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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

The sound of porno style music roars from the Pussycat Club as woman dance around poles, credits being tossed around like confetti. Sat off at the back in a booth is Drexl, smoking a joint and laughing with a few ladies as Drewitt approaches.

“I need you to tell me what you know,” Drewitt says with anguish and angst. He takes a seat, watching as Drexl shoves the girls off and waves them away.

“First things first, I need to apologize, my nigga,” he says, offering a handshake. “I left you alone for just a second and shit got fucked up, innit?”

Drewitt doesn’t understand.

“Yous was shot in the ‘ed an I ain’t be there to protect you. I know you mad about dat, but look, I hired you for business, ya heard?” Drexl says taking another puff on his joint. “You work for me, big fella.”

“Doing what, exactly?” The Explorer enquires with a tilted head.

“A lil bit of dis and a lil bit of dat,” Big Slim says with a smirk. “But you’s normally get my product from the groves. We got a few plants an’ shit down there and you’s the fetcher.”

That surprises Drewitt.

The last thing he thinks himself to be is a drug smuggler.

Suddenly, into the club struts a familiar face – one that causes Drewitt to stand up angrily. He doesn’t know why, but he hates this man.

It’s Teddy O’Toole and Drewitt’s subconscious has gone into overdrive.

Drexl immediately joins him, pointing in Teddy’s direction.

“You’s got another job n’ all, dawg,” he says with his finger pointed at Teddy. “You fuck up any nigga I need you to fuck up. Get dis bitch outta my club.”

The Explorer doesn’t hesitate. He grabs O’Toole by the collar and rushes him backwards towards the door.

“Hold on! Hold on!” Teddy pleads, forcing a temporary stop. “Don’t you remember me?”

Drewitt shakes his head.

“All I know is that for some reason, I don’t like fuckin’ like you,” he growls.

Teddy smirks.

And that sends The Explorer back into his duties, as he tosses him out of the club. As Drewitt dusts off his hands, Drexl approaches with a shit eating grin, looking down at O’Toole who rests on the floor.

“An don’t come back, ya heard?” Drexl shouts at him, slapping Drewitt on the back in appreciation. “My nigga!”

Teddy gets back to his feet and smiles.

“Oh, don’t worry, I have precisely what I need,” he says, walking away as Drewitt turns to head back inside – only with a whistle.

Drewitt stops, creaking his neck.

A shiver running down his spine.




Who will assume control of the VHS Championship tonight when the Puppetmaster defends against the Wishmaster?

The bell rings and Foley rushes Fidel right off the bat, taking him down with a running big boot that knocks Fidel for a loop— THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR BOOTIN’!! Foley’s disturbed, red eyes widen as he stalks a rising Fidel from behind, taunting him with puppeteering hand motions…

THE PUPPETSHOW… HAS BEEN POSTPONED!!! Something happened when Foley and Fidel locked eyes there, and Foley slowly removes his hand from Fidel’s mouth! Fidel smiles as Foley stands there, having suddenly lost the urge to fight, and Fidel begins teeing off on the Puppetmaster— PUNCH! PUNCH! PUNCH TO THE FACE!

But with every punch, it seems to awaken something in Foley, for his eyes become progressively more and more bloodshot, as if he’s fighting against something internally! Fidel runs the ropes and rebounds right at the vulnerable Foley— SPEAR!! ARROW OF GREED AND DESIRE!! Fidel covers— ONE! TWO!! THR— NO!!

Fidel can’t believe it: his effects seem to have somewhat worn off on Foley, and so the Duke of Desire calls for the end. Fidel lifts Foley onto his shoulder and spins— MODIFIED CUT THE STRINGS!!! COUNTER SPINNING DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT!!! Foley broke the trance, and covers— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Foley played Fidel like a marionette, retaining his title in the process!


   “ME II”   

Last Week.

Before Felix Foley had Conservator Wolfe returned in pieces.

Damien Wolfe sits in his home, looking rather displeased. He hasn’t yet been able to defeat Felix Foley and now he has his prized possession – a mockery of himself. Wolfe stands up and reaches out, grabbing the puppet.

“This is pathetic,” he muses. “It doesn’t even look like me.”

He tosses it back into a little box with a lid, putting the lid back on.

“Never the less, it’s going to be an invaluable piece of my plan,” he says with a smirk.


“What the?”

Red light.

We hear panic as Damien tries to escape the room, a red light flashing back and forth amongst the darkness – revealing nothing at all to us.

But in this instance, we don’t need to see anything.

We can hear it.

And what we hear are the terrified and blood curdling screams of Damien Wolfe.

When the light comes back on, Damien Wolfe is laid out bloodied in the middle of the room, a wound on his forehead from where he’s been violently attacked. On the wall behind him, the word ‘ME’ is scrawled into it, using his own blood.

And the Conservator Wolfe puppet box is gone.



In a confined area of the jail block, there’s an old, abandoned wardens’ office in which now doubles as an interrogation room. Jiro is tied to a chair, relatively unharmed by the measure of what we saw last time. CJ Thorpe stands over him, demanding answers.

“You’ve been here for a week,” Thorpe says carefully. “You’ve had no food, no water, no freedom. How long do you intend to keep this up for?”

“I’m not telling you shit,” Jiro responds breathlessly.

Thorpe walks towards the door, opening it. He expects to see Prometheus – but the Drunk isn’t there. Instead, stood before Thorpe is none other than Harvey Escher.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” CJ demands to know.

“Prometheus asked me to interrogate our guest if you couldn’t get the job done,” he says with a sinister smile. “Now, move over little boy, let daddy have a go.”

CJ steps to one side, letting Harvey into the room.

Harvey immediately pulls a dull knife from his pocket and goes to work, cutting Jiro carefully upon his arms. The dull knife makes it hard to cut, so the wounds are rough and more painful. As The Weapons Expert screams in agony, he begs off.

“Come here,” he pleads. “Let me talk to ya..”

Escher stops cutting, leaning in.

I know what you did and to whom,” Jiro whispers.

That clearly startles him.

What would happen if I shared that?” The Arms Dealer says with a broken and desperate smile.

Harvey suddenly pulls the knife up, jamming in brutally down towards the neck of Jiro. Thorpe however lunges in, just in time, grabbing his hand and disarming him.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He roars.

Escher quickly scrambles away, exiting the room in a panic. CJ looks on in shock, trying to figure out what the fuck just happened as Jiro smiles and chuckles.

“You think that’s funny, huh?” The Coyote asks. “Well, when Prometheus comes back, you and him have a match. Let’s see how funny you find it then.”




Will young hope or apathetic curmudgeon prevail tonight?

Wolfe removes his glasses and eyes his pubescent opponent with a look of annoyance on his face when out of nowhere— IMPACT BREAKER!! James’ running corkscrew headbutt drops Wolfe to the canvas and simultaneously knocks his glasses out of his hands, send them flying over the barrier into the crowd!

The look of anger and shock on Wolfe’s face is wiped as he gets to his feet by a bang-a-rang— OMEGA BLASTER BY DESTRUCTO BOY!! The young superhero in training is on a roll, and he takes to the top rope, leaping at Wolfe— JUSTICE GRENADE— 630 SENTON ONTO WOLFE’S KNEES!!

Destructo Boy clutches at his upper back and neck as Wolfe goes to work stomping at the problem area, concluding with a knee trembler from behind that plops James face-first on the mat— STATUTORY DAMAGE!! Wolfe slaps the boy’ head before locking in the bulldog choke regal stretch— CAPTI CHOKE!!

Wolfe rears back, stretching out Destructo Boy’s arms and neck. Destructo Boy is in trouble! He frantically kicks around to try to touch the ropes… BUT THERE IS NOTHING WITHIN REACH! Wolfe talks trash to his smaller, younger opponent who’s become unconscious as the ref calls for the bell!

Wolfe has put the young man in his place tonight with a big victory!



We find Colt Ramsey in a darkened room, flooded with red light. He works carefully to develop a series of photographs, pegging them up on a line that hangs across one wall. Several photos showing Kaiju Chiba already line the wall.

As he pins another photo up, a loud booming knock interrupts him, the sound of a fist banging on the steel door echoes out.

*Boom, boom, boom*

Colt finishes carefully pegging up the final photograph before heading to the door and sliding the heavy steel door open just a smidge.

“This is a photography studio.” Colt begins, “Developing photographs cannot be exposed to the light or…” his voice trails off.

Standing outside the door is the massive framed subject of each and every photo in his studio. Kaiju Chiba. He looks upon the Journo with a look of frustration. Then, Chiba pushes past Colt and bursts into the room.

He looks at the photos hanging by the wall, then begins pulling at the shutters on the window. Colt protests, but Chiba is simply too strong and knocks him to the ground. Light floods into the dark room. The Hero of the People then turns to Colt who scrambles on the ground to move away.

“Curiosity kills the rat, so be weary.”

Chiba crouches down next to Ramsey, speaking low yet with an air of power.

“A rat that is eager for cheese should not be sniffing around wherever it pleases. That is how rats come to sticky ends.

Colt looks around the room, watching in horror as his photos begin to over expose and wash out.

“My work! You could be the biggest story, the hero that the people need.”

Chiba looks solely unconvinced.

“What is a hero? Somebody you can parade around, a story to be sold? I am not motivated by your greed, I wish not to be your cover story. I am not for sale.”

Kaiju holds a hand out, pulling Ramsey to his feet.

“Perhaps your time would be better spent investigating matters of corruption and unearthing the dark corners of Arcadia. There is still the matter of the explosion of Mount Olympus that seems to have been swept under a rug.”

Colt looks confused at this, unsure what Chiba is talking about.

“The explosion… Remains a mystery.”

Chiba doesn’t hang around for the rest of Colt’s train of though. Nor does he see the look of complete confusion on the Journo’s face. He’s gone, back through the heavy metal door, his work done and the paparazzi shots of him spoilt. Colt racks his brain alone.

“What am I missing here?”

His memory of the bomber seems to be completely gone.




We have hot tag team action here tonight as the Horror and the Sole Survivor go up against the Designer and the Skull. 

The bell starts with Mannfred against Narcissa, Cruze trying for a clothesline that Narcissa easily ducks underneath before rushing to the ropes as she springboards off. SILK PERFECTION! Wrap Around Hurricanrana sends Mannfred flying into his corner and a blind tag from The Burned Man who runs forward and catches an unaware Narcissa 

WITH THE MATCH STRIKER! Hard STO spikes her into the mat but only briefly as she’s powered up to her feet, HALF NELSON SUPLEX! A SECOND! ASHES TO ASHES! TBM rolls through, trying for Dust to Dust but Narcissa elbows her way out before delivering some HIGH FASHION in a Spinning Heel Kick that cracks the Burned Man right on the jaw and sends him crashing to the mat. Narcissa taking advantage as she runs forward, finally tagging in Kpavio who rushes in like a house on fire.

TBM stumbling up right into a Big Boot that drills him down into the mat. TBM stumbling up in his corner into a blind tag from Cruze who rushes forward with a Lariat but Kpavio manages to duck under before grabbing Cruze around the throat as he turns around. CHOKES….NO! Cruze drills him low before delivering the BLEAK BLADE! Discus Clothesline turns Kpavio inside out as Cruze lifts him up off the mat and up high into a crucifix position. TBM is up on the top rope as he dives off.

FLYING ELBOW TO THE STERNUM OF KPAVIO! CRUCIFIX LUNGBLOWER! PRAYER FROM THE GODS! That deadly double team has to be it as TBM stops an onrushing Narcissa with a hard clothesline while Mannfred drops down for the cover and the one…two…three!!!

The team of TBM and Mannfred Cruze pick up the victory here but can the Burned Man do the same with his proper tag team partner when the time comes for the championship opportunity? 


   “THE VOICE”   

Deep in The Bleak, a shadow walks.

His name is Mannfred Curze, and he is back looking for answers, as soon after his match as he could get back to The Bleak.

He has barely rested since he found out that people from The Bleak had been going missing, and his investigation so far has not brought him any closer to finding the answer. He feels a sense of kinship with these people, though, and believes it falls on him to find the answers.

But as he makes his way up a ramshackle street, he hears a voice. He’s not familiar with this voice, and so he follows it, and comes to a door.

“…at least three more this week…”

The voice sounds modulated in some way. He can’t quite place exactly the kind of person it belongs to. It could belong to any race, any gender, any species even.

Curze tries the handle, but finds it is locked.

“…very popular…”

Mannfred knows this must have something to do with the disappearances, given the cloak and dagger nature of the meeting. He tries the door again.

“…he knows nothing, his investigation has led him nowhere…”

And that is the finishing blow. They must be talking about him. Curze uses his shoulder to break down the door. But as he enters the makeshift room, there is nobody there. It looks like they are more elusive than even he is.

But who was that talking, and how many others were here?



Two more men step into Deathrow’s ring to prove their superiority. Will it be the man who used to call Zeus friend or the hero of the revolution that will emerge victorious?

The pair barely step foot into the rotting ring before Jiro rushes forward and nearly takes Prometheus’s head off with a brutal clothesline. Prometheus staggers up into a flurry of lefts and rights before Jiro rears back


Prometheus is dazed and confused on his knees as Jiro rushes to the ropes, RIGHT INTO A MIST OF WHISKEY!

Jiro is half blinded on his feet as Prometheus takes another swig from the bottle of whiskey before reaching into his pockets and sparking a match


NO! Jiro manages to duck underneath the fireball as it singes the allready damaged turnbuckle pads. Jiro looking up as Prometheus tries for another but he delivers a hard kick, sending the whiskey flying as it crashes over the ropes onto the concrete floor. Prometheus looks angry, stumbling to his feet as he tries for a Big Boot but Jiro ducks underneath, rocking the Firebringer with another Pistol Whip before lifting him up high


Jiro nearly breaks Prometheus’s back with that brutal Powerbomb but he’s not done as he quickly climbs up onto the top rope, steadying himself on the shaky ropes


Jiro crashes and burns as Prometheus manages to roll out of the way of the Frog Splash attempt. Jiro slowly stumbling up to his feet into the arms of Prometheus as he hoists him up high before running forward



That could be it there but Prometheus wants to be sure as he pulls Jiro up to his feet once more


Prometheus reaches into his pants pockets once more, pulling out another bottle of whiskey as he takes a big swig, celebrating his victory here tonight

   “NOTE TWO”   

Previously Tonight.


The human rainbow skips through the slums lackadaisically, seeds practically falling from her hands as she plants them in the less than fertile dirt that sits in front of some homes in The Slums. Clearly, they shouldn’t grow, but she seems more than content to plant them nonetheless. However, he skipping comes to a stop as a man walks out of a nearby alleyway.

Dr. Death.

The good doctor stands in front of Gemini who simply giggles. “Oooh! I love your beak! It’s very pointy.”

“I’m aware.” Dr. Death says, seemingly trying to ignore Gemini’s rather air-headed tendencies. “But my pointy beak aside, Gemini-“

“Why are you putting it aside? It looks good on you.”

The Luchadoc pauses, seemingly incredulous for a moment before clearing his throat and continuing. “I’m here because I have another note for you, dear. I’m aware my compatriot gave you one about a week back?”

“Oh yeah!” Gemini’s face lights up as she recounts it. “The Music Man! He had a really nice guitar! He also handed me a… ‘anonymous tip’? I gave it to Mr. Skull and then he brought me down here to find that boy!” She paused, seemingly putting two and two together about her previous time down here. “… But he didn’t seem hurt? I guess Music Man got confused.”

Dr. Death sighs, producing a sealed envelope from his pocket and handing it to Gemini. “He’s been… poisoned. Rather, drugged. I’m an expert in herbs and pharmaceuticals, dear. He didn’t seem hurt because he was under the influence of something-” Dr. Death stops himself, realizing his words are lost on Gemini who has already turned to admire a small potted plant in front of one of the homes.

“Please,” he says, “just get this to ‘Mr. Skull’ for me? It’ll explain everything.”

“Okie doke! I’ll get it to him for you!” She stands up, turning to leave, once again skipping. “Goodbye Bird Face!”

Dr. Death sits back, one almost being able to feel his eyes squinting in astonishment beneath his mask as the scene fades out.




Tonight features the in-ring debut of Tombstone. Can the Courier of the Dead start off with a victory, or will Gemini cut his momentum short?

Gemini extends a hand to the debuting Tombstone, but he merely stares at her unemotinally until the offer hangs awkwardly in the air. Hurt at the rejection, Gemini locks up with Tombstone but is almost instantly flung back. She rebounds off the ropes RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT FROM TOMBSTONE!

The Courier of the Dead picks her up with both hands around her neck. But Gemini kicks free, catching Tombstone in the guts. He drops her and she lands softly into a three point stance, before DRIVING HER SHOULDER INTO HIM! TOMBSTONE IS DRIVEN INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!

She grabs him by the head, swings around him and kicks off the turnbuckle. REVERSE DDT! TWO SIDES! NO! TOMBSTONE GRABS HER BY THE THROAT AND DEMOLISHES GEMINI WITH A CHOKESLAM FOR HER TROUBLES! Gemini is down, and Tombstone crosses her arms over her body. Charging into the ropes, Tombstone comes back with a MASSIVE LEG DROP! TALES FROM THE UNDERWORLD!

Tombstone picks Gemini up, her lifeless form hanging limp in his arms. Showing no mercy, he swings Nature’s Delight into a tombstone position. He hoists her up… AND DRILLS HER HEAD FIRST INTO THE MAT! SIT-OUT TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! THE GRAVEDIGGER! With that, Tombstone covers for the pin. ONE! TWO! THREE!

Tombstone walks away from his first match with his arm raised and a message sent to Old School Wrestling. All of Arcadia will be standing up and taking notice.



The Eden Club is a luxurious place, for well-connected people. And deep inside it’s walls is the charmer known as Aarman Fidel, sat in his office, with his trusted advisors close at hand. Outside the door to his office, a security detail is posted, and beyond the security are his punters. The people who can spare the credits to be part of this decadent place discuss anything and everything in the knowledge that anything that happens in Eden, stays in Eden.

Except if Aarman is owed something, and then it’s taken to every level in Arcadia until the debt is paid.

“It’s a shame I could not pick up the victory at Invasion. Having that hold over Draco was very useful indeed,” Aarman starts, not speaking to anyone in particular. His advisors all nod in agreement – they’ve long since been trained out of disagreeing with him.

“It’s certainly something I could have done with, given the scale of our plans.”

He strokes his chin.

“But if I know Draco – and I think I know him more than well enough – then even though he no longer owes me a debt, there is one thing he will not miss out on. And that is a good deal.”

Aarman stands, proudly.

“And maybe he will do just this one more thing for me, if the price is right…”

Aarman leaves the office, clearly with some business in mind at Deville’s Curiosities. But before we get any further information…




The Doctor has proven unstoppable since he first stepped foot in Olympus as he once again faces a worthy foe. Will Stubbins spell Doom for Blacktooth or can the Devil do what so many have not?

The bell sounds as Blacktooth rushes forward, taking the world champion by surprise with a hard clothesline. Doom stumbles to his feet into a flurry of blows before Blacktooth leaps onto Doom, trying to chow down on some Fresh Meat yet his teeth only meet hard leather and a hard poke to the eye as Doom scrambles to get the violent Devil off him. 

Blacktooth staggers back, right as Doom leaps up with HOVER, NO BOTHER! Hard leaping kick to the head staggers Blacktooth back into the corner as Doom follows up with a running Hover right to the jaw. Blacktooth is stunned in the corner as Doom kicks him over and over, stomping a mudhole towards the canvas before lifting Blacktooth up to his feet.

THE WASTELANDER! The heavy leather just protects Doom from the knife boot but he’s rocked by the followup enziguri as Blacktooth rushes to the ropes, bouncing off before just avoiding the flying left hand. The Devil smiles, not noticing the hand gripping the ropes before rocketing forward. WATCH MY RIGHT HAND! Donkey Punch to the back of the head as Blacktooth looks out of it.

Doom once again tries to pull him to his feet but gets a faceful of Iron Perfume for his troubles as Blacktooth spits his own blood into Doom’s face before planting him with a stiff DDT. Blacktooth is looking for the end here as he backs up, vicious grin on his face before rushing forward

THUNDEROUS GONADS! Doom counters the Curb Stomp attempt with a brutal electified uppercut to the testicles. Blacktooth collapsing to the canvas as Doom comfortably covers him for the one…two…three!

Stubbins Doom once again picks up the victory, Blacktooth certainly gave him a challenge but the Mad Scientist proved once more why he’s the world champion of Olympus



The match is over and Stubbins Doom has taken his leave, leaving Blacktooth in the ring as “TGIF” by K-Flay starts to play. This immediately grabs the attention of the Devil, a smirk on his face as he turns to stare down Narcissa Balenciaga…but despite the music playing, there’s no sign of the Designer.

At least, not where Blacktooth is watching.

There’s a small commotion in the crowd, people moving out of the way as we see someone pushing through toward ringside…and sure enough, it’s Narcissa, an angry look on her face as she is stopped just outside the ring by Blood Runners flocking to that spot to keep her from getting any closer to their leader, who steps through the ropes to stare the Designer down with a toothy grin on his face.

“Aw, what’s wrong?” Blacktooth asks with a chuckle, but Narcissa doesn’t budge as she glares him down.

“I want my design back, Blacktooth…but more to the point, I want answers.”

Tooth Rot just chuckles some more at this, shaking his head in refusal as he reaches into his vest…only to pull out a rusted chain with a hook on the end.

“Sorry dear, but no can do,” Blacktooth finally responds, fiddling with the chain all the while. “Blood Runner business is not your business, and Miss Liz here don’t take kindly to your attitude.”

He accentuates that final statement by thrusting the hook toward her face, forcing Narcissa to wince as a force of habit. This draws a laugh from the Devil, settling down but keeping Miss Liz close all the same.

“Consider this little business meeting adjourned, Narcissa. Better figure out your priorities, and keep away from things you shouldn’t concern yourself with.”

With that, Blacktooth and his Blood Runners make their way up toward the entranceway, leaving Narcissa stuck at square one…but the gears are turning in her head. By the time the group disappears from the area, Narcissa has her next step planned.

After all, the Compound might well be due for renovation.


   “NURSE, II”   

“Where is Dr. Death?” The voice of Nurse Frightengale fills the Clinic, the blood covered woman moving between patients hooked up to different I.V.s and machines while talking to what is revealed to be El Mariachi Muerte. The Musician looks out at the many patients, turning back to the nurse before speaking.

“Out doing some work for us in the lower levels. I suppose you need him here to look after the patients?” Muerte eyes Frightengale curiously, watching for her reaction after last week.

“Not at all. I can keep these people alive quite easily on my own. I just don’t like the doctor being out of office longer than he needs to be.” She doesn’t even look at the Mariachi as she administers a shot to one of the patients, checking his vitals once more before continuing her rounds. However, Muerte walks forwards and places a hand on Frightengale’s shoulder, the nurse shrugging it off coldly.

“Only the doctor and the patients are allowed to touch me.”

“Fine. But tell me, why are you so obsessed with keeping these people alive? Death comes to all.” He pulls his hand back, the room getting quite awkward as the nurse refuses to even face him while almost obsessively doing her rounds.

“The doctor wants them alive and he wants to make credits. I want them alive because the doctor does. It is as simple as that.” She continues on further into the clinic, Muerte watching before turning to the sound of a door opening, Dr. Death making his entrance.

“The note has been dropped off. Why didn’t you tell me how little she paid attention?” Death says, clearly thinking back to his interaction with Gemini.

Muerte smirks for a moment,  though it quickly leaves his face. “She’s… air-headed. But we should speak of that later. For now, I have something I need to discuss with you.”

Deaths crosses his arms, Muerte placing a hand on his shoulder and walking him out of the Clinic as the scene fades out.




Will Perseus or the Photographer complete their investigation tonight?

Cade goes to grapple Ramsey but the Journo ducks beneath it and when Cade turns he’s blinded by a camera flash— a low kick bends Cade over— DDT!! SAY CHEESE!! Colt covers early— ONE! TW— CADE KICKS OUT! Ramsey whips Cade into the ropes and tries a lariat— CADE DUCKS IT!

Cade rebounds off the ropes and leaps at Ramsey— BREACH AND CLEAR!! SLING BLADE CONNECTS!! Cade follows up by immediately pulling Ramsey to his feet and lifting him up into a vertical suplex, stalling… AND DROPS COLT ON HIS HEAD WITH A BRAINBUSTER!! Cade covers— ONE! TWO!! SHOULDER UP!!

Cade is persistent, again pulling the dazed Ramsey up, holding his arm and yanking Ramsey at himself— INCENDIARY ROUND?? NO!! Ramsey ducks under the bullhammer elbow and reverses it into a smooth swinging reverse DDT— THAT’S A WRAP!! Now Cade is dazed and Colt stalks him from behind as he gets up…

FULL NELSON! Ramsey his it locked in and goes to sweep the leg— BUT HE CAN’T! The athletic Cade intuitively drops to his knees and snapmares Colt over him. As Colt gets up, Cade leaps at him in desperation— HOSTILE DOWN!!! LEAPING SUPERKICK CONNECTS!!! Cover— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Cade has put a sudden arrest to Ramsey’s exposé!


   “MY WAY”   

Deep in the slums, Grimskull speaks to his people from a makeshift altar.

“Vision spoke to me, last week…”

The crowd boos, still remembering the attack the “Third Eye” made against Grimskull mere weeks ago.

“He told me that I should try to see things from his point of view. He told me that the real truth is multifaceted.”

The crowd murmur, clearly distressed by the preacher’s tale.

“I told him that his facets are useless to me. I told him the same thing we all know to be true. I told him that pain is the only real path to freedom. And although his language may be different – he tells of truth, and enlightenment, we both mean the same thing. His version of truth IS freedom, but his path is not the way.”

Grimskull raises his arms out towards the masses.

“He wants us to join his path, but we must go the way we know. We must all go MY WAY.”

The crowd start to cheer him on.

“We must all learn to endure this pain that is life. For only then will we be free…”

Grimskull leaves the altar to rapturous applause. And deep within the crowd are a small group who don’t quite fit in. On closer inspection it is Vision and a couple of members of The Third Eye, their usual robes covered with the clothes of those who inhabit The Slums.

And they just heard everything Grimskull said.

“He continues to fight it,” says Vision, as the clandestine clan turn to leave.




A man who’s been on the brink of death stands across from one who brings a song of it, as Drewitt takes on El Mariachi Muerte!

Drewitt rushes the Singing Death at the outset, but Muerte ducks a clothesline attempt before connecting with a spinning heel kick that sends the Explorer reeling toward the corner. Sensing an opportunity, Muerte charges at Drewitt…who ducks out of the way, forcing Muerte to crash hard into the top turnbuckle!

Drewitt grabs Singing Death from behind, hoisting him onto his shoulders as he looks for a Burning Hammer! TRAVELLERS–NO! Muerte slips out of it, unleashing a flurry of offense that culminates in a dropkick that sends Drewitt flying over the top rope, only to go crashing to the floor outside!

Drewitt slowly makes it back to his feet as Muerte hops onto the top turnbuckle, walking the rope for a moment…but the Explorer catches him on the apron, dropping Singing Death to the floor with an Implant DDT! SIGHTSEER…BUT MUERTE CATCHES DREW BY THE NECK, SENDING HIM DOWN AS WELL!

Both men are down now, each slowly stirring until Muerte slides into the ring…followed closely by Drewitt, staggering to his feet. Muerte pulls out a guitar string for the Garrote Choke! DREAM A LITTLE DREAM! Drewitt tries to fight back, but Muerte pulls the string in tighter…AND DREWITT TAPS OUT!

This was not a death the Explorer could overcome, as El Mariachi Muerte takes a win over Drewitt!



“The most important thing to know about Arcadia is that you can never truly trust anyone.”

“No one?”

“Even the kindest man may be willing to turn on you for the right price. Be it for his family or because he’s not as kind as you thought.”

A conversation goes on between The Burned Man and Destructo Boy. The young hero sits in a chair as The Burned Man goes about menial chores in his ramshackle home. He leans down, putting a decrepit chair back together for himself to use.

“So I can’t even trust you?” James asks.

“You can trust me more than others, but even then-“





Destructo Boy tries to leap to his feet but Gemini arrives and strikes him in the back of the neck knocking him out cold! “Sorry!” Her apology, however, falls on deaf ears as Destructo Boy hits the ground and lands in heap. She looks to Kpavio, seemingly unsure of what to do. “Erm, what now, Mr. Skull?”

“Grab his blade, I’ll grab the kid. You said a ‘bird face’ told you he was drugged?”

Gemini nods her head proudly. “Sharp beak with big glassy eyes!”

Kpavio nods his head, dropping the bat and grabbing Destructo Boy, hauling him over his shoulder. “Dr. Death, then. Let’s get to his clinic. If he knows the source, he’ll know the cure. Let’s go before the mummy wakes up.” Kpavio is gruff, moving with purpose out of The Burned Man’s shake, Gemini dragging the Kingdomblade behind herself.

However, as they leave, The Burned Man rises from the floor, his bandages stained red with blood from where the bat struck him. However, it’s clear, he heard everything. The Mummy picks up the discarded bat, the camera closing in on his eyes.

A look of pure fury greeting the camera.


   “EXHIBIT B”   

Later tonight…

The doors to The Gallery are wide open, beckoning any who might enter the main hall to please do so. 

An invitation Jackson Cade is happy to accept. 

His sidearm drawn and at the ready, the Specialist slowly makes his way inside the empty Gallery. 

Of course no one wants to come visit. They might become the latest Exhibit.

Striding boldly through the large sloped hall, Cade’s footsteps echo on the marble floors. The Gallery is spotless.

Minus the twisted works of art displayed along the walls. Those are bloody reminders of just who Jasper Redgrave really is.

A cold blooded killer. 

With a penchant for violently bleeding his victims out to create art from their remains.

Perseus walks into an open area with two doors on either side of him. On the left is a partially open doorway, with a preserved handless corpse laying on a pool of dried blood. 

This was Exhibit A.

On the right, a fully open doorway greets Cade. A single light seems to shine from within it. 

It’s clear this is where he should go. 

Inside the room, there is a marble pedestal with an ornately carved box atop it. 

Hopefully not out of bone.

Jackson Cade walks up to the box, looking down at it.

“Exhibit B, I presume.” He says out into the open air.

“How perceptive of you,” a voice returns. “Little Eagle.”

Jasper Redgrave.

Cade turns around, but the Artist is not there. Inside, we can see a video screen retract from the wall, Redgrave’s face on it.

“Afraid to face justice?” Cade taunts.

“Justice?” Jasper scoffs. “No. There’s nothing more I’d love than to show you what your justice entails. But tonight, I would rather you take in my latest Exhibit. It’s a soft opening, to be sure, but I’m glad you’re here to see it.”

Cade looks at the box with a raised eyebrow. It’s big enough that the mind could go crazy contemplating what’s inside.

“What’s in the box?” Cade asks instead. “I’m not playing your games.”

“Ah, but you are.” Redgrave says. “I despise games, Little Eagle. I prefer to cut to the chase, so to speak. But my ultimate work of art demands a patient hand.”

He pauses, but Cade doesn’t react. 

“There could be anything in there.” Redgrave says. “A rodent. A canine. Perhaps some of your precious ammo. Or perhaps it could be a head I carefully removed from someone. Maybe from someone you care about very much.”

Jackson Cade takes a deep breath, clearly rattled but not wanting to show it.

“Your Captain told you to put a bullet between my eyes, and by the time my ultimate Exhibit opens, Little Eagle, you will have tried.”

A pregnant pause. How did Redgrave know what was said in the Eagle’s Nest?

“And you will have failed.” Redgrave finishes.

Shaking his head, Cade turns around.

“I’m not playing your game, Redgrave. You want me to open that box to show me something horrible so that I’ll want to kill you.”

Redgrave’s gaze over his shoulder, Cade waits one more beat.

“I don’t care about you, Jasper. You’re just another perp to bring to justice.”

Perseus walks away, leaving The Gallery.

Out of the room beside Exhibit A, Jasper Redgrave emerges, watching Cade leave.

A smile on his face.




Dr. Death hands his title to Nurse Frightengale who holds it securely at ringside. Can Grimskull hope to dethrone the Luchadoc?

Grimskull stands in his corner of the ring with his hands still clapped in front of him as in prayer! Dr. Death stalks in front of him before leaping forwards with a massive savate kick! But Grimskull stays standing! Dr. Death fires out a terrifying combination of strikes and kicks that pummel The Teacher into the corner who accepts the beating as he continues his prayer!



The Martyr doesn’t continue his assault, he moves to the top rope! He wants to put this match away as quickly and painlessly as possible!




Dr. Death lands ringside and groggily runs a hand across his Nurse’s face, tapping her cheek and thanking her before sliding back into the ring! He pounces on a still woozy Grimskull and lays into him with a plethora of stomps before kicking him onto his stomach! He reaches down and tries to lock in a camel clutch but Grimskull fights against it as Death tries to get both hands under the chin! Grimskull flings his head back and it slightly detaches as it nails Dr. Death in the chest! The Luchadoc recoils in pain and Grimskull leaps to his feet with his head hanging half off!

The Preacher reattaches his head fully before hitting the ropes and coming back with a massive clothesline that grounds the still shocked doctor! Death tries to raise up to his feet but catches a hard knee to the temple that keeps him down! He forces Dr. Death up onto his shoulders and moves towards the corner!


The Doctor is dazed and Grimskull pulls him out of the corner for the pin!






Death is groggy as he gets to his feet and narrowly avoids another powerful headbutt! He chops Grimskull in the chest before hitting the ropes and coming back with a springboard roundhouse kick to the jaw! Grimskull hits the ground and Death rushes the turnbuckle, kicking off with a springboard Phoenix Splash!


He catches knees to the chest and Grimskull pushes him off, forcing Death to get to his feet and giving him a kick to the ribs for his troubles! The Teacher whips Death off of the ropes and goes for an axe handle but Death ducks it!




Death approches and places a foot on Grimskull’s back! He pushes down, choking the Teacher against the rope until the referee pulls him off! Luchadoc gets into an argument with the official over this and pushes him away!


The sound of the crack rings out through Arcadia and Dr. Death takes it as his queue to stop arguing! He hits the ropes and comes back with a tiger feint kick to the face that flings Grimskull backwards off the middle ropes! He staggers around on jelly legs as Dr. Death begins to springboard!



He goes for the cover!






Death rolls off of his opponent and stalks the ring as The Martyr sits up and clasps his hands in prayer in front of him! He slowly begins to rise as Dr. Death fires away at him with a flurry of chops and haymakers that can’t seem to keep Grimskull down! Chop! Punch! Chop! Punch! Chop! Punch! But Grimskull refuses to back down!




The Servant lets Dr. Death shakily get to his knees before teeing off with a plethora of kicks to the chest! One after another the kicks crack off of Death’s chest leaving it red and welted before leaping back and giving him a second Lesson with a superkick to the side of the head! Dr. Death collapses onto the ground and Grimskull flips him onto his back before once again ascending to the top turnbuckle and beginning to pray!



Grimskull throws a weary arm over Dr. Death!




The referee has to yank the title away from Nurse Frightengale at ringside before handing it to Grimskull! The Martyr is your new Rewind Champion!



As Drexl finds himself partying the night away into a drunken, drug fuelled stupor with more hoes than a brothel in his bed, Drewitt stands watch at the door of the Pussycat Club – feeling unable to sleep, rest or partake in the clubs delights.

So, when Stubbins Doom approaches, World Championship on shoulder – he finds himself somewhat intrigued.

The Champion stops closer than is comfortable, looking just above the repaired mask for a sign of any wounding.

“What the fuck do you want?” The Explorer growls at him.

“How’s your memory?” Doom asks, stepping backwards. “Would you say it’s a little hazy?”

Drewitt just folds his arms.

“I’m not here to manipulate you, Drewitt, in fact, quite the opposite. I used my Hackalator™ to look at the CCTV footage of Arcadia and I know precisely who you entered the groves with.”

That immediately causes The Explorer to step forward aggressively. Doom quickly puts his hands up, suggesting he halt.

“I’m trying to piece together what’s happened here, but the biggest piece of that puzzle is your brain,” he announces.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Can you fix my memory?” He asks.

“Well, I built a device called The Memory Meddler™ 3000. This device allows me to enter a brain, remove memories or find memories supressed and bring them to the surface,” he admits with a sinister smile of his own. “I’m just as intrigued about your memories as you are. If you’d like, I could take a look and try to repair your brain.”

Drewitt thinks about it for a minute.

“Alright,” he agrees. “But if we do this, I don’t want either of us fighting next week. If you’re gonna fuck with me brain, we need to pay all the attention we have.”

“Very well,” Doom says likewise in agreement. “Meet me at the Doom Factory next week and we’ll begin.”