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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Cold open.

The ring inside Olympus is surrounded by the wrestlers of Old School Wrestling. Members of the roster, including Jasper Redgrave, Narcissa Balenciaga, Teddy O’Toole, Dr. Death, Drexl and others stand watching the centre of the ring.

Because stood in that, Felix Foley and Damien Wolfe have an audience with a very important man; Zeus.

“Last week at Lambs to the Slaughter, our inaugural match was in part ruined by antics associated primarily with you two,” he says quite frustratedly. Felix gulps, whilst Damien looks on sheepishly. “Now, I speak for the entire roster and all fans in attendance when I demand answers.”

“It’s not me,” Damien cowardly blurts out. “It’s him!”

Zeus looks at Foley, frowning. The Puppetmaster shakes his head.

“Sir, it’s not me. This all started after I tried to have my show reinstated for the children of Arcadia. After you cancelled it,” Foley says, stopping at the raise eyebrow of Zeus.

“Excuse me?” He asks. “After I did what?

Both men shoot a look towards Wolfe whose eyes widen and head lowers.

“Damien is a conservator for Arcadia. I trust that he makes the best decisions financially and within the rules I’ve set forth,” The Barron reminds him. Damien nods. “But should that change, you can rest assured Mr. Foley that there will be repercussions.”

The crowd cheer.

“Now, since neither of you are willing to admit responsibility for the heinous atrocities committed by the red light, I’m going to get to the bottom of which one of you it is,” he announces. “Therefore, as I’m sure the roster here at ringside will agree, I’m sending you both for psychological review.”

“Anything you deem necessary sir,” Wolfe panders.

“In the meantime, the pied piper must be paid.”

He waves the on the roster, stepping aside and exiting the ring as they slide into it from all directions. An immediate mugging takes place, with Felix Foley and Damien Wolfe be beaten down before our very eyes in retaliation for the red light and its antics at Pandemonium.


The Journo and his latest scoop Narcissa take on The Artist and Singing Death in hot tag action tonight!

Colt and Mariachi start things off with a tie up, collar and elbow. Mariachi transitions behind Colt into a grapple but Colt quickly counters into a posterior grapple of his own, trapping Mariachi into a full nelson, and goes to sweep the leg— FIT TO PRINT???

NO! Colt’s story needed additional editing, and Mariachi rolls them both forward and catches Colt’s foot into a pin— ONE! …TWO!! …COLT KICKS OUT!! Both men to their feet and Mariachi catches Colt around the waist belly-to-belly and suplexes— WHISKEY LULLABY!! But Colt nimbly flips forward onto his feet and tags Narcissa, unbeknownst to Mariachi!

SAY CHEESE! The flash photography blinds Mariachi as he turns around into a massive spinning heel kick— HIGH FASHION! THEY CALL THAT THE FASHION SHOOT!! Narcissa covers— ONE! …TWO!! …REDGRAVE YANKS NARCISSA OFF!! As Narcissa argues with Jasper, Mariachi half Nelson’s her from behind and pumphandles her into a driver— IN THE END!!

Mariachi gives Jasper the hot tag and he lifts Narcissa up into a vertical suplex— NIGHTMARE PENDULUM!! PORTRAIT OF A KILLER!! Arm on the shoulders for a cover— ONE! …TWO!! …Narcissa rolls Jasper over and traps his arms behind him, rolling again and pinning him on his shoulders— SEATBELT! ONE! …TWO!! …THREE!!!

Colt and Narcissa pick up the big victory tonight over two game competitors!



A few days ago.


His eyes open rapidly and immediately dart around the room. Where is he? What’s going on?

It’s Drewitt and he finds himself in the Mortuary – a place not even the Explorer has ever been before.

Drewitt lays on a cold slab in the morgue, sitting up carefully to reveal Igor Mortis and Tombstone stood before him, watching.

“Where am I?” He mutters, tired – groggy.

“You’re in the Mortuary, dear boy,” Mortis says with a wry smile. “A place no mere mortal has ever been without dying first.”

“You’re here because you’re here,” Tombstone says cryptically. Drewitt doesn’t understand.

“Quite true,” Mortis says with a giggle. “You should be dead, should you not? When our bells tolled inside The Mortuary, we were alerted to your death and came to retrieve your body and soul.”

“But I wasn’t dead,” Drewitt interrupts, understanding now. Mortis nods. “And you want to know why.”

Tombstone steps forward.

“We must know why,” he growls. “These types of occurrences with the soul do not happen, Drewitt. They must not happen.”

The Explorer stands up, standing close to The Ferryman.

“If I knew the answer to your question, I’d tell ya,” he admits. “The only people that know what happened to me that day are Teddy O’Toole and Drexl.”

Tombstone turns to Mortis, who gives him a succinct nod, watching as he turns and abruptly walks away.

“Not one for small talk, is he?” The Explorer remarks.

“The balance between life and death is a fine one, Drewitt. Our job is to make sure that the souls departed from Arcadia, make it to their final resting place. When the bell tolls, we collect.”

“I’m an anomaly, I get it. But listen, when you find answers, I fuckin’ want em too,” he defiantly demands.

Mortis nods.


Tonight the Duke of Desire takes on the beautiful Wildflower. Can the Wishmaster till the garden, or will Nature’s Delight be the flower he can’t pluck from the soil?

The bell rings and Aarman looks to start things off with a Running Powerslam, but Gemini slips off hitting a flowing Reverse DDT— TWO SIDES! Gemini looks to quickly capitalize, sinking in a Kimura— The POLAROID! But Aarman quickly gets his feet to the ropes to break the hold and avoid lasting damage!

Nature’s Delight pulls the Wishmaster off the canvas only to get a thumb to the eye and eats a massive Spinning Spinebuster from Fidel— LAY THEE DOWN! Fidel then rolls to the corner, urging The Wildflower to her feet before rushing her with a brutal spear— ARROW OF GREED AND DESIRE!

Aarman looks to keep his rhythm and rushes towards the corner looking for the Double Jump Elbow Drop— WINGS OF EROS! TO EMPTY CANVAS! Gemini rolled out of the way and kipped-up! Gemini grabs the Duke of Desire’s hand and drags him to the corner. She walks the ropes before jumping into a Hurricanrana— IT’S A ROUGH HIKE!

Gemini picks Fidel off the mat only to catch a fist to the gut, and then another as The Duke of Desire rises to his feet. The Wishmaster follows it up with the Cradle Piledriver- JUST THE— NO! COUNTERED INTO A CODEBREAKER— SNAPSHOT! The Wildflower covers— ONE… TWO… THREE!

The Photog just put down the Wishmaster, continuing to grow her garden in the process!



After her match, we find Narcissa Balenciaga backstage. She is winding down, stretching in her locker room. When she opens her locker to retrieve her gear however, dozens upon dozens of red roses spill from her locker. They cover her, like rain, spilling to the ground upon where we can see the less than impressed look on her face.

Not because of the roses, but because she has seen what accompanies them.

A poem, written in bold lettering and taped to the inside of the locker itself. Narcissa reluctantly begins reading the poem aloud.

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Surely you feel that spark…”

A second voice finishes the poem, sounding from behind her. Colt Ramsey steps into the fray.

“…that connects us two.”

He holds a rose in his hand which he presents to Narcissa. Notedly, she does not take the rose but continues to glare at Colt, who is undeterred.

“You just haven’t seen it yet, you haven’t let your heart experience it yet. I know Narcy-Doll, that your heart has taken its fair share of trauma. But don’t let that shut down your true feelings. Let your heart feel… and you will surely feel what I do for you.”

Narcissa takes the rose from Colt, looking it over for a moment. Colt’s eyes light up and he readies himself for her embrace. But it never comes. Instead, Narcissa crushes the rose, barbs and all between her two hands, letting the broken petals fall over Colt’s head.

“I haven’t shut my heart off, you asshole. I just know when I see something that makes me want to vomit.”

She reaches into the locker and pulls free the poem, tearing it in half. She recites her own back at Colt, through gritted teeth.

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
If I had a brick,
I’d throw it at you.”

Narcissa pushes Ramsey in the chest with the ripped pieces of his poem. The Journo trips and falls on his ass, and can only watch as the Designer steps over him and begins to walk off. She stops, turning and looking back, but her pissed off expression has not changed.

“Clean up all of this crap, then get the hell out of here.”

She walks off, without so much as a second glance. Colt Ramsey, in contrast, smiles love-drunkenly after her. Her obvious distain for him doesn’t seem to knock him back any. He breathes in deeply, and exhales.

“And we continue our tango, Narcy. She is a feisty one.”


Can Vision open Destructo Boy’s third eye? Or will this hero prove that Justice is blind?

Destructo Boy explodes out of his corner and leaps with a front dropkick that rocks Vision! The Awoken One stumbles out of the corner and Destructo Boy springboards! NAILING VISION WITH A MASSIVE BULLDOG! Vision stumbles to his feet as James hits the far ropes AND CATCHES THE HERO WITH A BOOT TO THE FACE!

James hit the ground and Vision puts his size advantage to the test as he hauls the hero up for a deadlift German Suplex! He rolls through AND LOCKS IN AN STF! DESTRUCTO BOY IS STRANDED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! VISION WRENCHES ON THE HOLD!

Vision has an impossibly tight grip as he leans back, trying  to rip Destructo Boy’s head off! He has to tap! There’s no way out! DESTRUCTO BOY PUSHES WITH ALL OF HIS MIGHT AND FREES HIS HEAD! He leaps to his feet! AND HE SPRINGBOARDS WITH A MASSIVE TORNADO DDT!

The hero gets to his feet still weary but hits the far ropes and collides with Vision who drops him with a clothesline! But Destructo Boy is quick to his feet again as he rockets back! AND NAILS THE IMPACT BREAKER- NO! CODEBREAKER! THIRD EYE BLINDED BY VISION! He covers! One! Two! Three!

Vision just put down Destructo Boy with impunity as he achieves victory here tonight!



The Doom Factory.

El Mariachi Muerte and Dr. Death approach the entrance to Doctor Doom’s lair with caution. The Luchadoc pulls something from his pocket – a pair of lock picks and begins trying to gain entry.

“I’m not sure this is wise, mi amigo,” EMM says, playing lookout. “He surely has security measures in place.”


The door opens and the Doc motions him through. They walk towards the Analyzer, Muerte pulling the song sheet from a carefully crafted sleeve and placing it within.

Suddenly, everything shuts off.

All the power.


Both members of O’Death rush towards the door, Death grabbing the song sheet, but it’s locked.

They turn around to reveal Stubbins Doom now stood behind them, drones at his side, lasers pointed at their heads.

“You dare trespass in my laboratory?” He questions with a stern expression and tone. “If I couldn’t make use of one of you, I’d be rather upset.”

“What do you mean?” The Luchadoc asks.

“Well, let’s just say that only one of you will be leaving my lab tonight,” Doom says, arming the drones.

“Hang on mi amigo, I’m sure we can work this out, can’t we?” El Mariachi tries to persuade.

The OSW World Champion smiles.

“You have that very special briefcase, Mr. Muerte. I’d like to study your brain and find out when you’re most likely to use it,” he says with a terrifying smarm and confidence. “Therefore, you can take your leave, Dr. Death.”

The Luchadoc refuses, shaking his head.

“No, I’m not leaving without my friend,” he says calmly.

One of the drones at a wave of Doom’s finger rises, moving close to Muerte.

“Do you know what happens to a man when they’re shot this close?” He questions, tilting his head. “You have two choices. Leave alone, or leave with his brain matter all over your face.

Death looks at EMM who nods, and the door behind them unlocks, allowing his careful and slow exit with the song sheet carefully tucked away.

“Now Mr. Muerte, let’s have a chat, shall we?”


A tale of two men who have seen it all as Drewitt takes on The Burned Man, but who will see themselves victorious?

TBM is the one on the offensive at the jump, showing off his agility by hitting some lefts and rights on the Explorer to catch him off guard before hitting the ropes…only to get walloped with a clothesline by Drewitt, which sends the Sole Survivor crashing hard to the canvas!

Drewitt mounts up with some punches to wear the Arcadian Mummy down before going to work on TBM’s arm, wrenching it to keep him at bay…but a bit of excess bandage unravels, giving the Burned Man enough space to slip out…except that Drewitt still has that bandaging in his hand!

Drewitt pulls the Burned Man back toward him, hoisting TBM up for an implant DDT! SIGHTSEER! Drewitt goes for the cover! ONE…NO! The Sole Survivor lives up to the moniker as he kicks out…but Drewitt brings him back up to a standing position before hoisting him up for the chokeslam!

ARDUOUS–NO! TBM slips out of Drewitt’s reach once again, this time nailing the Explorer in the head with a spinning back elbow! BACKDRAFT! It rattles Drewitt, as TBM goes for the STO! MATCH–NO! DREWITT’S GOT TBM BY THE NECK! ARDUOUS JOURNEY! Drewitt covers after that nasty chokeslam! ONE! TWO! THREE!

The Sole Survivor doesn’t quite do it against The Explorer here, as Drewitt beats The Burned Man!



We’re back in the plush office of Aarman Fidel, at The Eden Club. He’s alone, until suddenly…


The door bounces back off the wall it hits, such was the force it was opened with. An unknown man in a smart suit storms in and up to the desk of Fidel, leaning over it with both hands heavy on the desk.

“Aarman, we need to talk, and no wriggling out of it this time.”

“Would I ever wriggle out of anything with you?” Aarman asks. “If you need to talk to me, I’m right here, same as always. So what is it?”

Fidel motions to the chair opposite him and the smartly-dressed man sits.

“Mr Fidel, the project is under great strain. You talk of how important it is to you, but we need more funds. We just don’t have the resources to keep this going long-term. The pro-“

“Oh,” says Fidel, interrupting his guest. “It’s such a shame you see things that way. You see, to me this is not a matter of resources, but one of resource management. Don’t you agree?”

The man opens his mouth to respond, but suddenly changes expression as Aarman leans in closer to him.

“Of course, Mr Fidel. This is completely and entirely my fault, and I should be doing a better job managing the resources of the project.”

Fidel smiles a suave smile.

“And you can make this work, can’t you?”

“Yes, Mr Fidel.”



Amataga Tuga sits in his cell, his head lowered as he looks at the ground. He keeps opening and closing his eyes, placing his hands over his ears as he does.

Something is happening.

Something he doesn’t like.

“People don’t know it about you, do they Amataga?”

He begins rocking back and forth.

“When you summon the demon, you actually summon it from within. You know that it exists, don’t you? You feed it when you need it.”

Tuga doesn’t speak, he just tries to drown out the voice with his hands cupped over his ears.

“Relax, I know your struggles. I can feel your pain. I’m not here to make it worse for you, Amataga – quite the opposite, in fact. I’m here to help you.”

He stops rocking.

“I’m here to help you understand it.”

Amataga slowly looks up, his eyes stone cold.

“I’m here to help you control it.”

His eyes shimmer.

“And when the monsters of Deathrow rise, you will be at the fore.”


The seemingly unstoppable world champion still remains the King after the Slaughter as another would be warrior steps up to the plate. Will the crown still remain on his skull or can the Wolfe usurp the emperor here tonight?

The bell sounds as Wolfe rushes forward, taking the world champion by surprise with a brutal running kick to the ribs that sends Doom stumbling back into the corner. Wolfe follows up with a hard leaping Splash that squashes Doom into the steel before pulling him out into a hard Belly to Belly Suplex that slams Doom into the canvas.

Stubbins stumbles up to his feet right as Wolfe rushes forward but the attempt at some Statutory Damage misses as Doom just sidesteps the running knee. Wolfe can’t even turn around before he’s gripped around the back of the head as Doom shows him that BRAINS OVER BRAUN always triumphs with a brutal electrical shock. Wolfe drops to his knees in pain as Doom lets go, backing up as he looks to be sizing up the Conservator for the killing blow.

BREAKING THE…LEGTRIP! Wolfe catches the foot mid-punt as he trips Doom to the mat and begins trying to Seize all his Assets with that modified Regal Stretch. Doom is wise to it though as Wolfe can barely get his arm underneath Doom’s chin before the world champion manages to reach the ropes and break the hold. Doom slowly gets to his feet, not seeing Wolfe roll back and rush forward

WITH SOME STATUTORY DAMAGE! The running knee hits flush as Doom collapses to the mat but Wolfe doesn’t cover, sizing the Scientist up for the final Pen Stroke but a scorching steam suddenly emits from the back of Doom that flows into the face of Wolfe, causing him to drop to his knees in pain. Stubbins gets to his feet as the Ventful Mist dissipates, smirking before running forward as he BREAKS THE JAR! Brutal punt right to the jaw of Wolfe and that has to be it as Doom drops down for the cover and the one…two…three!!!

The Scientist remains on top here tonight, overcoming the Conservator with yet another one of his wonderful toys. 



Backstage, but far away from the ring, in a dark corridor, Grimskull walks with a sense of purpose.

He stalks the hall, looking for something, or someone. 

“Looking for me?” 

It’s Vision. He blended in with the darkness, but now steps into view.

“How dare you?” Grimskull shouts.

“How dare I?” Vision responds.

“First of all, you take my people and turn them against me, and then you ask me to eliminate myself from Lambs to the Slaughter. I’ve entertained your crazy ideas for far too long. There is no sense to them at all.”

Vision, as usual, smirks.

“And you stand there, smiling!? Do you understand what I’m saying?” Grimskull is right up in Visions face now, his spittle hitting The Third Eye all over.

“This is exactly right. It’s an encouraging sign that you will come to understand the prism and The Third Eye after all, preacher.”

Vision goes to leave, but Grimskull grabs his arm and spins him back.

“What the fuck does that mean?”

Vision takes his time to answer, allowing Grimskull to seethe further.

“Anger is the next facet of the prism, Preacher, and I can see you need no help with this one. Anger is the red facet. Restraint is important, but being able to let free your emotions is also key to freedom in life. Knowing when and where to use this anger, and how to channel it is the next step, and that’s where I can help you.”

“And that’s why you made me take the loss at Pandemonium?”

Vision shrugs his shoulders slightly.

“What was meant to be, came to pass, I’m not able to expand any further.”

And with that, Vision is already gone.


Perseus came so close to surviving the Slaughter yet all he walked out with was broken bones and a cracked psyche. Can Cade pull it together to put down the big hero or will Kaiju be the wall the hurting trooper cannot overcome?

The bell sounds as Cade rushes in, peppering Chiba with hard lefts and rights that barely faze the mountain, Chiba swinging hard with a heavy blow that Cade ducks underneath as he begins unleashing everything he can to try and even stun the big man, let alone put him down. A leaping knee right to the point of the jaw stuns Chiba as Cade rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with full speed

RIGHT INTO A BRUTAL LARIAT TURNING CADE INSIDE OUT! One single move was all it took for Chiba to take control as the Hero barely lets Cade fall to the mat before pulling him up to his feet. A giant knee takes all the wind out of Perseus’s lungs before he’s whipped hard into the corner. Cade manages to stay on his feet as the steel impacts his spine before Chiba rushes forward in a full sprint.

CHIBA SPLASH…CADE JUST MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Chiba splashes down on the steel with all 500 pounds of pure muscle that very well could have been it for Cade as Jackson rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a hard running spear that’s like sprinting into a brick wall but it stuns Chiba as he stumbles out into a pair of INCINDERY ROUNDS! A duo of Bullhammer elbows to the jaw that rock Chiba but the big man still refuses to go down as Cade quickly climbs up to the top rope

Sizing up his target, Perseus leaps off with the SCREAMING EAGLE! Top rope spinning elbow to the jaw of Chiba that finally drops him to one knee as Perseus lifts him up and attempts to show the Hero the Master Key! Cade can’t hope to power the frame of Chiba over his head as a single club to the back stops Cade before he finds himself lifted up high, CHIBA BOM…NO! Cade flips out, leaping off Chibas shoulders as he delivers a monsterous HOSTILE DOWN! Chiba drops down to one knee as Cade leaps over him, rushing to the ropes and bouncing off with a second Hostile Down to the back of the head. Chiba’s down and out as that has to be it, Cade hooking both legs for the pinfall and the one…two…three!!!

Jackson Cade picks up the very hard fought victory here, having to unleash everything in his arsenal to put down Kaijua Chiba tonight.






We hear the sounds of wood cracking and giving way to heavy blows. The scene slowly snakes through the slums, moving between tents and makeshift homes before landing in the far corner of the level where we find Destructo Boy ‘fighting’, or rather taking out his anger, on a plethora of shoddily made wooden sculptures. They appear to be makeshift training dummies, Destructo Boy laying into them wildly, his Kingdomblade going further beyond simply cracking the wood as a few blows outright demolish them!

“Destructo Boy.” The sound of Burned Man’s gravely voice is enough to get Destructo Boy to stop his assault on  the dummies, turning towards the intruder with a sigh.

“Yes?” There’s a feeling of annoyance in his voice as he speaks to his wouldbe mentor. He slings his weapon over his shoulder, the dummies all now piles of splinters around him. “I’m not getting in your way again, am I?” He sneers, obviously not happy to see The Burned Man.

“No need for the tone, Boy.” Despite how harsh the words sound coming out of his mouth, one can tell Burned Man is trying to be nice as he approaches Destructo Boy who merely shies away.

“I tried to help. I thought I did the right thing.”

“I understand. And I thank you for your attempt, but I need you to know   I don’t think its yours fault. But you need to understand I just wanted you to stay safe.”

There’s a very long pause broken only when Destructo Boy buries his Kingdomblade into the dirt. “I know the reason. But if all I care about is my safety how will I help people?”

Burned Man sighs, shaking his head.  “That’s the lesson here, Boy. If you get harmed before you get stronger then you’ll never be able to keep people safe. I know I can’t stop you from what you’re trying to do, but let me at least teach you how to survive before you go to try and play hero.”

Destructo Boy nods his head, turning away from Burned Man and going to set up more dummies. “Okay.”

The scene slowly fades out, Burned Man helping to set up another dummy for Destructo Boy as it does.


The Preacher suffered a great lesson in humility at Lambs, forcing to lay down in the act of charity but will the charity extend to the Puppetmaster or will he be a martyr for Grimskulls desire?

The bell sounds as Foley rushes forward, trying for a clothesline that Grimskull manages to duck under, rushing to the other before bouncing off with a flying headbutt that knocks Foley down to the mat. Grimskull backs up a few paces before rushing forward again and ENLIGHTENING Foley with the Falling Kokeshi to the stomach. Foley crumples in pain as Grimskull drops down for the cover and the one…two…Foley just gets the shoulder up.

Foley stumbles up to his feet into another brutal skull cracking headbutt before he’s gripped by the back of the head and irish whipped into the corner. Foley manages to reverse at the last second as Grimskull crashes back first into the steel, only barely able to shake off the pain before Foley rushes in and shows Grimmy why THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR BOOTING with a brutal facewash style Big Boot. Grimskull staggers out of the corner right into the arms of Felix who lifts him up in the air

AND MAKES HIM THE FALL GUY with a hard Fallaway Slam. That very well could be it there but Foley isn’t done as he lifts Grimskull up, trying to bump his head but Grimskull slips out of the Death Valley Driver attempt, stepping back as Foley rushes him right into the DTH! Drop Toe Hold right onto the bottom rope as Foley stumbles to his feet, holding his throat right into a brutal Superkick sized Lesson.

Foley is down as Grimskull looks for the end, quickly heading up to the top rope as he sizes up the Puppetmaster for a moment before diving off with the Prayer! Diving Headbutt hits hard as Grimskull stays down for the cover, the referee dropping down for the one…two…three!!!

Grimskull picks up the big rebound victory here, Foley was game but the Preacher had something to prove tonight. 



We find ourselves backstage, where Kaiju Chiba walks alongside Gemini down the hall. Nature’s Delight seems, well, delighted to hear the message Kaiju has been telling her along this trip, and we get the tail end of it now.

“Life is full of light and shadows, Gemini. Our constant companions on the journey, they are part of who we strive and dread to be.”

Gemini nods her head, trying her best to understand the statement when suddenly, a voice interrupts the proceedings.

“And too much light can be blinding.”

This grabs the attention of the duo, who turn to face its source…Kpavio, a watchful eye on both of them as he approaches from the shadows. The Skull focuses in on the Wildflower, a gruff tone in his voice as Kpavio continues.

“It’s that very light that’s blinded you from doing what needs to be done, Gemini. What I did to you at Pandemonium was just the first lesson, friend.”

There’s a sense of sarcasm at the end of that statement that’s lost on Gemini, who looks uncertain how to process the remark…but it’s not lost on Chiba, who just about growls at the Skull in retaliation.

“You’d do well to leave Gemini out of this, Skull,” retorts Kaiju, never breaking eye contact once with Kpavio. “If it’s a quarrel you’re after, I’ll be happy to remind you what a real hero does. If not me, then who?”

Gemini looks at the Big Save, a slight smile revealing that she likes the sound of that remark…a remark that nearly infuriates Kpavio.

“There is no place in Arcadia for your style of heroics, Kaiju. There is only room for vengeance, and I will show Gemini the right and proper way.”

And with that, Kpavio disappears back into the shadows, leaving only a concerned Gemini…and a determined Kaiju.


After emerging victorious in Lambs to the Slaughter, can Dr. Death continue his winning ways or will the vulture of OSW Blacktooth pick the bones left over from that grueling match?

The bell rings and Luchadoc rushes out of the gate with a Leaping Spinning Heart Punch– DEFIBRILLATION! NO! Black tooth spews a cloud of Red Mist to the eyes of Luchadeath– IRON PERFUME! Black Tooth launches himself teeth-first at Doc de la Muerte’s shoulder, but Death staggers out of the way and The Devil misses his mark!

Luchadeath clears his vision to see Tooth Rot on his back and takes advantage, stomping a Mudhole in Black Tooth– CHEST COMPRESSIONS! Looking to continue his momentum, Luchadeath front handsprings off the ropes right into a Bladed Boot to the gut by Tooth Rot followed by an Enziguri– THE WASTELANDER!

Black Tooth bolts to the top rope looking to finish Dr. Death. He leaps with a Diving Double Foot Stomp– BLOOD RAIN! FINDS NOTHING! Luchadoc rolls out of the way at the last moment hitting the ropes into the Handspring Cutter– LETHAL INJECTION!

Luchadeath goes to grab the prone Black Tooth only for The Devil lunge at Dr. Death, sinking his teeth into his arm– FRESH MEAT IS ON THE MENU FOR TOOTH ROT! The Devil stalks the recovering Luchadoc and goes for a giant Curb Stomp– but Luchadoc counters at the last moment and twists Blacktooth into a reverse DDT– BY APPOINTMENT! DESTINO CONNECTS! Cover— ONE… TWO… THREE!

Dr. Death is able to fend off Blacktooth’s vicious onslaught, showing just why he was able to outlast all but his fellow victor at Lambs!



Inside the briefing room of the Eagle’s Nest, we find a somber scene.

Not too long ago, they gathered to celebrate the retirement of Officer Riggs.


They gather to mourn his passing.

His photograph, framed and accompanied by a wreath of flowers, rests on a table near the entrance. The officer’s grief is palpable as they share memories of Riggs’ infectious laugh and unwavering dedication.

But despite the sea of sadness, one corner of the room is filled with tension.

Jackson Cade stands, his jaw clenched and eyes fixed on the floor, as the Captain speaks with him.

“All of us carry the same lethal weapon, Jack.” The Captain’s low voice is icily firm. “What good is it if you don’t know when to use it, or worse, don’t have the guts to use it when the time comes?”

Cade clenches his fists, his knuckles turning white.

“Redgrave is going down, Captain.” He says formally. “I’ve got a plan.”

 “Do you?” The Captain retorts. “Does it have anything to do with the package that just came for you? From Stubbins Doom, that quack?”

He shakes his head.

“Jack, you’re a good kid. But I need you to be a good cop. If you’d have done what I asked and just put a bullet between his eye…”

“Then we’d be no better than him!” Cade exclaims, drawing a look from some of the other officers.

Silence reigns for a moment. One of the other officers notices the tension, and directs the crowd out of the room leaving Cade and the Captain alone.

“I’m taking you off the Redgrave case, kid. You’re barred from going after him. Understood?”

Cade’s jaw clenches, his blue eyes finally meeting the Captain’s, a new fire lit in them.

“Captain, I-”

“No. You had your chance,” The Captain interrupts, his voice hardening. “I’m personally overseeing this case, and I don’t want you anywhere near Redgrave.”

No further words necessary, Cade’s cold gaze watches the Captain go out into the main hall to join the other officers.

Left alone in the memorial room, Cade stands before the picture of Riggs, smiling with his family.

All of them dead.

Killed by Jasper Redgrave.

And for what? To prove a point to Jackson Cade?

Cade’s eyes linger on the image of the man who had been his mentor and friend.

“I’ll avenge you, Riggs,” he promised, his voice cracking. “I swear it.”

With that, Jackson Cade walks past his colleagues towards the door, only stopping to pick up a package left on his desk.

It’s from Stubbins Doom, and supposedly it contains what Cade will need to bring in Jasper Redgrave.


Which man will deliver the goods tonight when Big Slim Drexl settles a score with The Candyman Teddy O’Toole inside a steel cage!

The ref on the outside of the cage clicks the lock shut as the ref inside the ring signals for the bell—


Teddy begins slowly, irritatingly galavanting in a circle around the ring, spinning his cane and humming a joyful-sounding tune as Drexl seethes across from him.

Teddy took advantage of Big Slim at Pandemonium, eliminating him from Lambs to the Slaughter and thus his chances at the OSW World Championship at Ring of Dreams.

Teddy, on the other hand, punched his golden ticket along with Dr. Death to headline the season-ending event…

And that doesn’t sit well with Drexl.




Drexl groans and steps back as Teddy merely continues his circling galavant, twirling his cane and shaking his head.

“Ah, ah, ah, Mr. Drexl,” he quips. “Somebody has been eating too many of Teddy O’Toole brand’s famous Lady Bits, haven’t we?”





Teddy mounts Drexl and pulls his head up by his natty dreads.


Teddy pauses a moment, as if thinking to himself.

He cackles…

And pushes his cane across Drexl’s neck, choking the life out of him!



The ref begs the Candyman to stop before Drexl dies, but he simply won’t let up…




He takes a deep breath as Teddy flops over, gripping his other cane tight. Drexl, seizing the moment, begins stomping away on O’Toole.






Despite being peppered with kicks, Teddy is moving with purpose now, trying to get on all fours. He notices his cane lying on the mat nearby, and he reaches out to grab it…


Teddy flips over onto his back, clutching at his midsection as Drexl runs the ropes, and on the rebound stops above Teddy’s head—

Drexl kisses the jewelry on his knuckles—


Drexl talks some more trash as he grinds his knuckles into Teddy’s eyes, and the Candyman can only flail around in pain as he lays on the mat!


Drexl let’s up for a moment looks to the crowd. He points towards the cage, but rather than climbing he yanks Teddy up by the tuft of his hair, and rushes him across the ring—


Teddy bounces off the cage wall like a Teddy Bear a child dropped onto the ground. There’s red trickling down his face, and no, that’s not That Brand New Cherry Flavor…

That’s blood, folks, and the raucous crowd in Olympus can smell it, their excitement showing as they roar for more carnage, which Drexl is more than happy to provide for them.

Big Slim yanks Teddy up by his hair tufts once again, and runs him to the opposite cage wall—


Drexl grinds Teddy’s face into the steel, back and forth as Teddy’s facial gash opens up wide and his blood drips through the holes in the cage, leaving a vicious image for the bloodthirsty crowd to take in as they hoot and howl for their Pimp Daddy.

Drexl lets up and plays to the crowd a bit as they chant his name, led of course by the migraine-inducing voice of his voluptuous escirt at ringside. Teddy, licking his wounds, crawls away from the cage like a wounded animal, and struggles to gain his footing as he slowly gets to his feet, but Drexl has already hit the ropes and on the rebound somersaults at Teddy—



Drexl hooks the leg for a cover—















Drexl violently latches his arm around Teddy’s neck into a bulldog choke before Teddy can get to a vertical base. He clamps that head tight, juicing out more cherry red blood out of Teddy’s forehead with each squeeze!


Teddy is scratching at Drexl’s arms, but his strength is escaping him, and with no rope breaks he finds himself at a real disadvantage here!

His crimson mask occluding his vision, Teddy groggily reaches around, trying to find something, anything that could help release him from Drexl’s clasp as Big Slim talks some more trash—


Teddy makes one last reach towards the only thing in sight out of desperation…








O’Toole’s eyes are beginning to roll into back of his head, and his body is nearly limp as Drexl verbally taunts him once more:




Drexl breaks the submission and Teddy wildly scrambles to his feet, knowing he must strike now before he loses momentum—



Drexl immediately grasps his lil slim, unable to speak now, and Teddy heaves to replace his oxygen, using his accessory muscles to move air in and out of his lungs!

As Drexl looks on helplessly from his knees, Teddy uses every last ounce of strength left in him to wind up his cane—




Down goes Drexl, laid out flat on the mat, and Teddy tosses his cane aside as he collapses against the ropes! He assesses his surroundings and looks up before starting an ascent up the cage, possibly to escape Drexl’s aggression. Slowly he climbs up…


Drexl’s escort is shrieking for daddy to get up as Teddy reaches the top of the cage. He sits for a moment, taking in the view of Olympus from the summit. He looks down to the outside, then gazes over to Drexl. Then he looks to the crowd—




The chant sparks something inside Teddy, and he focuses his attention towards Drexl.

Teddy stands atop the cage wall…

















Drexl’s escort shrieks in despair as Teddy hooks the leg and the ref counts—














The Candyman can and did emerge victorious tonight with the big win over Drexl!



With the match over, both men get back to their feet – Teddy worse for wear after that incredible Sugar Bomb.

“Well done nigga,” Drexl scoffs sarcastically. He slowly starts clapping, chuckling to himself.

“You don’t get it, do you Drexl?” Teddy says with a shake of his head. “I thought he knew everything. I thought he had all the answers, but the truth is that what Doom did just reminded him that I was the last person he saw whilst alive.”

Big Slim looks utterly confused.

“Oh, catch up, will you?” The Candy Man snarls.

“What the fuck are you tryin’ to say, candy cunt?” Drexl snarls back, his nose wrinkled.

“I’m trying to say that there’s only two people who know what I did and they’re both in the middle of this ring. I told you I didn’t need to silence you; I was wrong.”

The Candy Man grabs at his cane and rushes towards Big Slim, driving it into his throat and he against the cage. He’s going to strangle him to death, right here in the middle of the ring.

Drexl tries to fight back, but O’Toole spins him to the canvas, slamming him down, holding him from behind with the cane against his throat. He presses a button on it, weighing it down.

With a giggle, he watches as Drexl struggles. Big Slim chokes and turns blue before our very eyes.

He’s going to die.

O’Toole is going to kill him.


The arena is suddenly thrust into darkness. An absolute pitch black takes us out of the scene and when we return, we’re astonished at what we find.


No Drexl.

No Teddy O’Toole.

Only the cane left behind.

They’ve both vanished.