! Grimskull is dazed himself from skull to skull contact but he manages to drop down regardless for the sure pinfall





















Grimskull and Death are out on the mat, Mariachi back on the apron as he’s begging for the tag. Grimskull getting up first as he staggers forward, tagging in V1sion who grabs a rising Death, pulling him up

RIGHT INTO THE CODE BLUE! SUNSET FLIP BOMB OUT OF NOWHERE KNOCKS DOWN V1SION! Mariachi is reaching out as far as he can, Death crawling to the ropes as V1sion tries to stop him but the Luchadoc leaps forward, finally tagging in El Mariachi!

Singing Death explodes into the ring, drilling Grimskull off the apron with a brutal pump kick before he rushes to the ropes, ducking underneath a lariat attempt by V1sion before springboarding off the ropes

AND INTRODUCING V1SION TO THE LAST CARNIVALE! Brutal Springboard Lungblower hits hard as El Mariachi rushes to the ropes once more, looking for a followup that gets thwarted by a hard enziguri to the back of the head by Grimskull. The Martyr gets in the ring, helping V1sion up to his feet as they throw Mariachi to the ropes, dropping down as they look for that drop toe hold but he springboards off instead, nailing the unsuspecting duo with a pair of Northern Lariats. The V1sionaries slowly get to their feet 



The tag team champions’s tune is beginning to play as they pull V1sion up to his feet, rocking him with a double knee to the jaw before Death rushes to the ropes as Mariachi grabs him around the waist.



That very well could be it there but as El Mariachi drops down for the cover, the referee refuses to count. V1sion isn’t the legal man as Grimskull leaps into the ring


Singing Death rushes forward, but Grimskull ducks underneath the lariat attempt before dropping him on the back of his head with the Painful Void Snap Dragon. The Martyr pulls his tag partner up to his feet, the pair looking once more for some Blind Faith as Grimskull heads up to the top rope

El Mariachi slowly getting to his feet as he stumbles into the THIRD EYE BLIND! V1sion holding El Mariachi down over his knees but before Grimskull can leap off, Dr Death springboards in off the ropes, jumping off the back of El Mariachi


V1sion is distracted, allowing Mariachi to nail him low before backdropping him over his head to the mat. The Third Eye stumbles up to his feet right into a kick to the gut before he’s lifted up into the Piledriver position, El Mariachi wrapping him up as Death leaps off the ropes


That has to be it as El Mariachi drops down for the cover, the referee sliding into position

















O’Death retain their titles here in a brutal back and forth contest, once again proving that they’re the best tag team that Olympus has ever seen. 



The Groves. 

Drewitt retraces his steps through the groves, beating his way through overgrown brush until he finally arrives at the glass blocking his path.

The very same glass where he was murdered by Teddy O’Toole.

Or was he? 

He really isn’t sure anymore.

He bends down to see a pool of blood dried into the dirt, untouched, but considerable. There’s no way someone should have survived that blood loss. He knows it.


Drewitt quickly stands up, turning around to face Tombstone.

“Thanks for coming,” The Explorer says. “Is this where you expected me to be dead?”

The Ferryman nods.

“I need to know what’s going on,” he says carefully, pulling a pistol out of his pocket and handing it to Tombstone. “I need you to put a bullet between my eyes and see if I die. I need to know, but don’t have the courage to do it myself. That’s why I asked you here, Tombstone.”

The Ferryman looks at it, refusing to take hold.

Please,” Drewitt begs.

Tombstone refuses, shaking his head slowly.

“I won’t murder you,” he refuses.

“My soul feels under siege,” The Explorer announces, sadly, with great pain in his voice. “I don’t know who or what I am.”

The Ferryman turns away, looking at the glass. He doesn’t say anything at first, before lowering his head.

“My Mortuary was attacked today,” he announces, much to Drewitt’s surprise. “Drexl attempted to gain entry and suffered grave casualties. Does he strike you as the kind of man to act in that instance alone?”

Drewitt shakes his head.

“Teddy O’Fuckin’ Toole!” He growls.

“Precisely,” Tombstone replies. “I won’t kill you, Drewitt. If you want answers, he’ll have them. Until he’s inclined to share the truth, we’ll both be in the dark. It’s time that Theodore knew how serious we were.”