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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

Cold open.




The sound of roaring fans introduce us to Clash at the now famed Olympus, with OSW Chairman and Arcadia Baron, Zeus, stood in the middle of the ring.

He has a microphone and awaits silence from the crowd.

“Next week, Old School Wrestling hosts Dead or Alive,” he says to a cheer from the crowd. “The Main Event is the Dead or Alive Match. Stubbins Doom will defend his OSW World Championship against three competitors.”

Zeus smirks.

“The match starts with a miniature over the top rumble to decide the starting two opponents. Those two not thrown over the top rope will start the match, alive. The other two remain on the ring apron. When you’re in the ring, you’re alive. When you’re on the ring apron, you’re dead. What this means is that the two not fighting aren’t allowed to interfere, get involved, or fight each other without being disqualified. Once you’re dead, you’re dead until one of the two people in the ring are brave enough to tag you in and make you alive.”

The crowd roar with approval.

“That means you may just suffer the pain of being forced to watch the end of the match, helpless to stop it,” he says with an evil smirk. “At the same time, if one of those in the ring is nearly beaten – they’ll be forced to tag out to stand a chance of continuing on.”




“Facing Stubbins Doom in this amazing concept will be none other than Teddy O’Toole, Drewitt and Drexl.”

The fans react with a mix of boos and cheers.

“Next week, the real standoff begins. Do they stay in the ring and fight until they have nothing left, or do they let someone else have the opportunity and hope they get another chance. We’ll find out.”




Big Slim faces off against the Night Haunter tonight. Will Mannfred show the power of the Bleak, or will Drexl make him another one of his hoes?

The duo meet eye to eye in the ring, Mannfred staring down Big Slim. But Drexl BACKHAND SLAPS CURZE FOR HIS TROUBLES! ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE! Taking the Horror by surprise, The Pimp grabs Mannfred into a headlock and LAYS INTO HIM WITH RINGED FISTS! CURZE PUSHES HIM AWAY INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!

Mannfred charges after Drexl. THE BLEAK’S BLADE! DISCUS CLOTHESLINE TURNS DREXL INSIDE OUT! But Drexl has the awareness to keep rolling and winds up out of the ring atop the stage where The Night Haunter can’t get to him. Mannfred climbs to the ring apron and jumps off. DOUBLE AXE HANDLE! NO! DREXL CATCHES HIM INTO A SPINEBUSTER!

Drexl pulls Curze to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. He hits the ropes and flings himself back at Curze. HIPPIE FLIP! THE RUNNING SENTON BOMB LANDS SQUARE! Drexl covers for the pin, but Curze kicks out on two! Drexl pulls Curze to his feet again and they lock horns.

The pair exchange blows in the centre of the ring, but Drexl gets in a few shots in a row before grabbing Curze with both hands. BLOW BACK! HE JUST BLEW SMOKE INTO CURZE’S MOUTH! Drexl pulls a disorientated Curze into a pumphandle position. BOOTY CALL! HE DRILLS CURZE WITH THE RUNNING POWERSLAM, HUMPING AND ALL! ONE! TWO! THREE!

It started with a pimp slap and ended with some dry humping. Drexl puts down the Night Haunter tonight. Big Slim stands with his hand raised and a cocky grin on his face.



Last Week.

The Clinic.

“Can you cure him?” The voice of Kpavio introduces the scene. We find The Skull standing in the Clinic with Destructo Boy gagged and strapped to a table in front of him. Dr. Death, El Mariachi Muerte, and Gemini stand around the poor hero, Death looking at James inquisitively as he struggles against the bindings.

“Of course I can. I assure you, I do my work quickly and efficiently. But… in doing this, I’ll need payment.” The Luchadoc looks to Muerte who nods his head in agreement.

“How many credits?” Kpavio digs in a satchel at his waist, grabbing a bag of them only for Dr. Death to hold up a hand.

“Credits? Oh, no, I actually believe you have something a bit more valuable for not only myself, but for my dear friend.”

“Like flowers? I can get you some.” Gemini seemingly popped out of Lalaland long enough to answer Death who merely shakes his head.

“No. I’m talking your titles. Hand them over and we’ll cure him. What’s a bit of gold for an innocent life?” Both members of O’Death share a look, Muerte even chuckling a bit as they look towards Kpavio expectantly. The Skull looks to Gemini who has wandered off to inspect the other beds before turning back to O’Death with a sigh.

“Fine. But not before you administer whatever antidote you have for him.”

“I take payment up front, Skull.”

There’s a pregnant pause as O’Death stands at odds with The Skull, neither wanting to budge on the issue.




Dr. Death goes to fight but The Mummy grabs a tray full of medical tools and flings it into Dr. Death’s face! He knocks him into EMM before undoing the straps holding Destructo Boy down. The young hero leaps up, grabbing the Kingdomblade from a nearby table and leaping into action!

“Duck!” Destructo Boy yells to The Burned Man who drops down as the hero swings full force and cracks the flat of the blade against El Mariachi Muerte’s face! The musician bowls over a nearby table and James leaps up, bringing the blade down across the back of Dr. Death! Burned Man and Destructo Boy have just laid out Kpavio and O’Death!

“Are you okay?” The Burned Man looks to Destructo Boy, a rare show of concern in his usually gruff voice.

“Yeah. Let’s just get out of here.” The hero slings his weapon over his shoulder, Burned Man nodding, letting Destructo Boy lead the way out of the Clinic. Meanwhile, Gemini turns around from the other side of the room and looks on at the carnage before her, walking forward to help Kpavio off of the ground, all while asking just what she missed.



The Gray Man. The Diorama Killer. Death Row. Right now.

Escher starts the action by throwing punches at Gray—




The southpaw turned Gray’s head with that one, but Mr. Gray slowly shifts his hair-hidden face back to Escher, who goes to plan B and runs the ropes, and on the rebound leaps right into a spinning spinebuster that plants him on his back—


Escher rolls out of the ring, and Gray follows behind closely. He clobbers Escher over his neck, knocking him off balance, then stuffs him between his legs, motioning the inmates to part in front of them. He lifts Escher up into a crucifix…




The inmates converge, taunting over Escher who’s shielding his neck, but they disperse as Gray walks over. Aster tosses Harvey back into the ring, slides in behind him and signals for the end, raising his hand up high as the inmates in the cell blocks rhythmically smack the rusty iron bars. Escher rises, and turns as Gray steps forward…



Gray lands face-first onto the bottom turnbuckle, and Escher tangles his legs up, posing him in a tree of woe!

Escher takes a step back, captures the moment, and charges—




Escher rushes again—



Escher’s latest diorama is colored in shades of Gray!



Will the Wishmaster’s convincing ways work on the Conservator tonight, or will Wolfe do what he does best and shut Fidel down?

Fidel and Wolfe tie up collar and elbow with the larger Fidel overpowering Wolfe at the start. But Wolfe transitions to a rear grapple and begins elbowing Fidel in the back of the head to cut him down to size, then runs the ropes and jumps above Fidel’s head— ROCKER DROPPER!! FACIEM COUSHER!!

Wolfe is rabid tonight, immediately pulling at Fidel’s arm— FUJIWARA ARMBAR!! PER PRETENDAE!! But he can’t extend it all the way, and Fidel’s able to roll out and power up to his feet. Fidel whips Wolfe into the ropes and on the return delivers a brutal spear!!

ARROW OF GREED AND DESIRE!! Wolfe grasps his midsection as Fidel brings his adversary to his feet and packages up the limbs. Fidel lifts Wolfe up, stalling… AND PILEDRIVES HIM!! JUST THE TIP!! BUT IT FELT SO GOOD!! Fidel covers— ONE! TWO!! THR— FOOT ON THE ROPES!!

Fidel has Wolfe on the ropes, literally and figuratively. He tenderly pats Wolfe on the cheek, then whips him into the ropes. On the rebound, Fidel lifts Wolfe into a tilt-a-whirl onto his shoulder, and spins around… but Wolfe slips out and lifts Fidel into a doomsday— JOKER DRIVER!!! THE DEATH SENTENCE!!! Cover— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Wolfe has shut down Fidel’s advancements tonight with a big victory!



The Compound.

Home of the Blood Runners, a handful of which can be seen patrolling the perimeter at the moment.

A cursory look around reveals that their leader Blacktooth is noticeably absent.

Noticeably present, however?

Narcissa Balenciaga, standing just outside the gates, watching…waiting. Her focus shifting between the departing patrol of Blood Runners and a pint-sized opening in the perimeter fence.

Not too small for Narcissa’s slender frame, however, as she slips through with ease to sneak into the Compound.

She moves stealthily through the base, able to evade the sight of mercenaries before making it to a familiar room. She looks in horror at a row of human skulls leading to a platform of bone, but quickly focuses on her immediate task…finding her blueprint. She begins rummaging through the room, becoming more and more nervous as all she finds are more and more bones belonging to victims of the Blood Runners’ hunger…and with a frustrated huff of air, turns her attention to the skull atop the platform.

“Alright then, Blacktooth,” she mutters to herself as she approaches the throne slowly, pulling a large marker out of her overcoat pocket. “If I can’t have what’s mine, I’m leaving a little gift behind.”

And so, she goes to work…a smile growing on her face as she starts writing a message on the top of the throne. She looks quite pleased with her work, even after accidentally pressing too hard on on spot, punching out a small hole in the process…and after a few minutes, she stands back to look at her work.

But she doesn’t have long to enjoy it when a yell from the doorway grabs her attention. A pair of Blood Runners stand at the door, and one of them looks pissed to see her encroaching on hallowed ground.

“Hey! Get away from there, you bitch!”

Narcissa doesn’t have time to place her marker back in her pocket, dropping it as she narrowly avoids the pair that charge after her. She nearly gets cornered by a small group of the mercenaries, but just manages to get the slip before rushing back through the hole in the fence. As the Blood Runners regroup to give further pursuit, our attention is brought back to the throne of Blacktooth…now adorned with inflammatory images and insults written toward the mercenaries, along with a message scribbled down next to a small hole at the top.





The Puppetmaster looks to stand tall amidst his strife against the Big Save. With both making headlines recently, who will get the front-page victory tonight?

The bell rings and Kaiju rushes in, looking to hit the CHIBA SPLASH— MISS! Felix ducks the splash in the corner, then the Puppetmaster spins Kaiju around and begins stomping a mudhole in the Big Save’s Chest putting him in FELIX FOLEY’S CORNER as he walks it dry!

Chiba recovers quickly though, rolling forward at Felix’s legs tripping Foley up and sending him headfirst into the corner. Foley starts to recover using the bottom buckle to push himself up… KAIJU STOMP! China stomped Foley’s face into the bottom turnbuckle!

Kaiju lifts Foley to his feet setting him up for the Powerbomb… but Foley shoots in quickly on an adrenaline rush, overtaking the Puppetmaster as he lifts Chiba up for a DVD- BUMPED HIS HEAD! Felix collapses, unable to go for a cover with his energy sapped after lifting his five-hundred-pound opponent.

Both men start to pull themselves to their feet. Felix grabs The Big Save by the Fu Manchu as Chiba snatches Puppetmaster by his goatee and they pummel each other with fists! With the upper-hand, Kaiju gets Foley up for the Powerbomb… MANDIBLE CLAW COUNTER- PUPPET SHOW!! Foley falls on Chiba’s chest on the mat— One… Two… Three!

Felix is able to overcome Chiba as the Puppet Show takes the spotlight!



The music of Club 40 plays loudly, patrons moving about the floor and enjoying themselves. However, there is a very blatant patch of the club where people are avoiding, an uncharacteristically bald patch of the bar. However, the reason for this is soon revealed as the camera zooms in to reveal Blacktooth sitting at the bar, an entourage of Blood Runners sitting at nearby tables.

The bartender slides Blacktooth a glass of whiskey before scurrying off as quickly as he came. The Devil goes to take a drink of his glass when a voice speaks to him.

“Straight whiskey, huh? I always took you for a Bloody Mary type.” The voice is calm, almost authoritative. Tooth Rot turns to see the source only to come face to face with The Bitch that comes out at night. Gemini. The black clothed witch takes a seat next to Blacktooth, seemingly unaffected by the presence of his brood.

“That right? And I took you as a meal.” He shoots back, dragging his tongue across his teeth before audibly clicking them together in a terrifying grin.

“I’ve been called a snack before, but I suppose meal is a step up.” Gemini chuckles, calling the bartender over for a drink of her own. Meanwhile, the Blood Runners stand, ready to close in on the witch when Blacktooth puts up a hand, waving them off with a chuckle.

“Walkin’ past my men, sittin’ next to me without a care in the world? Bit bold, ain’t ya? I’d usually say you got a death wish, but you’re definitely better lookin’ than most people who try to be bold ’round me.” Blacktooth finishes his drink with a gulp, calling for another as Gemini chuckles.

“What can I say? I like flirt with death. Or am I flirting with the Devil?”

The camera zooms out, this peculiar scene playing out as it does. However, at the edge of Club 40 we see a familiar face watching all of this go down.




After that match, Harvey Escher is losing it. He’s absolutely losing his mind – you could see that as they fought. He grabs Aster by the hair and begins dragging him backwards towards the cell block area.

The audience watch as he pulls a large sharp knife from underneath his mattress and starts violently stabbing away at Aster Gray.

The horror on their faces as palpable as blood begins splashing in every which direction.

Harvey has lost it.

Whatever Jiro said to him has sent him over the edge and he’s stabbing away at Gray until there’s nothing but mulch.

He grabs the blood and viscera, bathing himself in it – covering his entire body in the blood and internal organs.

“You said you walked the line,” he muses maniacally. “But you do die! YOU DO!”

Suddenly, The Red Hood and CJ Thorpe rush around the corner, catching him in the middle of his insane laughing.

“What the fuck did Jiro tell you!?” Thorpe demands to know. “What the fuck did he tell you!?”

Harvey doesn’t say anything.

He just laughs, covered in blood.


“I’ll get The Cleaner,” Hood says to Thorpe, nonchalantly walking away. CJ remains as everyone else backs off, looking at Escher who splashes in the blood, having completely lost his mind.



The Gallery.

“Tell me,” a voice says. “Why do you keep coming back?”

It’s Jasper Redgrave, and we can see he is standing over a seated man. We cannot see this man’s face, but the rolled up sleeve Redgrave is currently poking a needle into bears a simple acronym.


“You said you’d kill me if I didn’t.” The man answers. “You’d kill my family.”

“I could kill you now, if I chose.” Redgrave responds, no emotion in his voice. “But you’re more use to me this way.”

The needle in the officer’s arm begins to slowly draw blood from his veins. We can see it filling up a clear bag.

“Why do you need my blood for, anyway?” The victim ponders. “Ain’t the stuff I’m telling you about Eagle Unit enough?”

There it is. This man is how Redgrave has insight into the going’s of the Eagle’s Nest.

“It’ll never be enough.” A smile slowly crawls along Jasper’s lips. “But that’s beside the point. Your blood is just for a little project I’m working on.”

“Cade ain’t gonna kill you, man.” The man counters. “Kid’s got a nerve of steel.”

“I never said he’d kill me.” Jasper says. “I said he’d try. There’s a big difference.” 

As Redgrave withdraws the needle from the man’s arm, the officer begins to chuckle.

“He got the all clear, you know, to come take you down.”

“I’m aware.” Jasper replies as he seals off the bag of blood. “He’s already come once, and we’re sure to cross paths at Olympus soon.”

“Then you’d better finish up your sick fucking project soon.” The officer boldly says, standing up. “Cause he’s going to put you behind bars sooner.”

Leading the man towards the door, Redgrave stops at a suspicious looking vault door. He opens it, carrying the bag of blood inside. The officer’s eyes widen as he sees what’s inside.

Hundreds of bags of blood, perfectly preserved.

What the actual fuck?

“Soon?” Redgrave says as he walks out. “Soon can mean many things. To a patient man, soon can be any time at all.”

Opening the exit door for the officer, Redgrave waves him on.

“Real art takes time, officer. And mine won’t be ready until Little Eagle opens the box, and flies out of the Nest.”

As the officer leaves the Gallery, Jasper chuckles to himself as he walks back into his domain.

What the hell is he planning?

And when will he finally unveil it?



A rage burns within The Burned Man as he stands across from Kpavio. Can the Skull hope to survive this raging inferno?

BACKDRAFT! SPINNING BACK ELBOW BY THE BURNED MAN! The Mummy explodes out of the gate with a massive elbow! The Skull is out on the mat and TBM begins stomping a mudhole in him! Kpavio tries to stand but catches a boot to the jaw for his troubles! The Mummy is relentless!

Burned Man forces Kpavio up before dropping him with a German Suplex to the corner! He forces Kpavio up BUT CATCHES A MASSIVE HEADBUTT TO THE SKULL! Kpavio takes out The Mummy’s legs and uses them for leverage to hit a slingshot into the turnbuckle! He follows up with a Russian Leg Sweep!

The Skull rolls through! HE LOCKS IN JUSTICE! RINGS OF SATURN! The Sole Survivor is in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go! He forces his way to his knees! THE BURNED MAN LIFTS KPAVIO UP! SIDEWALK SLAM PLANTS KPAVIO ON THE FUCKING MAT!

Both men are down but The Mummy forces his way back to his feet and begs Kpavio to rise! He nails a knee to the temple before forcing The Skull to his feet! AND HITS THE THIRD DEGREE! PUMPHANDLED DEATH VALLEY DRIVER PLANTS KPAVIO! Burned Man covers! One! Two! Three!

The Burned Man doesn’t stick around for any fanfare, he merely takes his leave, Kpavio still out on the mat as he does.


   “THE VIXEN”   

The Bleak.

“Why haven’t you found anything, yet?” comes a voice from the crowd.

“I’m sorry. I’m trying,” comes the reply from Mannfred Curze. His face shows the closest we’ve seen him show to hurt, or sorrow, since he first arrived in OSW.

“Well, you’re not trying hard enough,” shouts a man.

The crowd begins to get rowdy, so Mannfred dives through a door and locks it fast behind him. He is not used to this. The people of The Bleak look to him as a leader, and so far he has never let them down.

But it feels like this time he might do exactly that.

“I don’t blame you, you know,” comes a small voice from the back of the room. He hadn’t noticed a child sneak in here.

“You shouldn’t be here,” says Curze.

“I will go. I know you’re sad and you need to be alone. My dad is the same. But I thought you might want to know something before I went.”

The child steps forward. She can’t be more than eight or nine. She’s barely there, her family are clearly struggling to feed her enough.

“People don’t see me,” she says, almost understanding the process in Mannfred’s mind. “So they’ll say things that are secret, but they don’t know I’m there.”

Mannfred suddenly moves forward.

“What did you hear?” he demands.

“I heard the man talk about someone called The Vixen,” she says. I don’t know who the man was. I had never seen him before but he was wearing a suit. The Vixen sounded like the big boss, the man seemed scared of her.”

“Was the Vixen with the man?” Mannfred asks, turning away from the child to think.

“No, she wasn’t there. But I bet it’s her you need to find. They said she’s the one luring people away.”

Mannfred turns back around to thank the child, but she’s already gone.




Who can give the Suffering Servant that which he desires? The Candy Man…might…as Teddy O’Toole takes on Grimskull!

The bell rings and O’Toole immediately rushes toward the Teacher, blindsiding him with a flurry of offense that culminates in a dropkick to send Grimskull reeling toward the corner. Grimskull shakes this off as best he can, just in time to dodge a running corner splash from the Candy Man!

Teddy collides with the top turnbuckle, giving Grimskull an opening as he drops O’Toole with a back suplex onto the canvas before going for the cover. ONE! NO! Teddy kicks out, quickly getting back to his feet…but so too does Grimskull, who clocks the Candy Man with a nasty headbutt!

Grimskull senses an opportunity to end this match quick as he runs to the nearest turnbuckle, climbing up in preparation for a flying headbutt…but stops himself just as O’Toole manages to get back to his feet…and catches Grimskull by surprise with a shot of red candy syrup to the eyes!

THAT BRAND NEW CHERRY FLAVOR! Grimskull rushes to wipe the mist from his eyes as Teddy grabs him, connecting with a DDT that drops Grimskull to the canvas! This could be it as Teddy climbs the turnbuckle…diving off with a swanton bomb! SUGAR BOMB! Teddy covers Grimskull! ONE! TWO! THREE!

It looks like the Suffering Servant got more sweetness than he could handle, as Grimskull falls to Teddy O’Toole!



The streets of Arcadia. In amongst the hustle and bustle, we find Colt Ramsey huddled behind a wall together with a group of citizens. Most seem like they have come straight out of the Slums, standing out somewhat among this level of Arcadia as a little more rough and ready. At their centre, a well dressed woman stands with them wearing an exorbitant amount of shimmering jewelery. All in attendance listen to Colt who seems to be mid way through relaying a plan.

“You have to make it believable. Really lay into her. Willow can take it, believe me. She’s the toughest CI I have at my disposal.”

Colt nods towards the well dressed woman, who nods back.

“I need this story. You want to get paid, you make sure he shows up to save the damsel in distress.”

Colt walks away, readying his camera with one hand and notepad in the other. The group stay put, letting the one known as Willow move into the street. She feigns looking lost and bewildered for a few moments until the group of ruffians surround her.

One snatches at Willow’s purse, others grab at her jewellery. She screams, a helpless sounding scream. Enough to make the passers by give her a wide berth. The group knock her to the ground, taking turns to kick her around.

But there is no sign of Kaiju Chiba.

At least not where Colt is expecting.

A massive pair of hands grab him around the neck from behind the trashcan he is hidden behind. They pull him up off the ground until Colt is dangling in the air, eye to eye with Chiba himself.

“You don’t think I’m foolish enough to fall for such an obvious set-up, do you?”

Chiba looks almost disappointed, rather than angry. Colt begins to protest his innocence, but Chiba is having none of it and tosses him to the ground.

“You parasitic reporters care only about the story you can fabricate to the people. I told you last week, I am not your hero. This is an insult to those that truly need my help in their time of need.”

Colt backs away on the ground, snapping a few close up shots of the massive frame of Chiba, his angered face and clenched fists.

“Well… If you’re not going to play the game, perhaps I need to change the narrative.”

Chiba is also having none of this plan. He kneels down, grabbing the camera and wrenching it out of Colt’s hands. In his clenched fist, the big man crushes the lens. Then he slams the camera into the ground and watches as it smashes into a million pieces.

“Change whatever you want, parasite. But I will meet you in that ring to let the people truly know the truth. In the middle of that ring, you cannot take the lead. You must put up an honest fight before Arcadia’s eyes. They will read your actions and make their own judgement.”

He reaches out, picking Colt up to his feet and dusting him off.

“Keep me out of your games.”




We have hard hitting triple threat action here tonight as the Devil, the Luchadoc and Natures Delight go head to head for Olympia supremacy

The bell sounds as Blacktooth rushes forward, taking Dr Death by surprise with a brutal Lariat that turns the Luchadoc inside out. He turns around, trying the same on Gemini but the Photog leap frogs over his head, delivering a clipping kick to the back of the head in the process. Blacktooth staggers back before turning back with a sneer as he runs forward RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK! FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY!

The Devil’s stunned as Gemini grabs his hand before smiling wide as she leaps up onto the top rope, walking effortlessly a few paces before diving off with the Rough Hike! Blacktooth gets spiked into the mat with the Hurricanrana but Gemini can’t capitalize as she’s whipped around by the Luchdoc and nearly decapitated with a Lariat. Death holds the wrist, pulling Gemini up for a second and then a third before lifting her up high for the SPINAL CONTUSION! Brainbuster spikes Gemini into the mat as Death floats over for the cover

One…two…Blacktooth just manages to break up the fall with a hard elbow to the skull of the Luchdoc! Death staggers up to his feet right into a flurry of lefts and rights from Blacktooth before he delivers a hard kick to the liver that’s enhanced by the steel blade embedded in Blacktooth’s boot. Death hunches down in pain before the Devil leaps up, delivering an enziguri Wastelander style.  Blacktooth smiles, quickly climbing up to the top rope as he looks to deliver some bloody Rain.

DOUBLE FOOTSTOMP MISSES! Death rolls to his feet as he rushes to the ropes, springboarding off right into a mammoth Lariat from Blacktooth. The Devil lifts him up to his feet but Dr Death manages to push out just as Blacktooth is taken down through some Wasted Exposure in the form of a Standing Moonsault Press by Gemini. Gemini can’t capitalize as she’s grabbed by Death who tries to get her to breathe some Anesthesia but Gemini fights out, leaping up with a sudden Snapshot before collapsing onto the fallen Death for the one…two…three!!!

None stop action from three exciting Olympians here tonight but the blissful Gemini is the one to take the duke. 


   “NURSE, III”   

Later tonight.

Inside the Clinic.

We once again find ourselves in The Clinic, Nurse Frightengale is dutifully cleaning up the mess from The Burned Man’s attack from the week prior. She’s refitting the sheets on the beds, checking the straps, and taking sterilizing the tools that were knocked around. Meanwhile, El Mariachi Muerte and Dr. Death walk into a back office, the door closing behind them.

“So, about what we dicussed last week-” EMM starts to speak but Dr. Death stops him in his tracks, shaking his head.

“What goes on with my nurse and myself is none of your concern, Muerte. She does as I have told her.” Dr. Death takes a seat in a chair near a window in the office. He peers through the blinds, checking Nurse Frightengale’s progress on the mess before turning back to Muerte who crosses his arms.

“You know as well as I do that some people are meant to die, doctor. I understand your business, I understand her reasoning, but you must understand why I’m concerned by her… devotion to keeping the dying alive longer than they should be.”

Dr. Death merely shakes his head, leaning forward in his chair. “Is that it? Or are you merely envious of her being by my side so often? You knew of my intentions when we joined forces and she’s a mirror of them. As I said last week, Muerte, I won’t discuss this any further. Leave Frightengale alone and she’ll serve us both however I need her to.”

El Mariachi Muerte frowns, but he doesn’t push the conversation any further than that.


“Thank you. Now, I suppose we should discuss what to about the titles now that the hero’s near-dead friend ruined our transaction.”

“We may have to do it the old fashioned way, doctor. Beat them in the ring.”

“I suppose we will. And I think the nurse will be able to help us.” Dr. Death chuckles, leaning back in his chair as Muerte listens on to just what his partner has in mind.




Will Narcissa see the beauty in V1sion tonight, or is beauty in the Third Eye of the beholder?

The bell rings and Narcissa offers up her hand to V1sion in act of honor, which V1sion senses and obliges to. They tie up, and V1sion uses his senses to pull Narcissa in and hit a Northern Lights suplex into a pin— ONE! Narcissa slips out and spins, mounting V1sion…

She transitions into a scissor lock around V1sion’s head as his shoulders are down— ONE! TW— V1sion rolls and pins Narcissa with her legs around his neck still— ONE! TWO!! Narcissa kicks out and simultaneously headscissors V1sion, then they both kip up to their feet in a standoff as the crowd applauds then both!

Narcissa charges V1sion, who senses it and lays flat on the mat, and Narcissa runs over him into the ropes. On the rebound she runs right into a picture perfect dropkick from V1sion! Narcissa is back up, but V1sion gauges her eyes and takes her down— BLINDSPOT!!

A sense of rage and urgency has overcome V1sion, and he releases the submission as the ref’s behest. He climbs to the top turnbuckle, and leaps at Narcissa— FROGSPLASH CONNECTS!! SHOT IN THE DARK!! V1sion hooks Narcissa’s leg for the cover as the ref counts— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

V1sion used all his senses to best Narcissa tonight!


   “OUR WAY”   

The match is done, but Vision is clearly not done yet. He raises a microphone, handed to him by a member of the Third Eye, to his mouth.

“Grimskull. I know you’re back there,” he shouts. I’m not leaving until you hear me out. I don’t need you to say anything.”

He leaves the ring and heads down the steps towards the ramp, heading towards the back.

“I heard you preach last week. You claim that pain is the answer. You claim that it is only your way that leads to freedom. But what if freedom shouldn’t be the only thing you aim for in this life?”

Grimskull is now at the top of the ramp. The reaction from the crowd indicates this to Vision, who lets a smile tug at the corners of his mouth before he continues.

“So you’re interested in what I have to say, after all?” he starts. “Very well. There is more to life than freedom. There is no reason why you can’t believe that pain brings you that sense of freedom, but that other things bring you other closures, or meet other needs. I can show you ways to feel happier. To feel more enlightened. To feel closer to a higher power. None of these things will diminish your pain.”

He’s level with Grimskull now.

“I told you. Pain is a facet of the Third Eye path. But you don’t have to choose one path to walk. You can walk many paths. Why don’t you try?”

He walks past Grimskull, who still says nothing. Only now, you can see his mind ticking. He’s up to something… but what?




Colt Ramsey has been assigned a tall task in getting the scoop on the mysterious Tombstone tonight!

The bell rings and Colt stares in awe at his supernatural adversary. Tombstone tightens his gloves and stares menacingly back at the Journo, who panics and snags his camera from his pocket! He takes aim at Tombstone… FLASH!! But the camera flies into the crowd after Tombstone seats it away!

Colt is frozen in fear as Courier of the Dead grabs ahold of Colt’s cranium and squeezes, trying to free soul from body— VICIOUS HEADBUTT!! LIGHTS OUT!! Colt’s lights are indeed out and nobody’s home as Tombstone climbs to the top turnbuckle. He leaps as Colt gets to his feet…

ON YOUR WAY— MISSES!! Colt rolled away from the clothesline just in time and rolls back towards towards Tombstone— CUTTER CONNECTS!! B-ROLL!! Colt grounded the gravedigger, but if he hopes to get the scoop on him he’ll need to dig deeper because Tombstone has sat up and looks absolutely pissed!

GOOZLE! TOMBSTONE IS CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF COLT! Tombstone powers both of them to their feet and imposes his will over the Photographer! Before Colt faints, Tombstone scoops him up… AND DRILLS HIM WITH A SITOUT TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!! THE GRAVEDIGGER!!! He crosses Colt’s arms on his chest and pins— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

The Gravedigger’s story was too deep for the Journo to get a handle of tonight!




Walking through the halls of Olympus, Felix Foley cuts a desolate and strange figure. Sadness pours from him as he slowly walks down the hall. Just then, from different angles and different rooms, guns come pointed at him.

“Stop!” Shouts one of them.

“Halt, APD!” Shouts another.

Felix immediately stops, holding his hands up – his sadness turns to instant fear.

That fear turns to anger when Damien Wolfe steps from behind the cover of officers.

“There is he,” he roars. “That’s the man who violently attacked me in my home!”

Foley looks stunned.

“Me?” He screams. “I didn’t attack you! You attacked me!”

“Pff!” Damien scoffs. “You’ve been brutalizing me for months, Foley. Last week was the final straw. I was going to keep that puppet and hold it over your head to keep me safe. You knew that and you took it back!”

The Puppetmasters face goes bright red with anger.

“You liar! You stole Conservator Wolfe from me, delivered him back in pieces and then attacked ME! Officers, please, he’s an extremely dangerous man. When the red light comes, he’s dangerous!”

The Arcadia Police Department don’t care.

“Put your hands behind your back, Mr. Foley,” they demand.

Reluctantly, Felix places his hands behind his back.


Oh no.

Red Light.

The flashing red light shows signs of the police officers being thrown about in the hall, slamming them off of walls as gunfire blasts throughout, causing a shutter effect of white.

When the lights return, the officers are unconscious and bloodied.

But both Damien Wolfe and Felix Foley stand – unharmed.

They point at one another.

Cue Spiderman meme.

To be continued…




Death lingers in the air in our main event tonight but will it be splashed upon the canvas or will it become a sweet symphony strung for one last melody?

The bell sounds as the Artist slowly slinks around the ring, not taking his eyes off EMM who has his eyes closed, blissfully strumming his guitar as he begins another symphony of death. Jasper shakes his head, rushing forward 


Jasper stops himself just in time, flinching as EMM smiles before kicking him right in the dick. Redgraves crashes to the mat, kissing his precious instrument before placing it back down into the corner. Jasper slowly gets to his feet right into a low Superkick that drops him to his knees before EMM rushes to the ropes, leaping off before leapfrogging a kneeling Redgraves


Redgraves is dazed on the mat as EMM looks to fly again, double jumping onto the ropes before drawing out one of his precious roses and tossing it down on the surpine Artist

48 ROS…NO! Redgraves manages to roll out of the way, rushing to his feet right into an enziguri to the back of the head.


El Mariachi tosses Jasper overhead, nearly throwing him through the turnbuckles with a Belly to Belly Overhead performed with impressive strength. Jasper slowly pulls himself up in the corner 


Redgraves is stunned in the corner as EMM grabs him by the head, leaping up onto the ropes as he’s looking for a Tornado DDT but the Artist powers him off. EMM rolls onto his feet, rushing forward


Singing Death is rocked as Jasper pounds down on him with heavy lefts and rights before backing up and delivering a second Superkick. EMM doesn’t go down, but staggers into the ropes, bouncing off


EMM crashes to the mat as Jasper doesn’t cover, instead mounting the luchadore as he begins pummeling him with hard lefts and rights, trying to infuse red into that mask of death before he flips him over, locking in a rear naked choke. Jasper’s the heavier and much stronger competitor as he uses all that strength to slowly choke the life out of EMM, Singing Death looking seconds away from tapping or passing out before Jasper releases the hold.

The Artist stands up to his feet, looking down at his helpless victim with a hungry smile before backing up and delivering a rib shattering punt that takes all the remaining air out of El Mariachi. EMM tries to crawl to the ropes but Jasper only lets him get a few feet before lifting him up forcefully and wrapping him up in a front facelock. Redgraves begins teeing off knee after knee to the injured ribs of EMM, a final leaping one sends EMM back to his knees before he’s lifted up again and pulled towards the ropes. Redgraves hoists him through before pulling him forward as EMM’s feet are hooked onto the middle rope


EMM looks done but Jasper doesn’t cover, instead backing up as he slowly waits for the luchadore to stumble up to his feet, blood pooling down the mask of death as El Mariachi looks glass eyed right as Jasper rushes forward, spinning around


Singing Death crashes to the mat as Jasper finally covers the fallen luchadore, the referee dropping down for the count]

















The Artist isn’t done with Singing Death here, wanting a much more flashing finish for his latest Masterpiece as he hoists EMM up to his feet, rocking those possibly injured ribs with a few hard knees once more before lifting him up high into a Crucifix Position. Jasper shows off his strength, slowly walking forward as he parades the almost lifeless Singing Death around the ring before beginning to run forward




EMM counters out of nowhere, nailing Jasper with a beautiful counter for the Powerbomb but he can’t capitalize, completely exhausted from the immense punishment he’s been through as both men are out on the canvas. Redgraves is the first to slowly rise, EMM getting to his knees as Jasper sneers, rushing forward but an attempt at a Lariat is countered with a drop toe hold, sending Jasper throat first over the middle rope. EMM rushes to the other side of the ring, bouncing off the ropes before nailing a stunned Jasper with a tiger feint kick.

The Artist stumbles back to his feet, EMM leaping over the ropes before springboarding off the top


That could be it there but Singing Death wants to finish this one in style as he slowly climbs up to the top rope, once again tossing a rose down upon the prone Artist before diving off. 


EMM rolls to his feet, running forward right into a kick to the dick from Redgraves, payback for the beginning of the match before Jasper thrusts him between his legs, double underhooking both of his arms as he looks to deliver a Symphony of his own.

DOUBLE LEG TRIP! EMM counters as he flips Jasper onto his back, keeping hold of his legs as he slingshots him backwards into the turnbuckles. Jasper’s skull connects with the turnbuckle as he stumbles backwards


Jasper tries to fight out but the tight string around his throat is making it impossible to breath and once EMM places the rose steam inside his mouth, he’s gasping for air as very reluctantly, The Artist taps out!

EMM sings his perfect symphony here tonight, crafting a song of demise for the Artist that was impossible to avoid. 



The Doom Factory.

Drewitt rests unconscious on a large operating chair, much like we saw Colt Ramsey in a few weeks ago. On his head is The Memory Meddler™ 3000 and at the controls, Stubbins Doom sits in deep focus.

“The damage is quite extensive,” he mutters, tapping away at the device, initiating a repair.

Suddenly, there’s a loud bang, startling the World Champion. He turns to face the doors, watching as Drexl barges in with five heavies in tow.

“Get dat mother fucker,” he yells, pointing at Doom.

The heavies rush over, but he wisely steps away from his table and puts his hands in the air. Drexl swaggers towards him, pointing a revolver right between his eyes.

“The fuck you think you doin’, nigga?” He growls. “Dis boy one of mine, ya get me?”

Doom’s eyebrows rise.

“I’m sorry, what?” He questions with disdain. “Do you speak English, you cretinous little fellow? This boy, as you so eloquently put it, accepted an offer of help to reconstruct his memory.”

The toothy grin of Drexl turns into a frown. He knows exactly what that means.

Stop it,” he demands. “Stop da fuckin’ machine innit!”

The World Champion disagrees, shaking his head.

“Ah, I see. You’re afraid that if I’m successful, he’s going to know that you’re deceiving him. I suppose that won’t quite work out so well for you, will it?”

Big Slim chuckles, something dawning on him.

“You got da inside line, didn’t ya? Zeus tell you about our match weeks ago, nigga?” He says with a wry smile. “Dat’s why you puttin’ yer beak in my bidness?”

“I see we’re having a party…”

From another section of The Doom Factory, Teddy O’Toole walks in, holding the same pistol he had last time he was here – the time he had  Doom analyse the Root of Ambrosia.

“What’s a party without the Candy Man?” He asks, his pistol now pointed in the direction of Drexl and Doom. “I also have a vested interest in the memory of our dear Drewitt.”

“Quite,” Stubbins says with a smile. “It’s quite the interesting pickle that we find ourselves in, isn’t it? Both of you don’t want this young man to remember who he is and why he’s where he is.”

That causes the Doctor to laugh quite audibly, annoying both Drexl and O’Toole.

As they both intend to move forward, he clicks his fingers, and lasers suddenly and abruptly turn on, pointing at both men.

“Did you really think I’d not know you were coming?” He asks. “You both tripped censors the minute you stepped into my factory. These have been aimed at your heads as soon as you were in range.”

Drexl moves his head from side to side, watching as the laser follows him.

Teddy gulps.

“Welcome to the Wild West, gentlemen,” Doom smarmily warns.

To be continued….