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   “dead or alive”   


Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

The Groves.

Cold open, upon a face we’ve never seen before.

Stood in the middle of the wilderness over the corpse of Drewitt, is an older man with a wry smile upon his face. He looks down at the body of The Explorer, rubbing his chin.

His name? Igor Mortis.

“Something doesn’t seem quite right, does it?” He muses, taking in the scene.

A large man stands beside him, his arms folded.

He doesn’t say anything.

“Shall we gather him and take him to The Mortuary?” Igor asks, frowning.

Something seems off.


Just then, Drewitt gasps for air – sucking in as much of it as he can. It doesn’t even startle the two stood over him. They simply move backwards, watching as he tries to gather his bearings.

How can this be? Teddy O’Toole murdered him.

“Where am I?” He begs to know, touching his head and wincing in pain. “What’s going on?”

Before the two men can speak, a voice interrupts.

“Brudduh! Wagwan?” The voice booms from the bushes. It belongs to Drexl, who steps out with a big smile. “That’s where you got to, nicca!”

“Who’re you?” Drewitt growls.

“Man, you come down ‘ere wit me to get some of our special green, fall down, bang ya head and forget my fuckin’ name?” Big Slim says, lying through his teeth. “C’mon, get up. I ain’t payin’ you to sit around on yo ass all day!”

The Explorer slowly gets to his feet, dusting himself off.

He believes it.

He doesn’t have a choice.

Drexl leads him out of The Groves, a big smile on his face. After all, why wouldn’t he be smiling? He’s convinced Drewitt that he works for him.

Meanwhile, the two men who found him stand – perplexed.

“That man was neither dead nor alive when we found him, Tombstone,” the elderly man says with a grimace. “The reason why is of great interest to us.”

Tombstone bends down, picking up a card with Teddy O’Toole’s name on it. Beneath it, the words Old School Wrestling reside. He hands it to Mortis, who nods.

A few hours later, Drewitt and Drexl exit the groves and head back into Arcadia…

Only as they leave, they’re spotted by a very interested party.

Teddy O’Toole.

Who smiles, sadistically.



   kaiju chiba VS. MANNFRED CURZE   

A medal hangs above the ring. Which of these two unlikely heroes is going to be able to ascend and claim glory?

The match is off and Curze starts off by yanking a chair from the corner! He rushes Chiba and nails the big man in the gut! Kaiju tries to retaliate but catches a chair shot to the skull for his troubles! ANOTHER! ANOTHER! CURZE IS TRYING TO PUT KAIJU IN A COMA!

With Chiba down Mannfred grabs the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring! He ascends but Kaiju is up! HE BODY CHECKS THE LADDER! CURZE FALLS OFF AND LANDS THROAT FIRST ACROSS THE ROPES! Chiba grabs his head and Biel tosses him right onto the ladder!

The Horror is in trouble as Kaiju sets up a table in the corner and slams Curze off of it before he runs to the far corner! CHIBA SPLASH! MASSIVE CORNER SPLASH- NO! MANNFRED SLIPS AWAY AND FLINGS CHIBA RIGHT THROUGH THE FUCKING TABLE! The Big Save is down!

Curze tries to set the ladder up once more and begins his ascent! He gets to the top but Chiba is back up and rushes to the top! Both men trade blows! CHIBA HAULS MANNFRED ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! CHIBA BOMB! CURZE GETS THROWN ALL THE WAY TO THE MAT! Kaiju grabs the medal! He’s done it!

Chiba holds the medal above his head as he claims victory tonight!



Club 40.

The atmosphere inside is a festive one, with patrons enjoying their finest drinks and games…all bar one.

Narcissa Balenciaga.

No, her focus is solely on a napkin placed upon the table in front of her, marked with scribbles and doodles as the Designer looks at it fondly while speaking.

“It’s beautiful…a real blueprint of something great. This could take Arcadia by storm.”

She looks up, and we quickly realize who she’s talking to…the bartender, a young man who gives the napkin a glance before nodding with something of a smirk.

“Not half bad.”

The bartender turns his attention elsewhere to focus on serving other patrons, leaving Narcissa to scoff at the response she’s given…even mocking it slightly.

“Not half bad, he says…he’ll see. They’ll all see. This is gonna be…”

She’s cut off by a scruffy hand reaching over, grabbing the napkin before pulling itself away. With a scowl on her face, Narcissa turns around to see who’s taken her blueprint…and the scowl quickly morphs into a look of shock, accompanied by a gasp at the sight of the Devil himself.


A wicked smile revealing a glimpse of those pointed teeth of his as we see a couple Blood Runners flank him.

“Sorry, dear,” he says with nary a hint of sarcasm, stuffing the napkin into his vest pocket. “Strictly a business matter. I’d strongly recommend workin’ on somethin’ else to occupy your time.”

Narcissa starts to rise from her seat to stand her ground, but the Blood Runners take a step forward…forcing the Designer to back off, much to Blacktooth’s amusement as he chuckles before stepping away, the Blood Runners following close behind in the exit through the lively crowd of club patrons.

Leaving us with an angry Narcissa staring the trio down, stewing as she begins to plot her next steps. Her face shows that of rage, certainly…but also determination, unwilling to let a bunch of mercenaries get in her way.



CJ Thorpe sits minding his own business in a cell that looks as if it hasn’t been inhabitable for quite some time. He lays back on his mattress, folding an arm beneath his head for comfort. A voice interrupts his solitude.

Thorpe?” The voice enquires.

He sits up, looking perplexed – It’s Prometheus.

“The Red Hood and I need your help,” Prometheus asks. “You were once a recruit for the APD, weren’t you?”

CJ doesn’t respond.

“You deserted, right?” The Fire Bringer says. “You know, I know a little something about anti-authority, myself.”

“Oh yeah, what’s that, old timer?” The Chainbreaker asks.

“I was a close friend of Zeus for a while. One thing led to another and I torched levels of our world with the Olympic fire. I often think that I’m better off on Deathrow,” he says with a smirk.

CJ looks impressed and raises his eyebrows.

“What do you need from me?” He asks.

“In a room not too far from here is a man called Jiro; Jiro stole weapons from Zeus and the APD. That’s a fuckin’ impressive feat, except he won’t tell us where he’s hidden em.”

Thorpe thinks about it for a minute.

“So, you want me to use what I learned about interrogation from the APD to get the location?” He says with a chuckle. “That’s pretty smart. What’s in it for me? You know what it’s like down here, old timer. It’s quid pro quo.”

Prometheus offers a handshake.

“Call me Prometheus,” he says. “And how about a chance to fuck up Max Meadows?”

That immediately gets his attention.

“Yeah?” He asks.

“The Red Hood is prepared to offer you a match against Meadows at Ring of Death,” he offers with a smirk.

CJ immediately accepts the handshake and nods.


Both men begin chit chatting as we pan out to see the whites of someone’s eyes, watching from a distance, out of view and in the shadows.




Strapped to one another, both men look at the four corners, formulating a game plan for what’s to come!

STATUTORY DAMAGE! KNEE TREMBLER TO THE SKULL! Wolfe starts off with a massive cheap shot! He knocks The Mummy down and moves nonchalantly around the ring! One corner! Two corners! BACKDRAFT! SPINNING BACK ELBOW SLAMS HIM FACE FIRST INTO CORNER TWO! The Burned Man is up and he drops Wolfe!

The Sole Survivor hauls Wolfe up and hits a German Suplex out of the corner! The Conservator gets to his feet and narrowly ducks a clothesline before yanking the strap and pulling TBM into a nasty headbutt! He wraps the strap around his neck AND WRENCHES BACK! HE’S STRANGLING THE BURNED MAN!

Damien refuses to let up on the hold as he puts a boot to The Burned Man’s back! He leans back and taps his first corner! THE BURNED MAN THROW HIMSELF BACK FIRST INTO WOLFE! HE SLIPS OUT OF THE CHOKE AND PULLS WOLFE INTO A BELLY TO BELLY!

Neither man wants to give the other an inch and Wolfe powers up  before leaping at The Mummy! THE BURNED MAN DUCKS A SECOND KNEE TREMBLER AND WRAPS HIS BANDAGES AROUND WOLFE’S THROAT! HE CHOKES HIM OVER HIS SHOULDER! The Burned Man drags Conservator Wolfe over his shoulder as he goes corner to corner! One! Two! Three! Four!

The Burned Man drops Wolfe, letting him gasp on the ground before removing the strap and taking his leave, walking out of this ring the victor!


   “WE, THE PEOPLE”   


From a secretive spot, hidden behind a newspaper as he sits at a non-descript table in the business of Arcadia, Colt Ramsey lines up and takes his shot.


Capturing the moment before him in perfect light. An invisible looker-on, as what is becoming and all-too-familiar sight around Arcadia unfurls before him. A group of ruffians exert their dominance on yet another passer-by. They knock him to the ground, beating him and kicking him as Arcadians around them give the poor soul a wide berth.


Yet, as all hope seems lost, the figure that Colt Ramsey hoped to catch a glimpse of makes his presence felt. Out of a billow of smoke, the outline of an oversized hat and a hulking frame emerges. Kaiju Chiba lays waste to the group, easily disposing of the men and coming to the aide of the beaten civilian.


Colt Ramsey continues to snap photographs of Chiba, pressing play on a Dictaphone and recording his thoughts of what could be this month’s hit scoop.

“The Hero of the People.” Ramsey utters into the air. “Taking the fight back to the streets of Arcadia. But what do we, the people of the Underground, know about our latest hero? In these dark and untrustworthy streets, a hero is as rare as a shimmering unicorn…”

His voice trails off as he catches another glimpse of Chiba. The Hero of the People has his head turned, directly in the direction of where Ramsey hides behind his newspaper. He says nothing, makes no movement towards Ramsey, but the unfaltering stare lets Colt know…

Kaiju Chiba knows he’s being watched.



In amongst The Bleak and it’s people, there’s a shadow. A whisper. 

But the whisper is drowned out by other whispers. Louder whispers.

More frightened whispers.

“…I heard nobody has seen her for days…”

“…it’s true, he went to meet his brother but never showed…”

What? He asks himself, inside his head. He’s so used to being the unseen.

“What?” he asks, this time aloud, as those around him suddenly stop talking. There’s a mixture of fear and respect in their eyes.

“Some of our peers, sir, they’ve gone missing.”

Out of the shadows he finally steps. Mannfred Curze.

“How long has this been happening?” he demands of them.

“It’s hard to know for sure, but we’ve noticed people just these last days, maybe a week or two.”

Mannfred strokes his chin.

“I will look into this at once. And whoever this is will pay. Nobody ever gets into or out of The Bleak without my knowledge.”

And with that, Mannfred melts back into the shadows, gone before the whisper of his own voice finishes echoing. And straight away the voices of the inhabitants of The Bleak start once more.

“…do you think he can find them?..”

“…what if he can’t stop them…”



Two more unfortunate souls do battle in the decrepit Deathrow ring tonight. Can the Cleaner erase the grey or will the Man Inbetween be the one mess he cannot clean up?

The Gray man stares down the Cleaner inside the rotting ring as the Cleaner paces around, looking for the right opening. He rushes forward


The Cleaner nearly got his head clean kicked off there as he stumbles up to his feet into a brutal knee to the ribs before he’s lifted up high into the air, The Cleaners fingertips scraping against the upper balcony as Gray rushes forward



The Cleaner crashes back first into the steel cell, an agonizing cry echoing out as Aster simply looks down with passive malice before climbing over the ropes to greet his foe crawling on the concrete. The Grey Man pulls the Cleaner up by the back of his suit as his helpless foe reaches inside his suit. Gray sneers as he grips the Cleaner around the throat



The Cleaner throws a bottle of cleaner right into Gray’s face and between worlds he may be but he still needs to see. He swipes blindly, The Cleaner easily ducking underneath wild blows as he grabs around the neck, swinging back into the prison cell.


Russian Legsweep right into the unforgiving steel bars! The Grey Man collapsing to the concrete floor as The Cleaner reaches down, grabbing him by the head


Gray manages to power his way out, delivering a pair of stiff elbows low to break the attempted hold. The Cleaner stumbles on his feet right into an iron clad grip around his throat






Aster Gray doesn’t even look down at his opponent, a calm look in his eyes as he emerges victorious in another brutal DeathRow brawl. 



Will modern art or modern love prevail when the Artist takes on the Duke of Desire tonight!

Redgrave and Fidel tie up collar and elbow with the bigger, taller Redgrave barely towering over the portrait of a man that is Fidel. Redgrave transitions into a side headlock, ruffling Fidel’s perfectly quaffed hair, then takes him down to the mat, maintaining his vice grip on the head as Fidel scrambles about.

Fidel, after scrambling, manages to his feet, pushes Redgrave to the ropes and whips him across the ring and on the rebound meets the Artist mid-ring with a spinning spinebuster— LAY THEE DOWN!! Redgrave arches his back as Fidel pushes the shoulders down— ONE! TWO!! KICKOUT!!

Redgrave is rarely on the defensive, and finds himself open to Fidel who double jumps off the top rope— ELBOW DROP!! GETS NOTHING BUT CANVAS!! Redgrave lifts Fide up high with a stalling vertical suplex… THEN DROPS HIM DOWN INTO A SWINGING SLAM!! PORTRAIT OF A KILLER INTO A PIN— ONE! TWO!! KICKOUT!!

Both big men are hurting and they get to their feet. They start duking it out, with Redgrave popping Fidel hard in the chin! He tucks him between the legs with a double underhook— PEDIGREE!!! SYMPHONY OF SYMMETRY!!! Fidel is out and Redgrave rolls him into a cover— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Jasper makes Fidel his latest work of art tonight with the big victory!



Felix Foley is a man distressed.

He sits on a sofa in his locker room, looking aimlessly at a blank space on the wall. It’s been a few weeks since The Conservator Wolfe was taken from him and he’s yet to get him back.

Knock Knock!

Foley leaps up from the chair at the sound of someone knocking on his door and rushes to open it, finding a box on the floor. Excitedly, he pulls the box inside and rips the lid off.

Only what he finds doesn’t make him happy.

Quite the opposite.

is face turns red and angry.

Tears begin streaming down his face.

He drops to his knees, roaring with anger and sadness, crying, screaming, and moaning.

And in the box he dropped? Conservator Wolfe… in pieces.

As poor Felix Foley wails, the lights begin flashing red.

On, off.

On, off.


A guttural scream fills the room and when the lights come back on, Felix is led bleeding and unconscious in the middle of the room – a pool of blood forming around his head from where he’s been viciously assaulted.

On the wall, scrawled in his blood, is the word ‘ME’.

Who the fuck is responsible for these attacks?




Two very different walks of life cross paths inside a steel cell as Grimskull takes on Drexl!

Drexl rushes Grimskull at the jump, looking for an early advantage as he pummels away at the Preacher with some hard lefts and rights to try and wear him down…but Grimskull turns things around as he grabs Drexl, using enough force to send Big Slim face-first into the cell wall!

The impact sends Drexl bouncing back before falling to the canvas, as Grimskull looks to continue the offense with some hard stomps to the midsection before looking to bring Drexl back to his feet…only for Big Slim to roll him up into a small package! ONE! T–NO! GRIMSKULL KICKS OUT!

Back to his feet, Drexl chuckles at his cheeky pin attempt as he once again charges at the Suffering Servant…who sidesteps Big Slim, watching him run toward the wall again. This time Drexl stops himself from crashing, instead using the ropes to hit a running somersault clothesline! SPEED DIAL CONNECTS!

Drexl brings Grimskull back to his feet, hoisting him up for a running powerslam! BOOTY…NO! Grimskull slips out, connecting with a superkick instead! LESSON! Grimskull heads to the corner, climbing up top and up the wall for added height on a flying headbutt! PRAYER! GRIMSKULL COVERS HIM! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Despite his best efforts to give the Suffering Servant what he wants, Big Slim comes up short as Grimskull takes the win over Drexl!



Deep within the slums we find ourselves watching the likes of Skulltography. The tag team champs move through the makeshift houses, Gemini skipping mindlessly until Kpavio puts a hand on her shoulder, stopping her in her tracks. “You need to stay serious. The slums aren’t the filthiest place, but you look like a target to thugs.”

Gemini stops her skipping, shrugging her shoulders with a grin. “I think a little happiness would do some good! Maybe a flower garden would look nice around here.” She pulls out a rose she’d been carrying, placing it in a patch of dirt in front of one of the makeshift homes when a gruff voice calls out.

“Can I ask what you’re doing here?”

The duo look to the source, meeting eye to eye with both The Burned Man and, surprisingly, Destructo Boy. The young hero stands beside the mummy, Kingdomblade in hand.

“Exactly who we came to see,” Kpavio says, turning to face The Burned Man fully, stancing up as though a fight may happen, The Mummy responding in kind, narrowing his eyes.

“And why would that be?”

“The boy. He went missing after your match, but I see he’s here with you. Did you kidnap him?”

The Burned Man looks to Destructo Boy, James shaking his head, surprised by the accusation. “I’ve been with him of my own free will. Why would you think he kidnapped me?”

“Oh! I can answer this!” Gemini buts in, seemingly no longer in Lalaland inside her own head. “Mr. Skull got a note handed to him by a messenger!”

Kpavio puts up a hand to silence Gemini, sighing. “Anonymous tip. We’re just here to check in.”

“Because you think I’m a villain,” TBM responds.

Kpavio doesn’t say anything back, merely looking The Burned Man and Destructo Boy up and down before slowly backing away. “You said it, not me. Just know, we’ll be watching.”

Skulltography takes their leave, Gemini back to skipping the whole way as James and Burned Man watch on. However, the camera pans out to reveal two men watching  this entire exchange go down from a distance.

“It seems the message worked.”  It’s Dr. Death. He looks over to El Mariachi Muerte who merely smiles, nodding his head.

“All it takes is one note, then the song begins.”




The Journo and The Candyman go one-on-one tonight to determine which of them truly has the goods!

Ramsey and O’Toole circle one another and lock horns. Teddy quickly transitions to a side headlock and just as quickly spins behind Ramsey into a hammerlock! Teddy yanks on the arm with a grin, but Ramsey counters into a hammerlock of his own that puts the pressure on the Candyman!

Teddy counters into another hammerlock but Ramsey locks Teddy’s arms into a full nelson mid-counter and sweeps the leg— O’TOOLE HAS A FACE THAT’S FIT TO PRINT— BUT WE’RE OUTTA INK!! O’Toole artfully counters with a snapmare, planting Ramsey on his back— SOUR TWIST!! STANDING CORKSCREW PLANCHA INTO A PIN— ONE! TWO— KICKOUT!!

Teddy picks up Ramsey and locks his head under his arm. He escaleras off the turbuckle and spins around— TORNADO DDT!! But Ramsey kips out of it and runs the ropes, tumbling forward before leaping up at the turning Teddy— ROLLING CUTTER!! B-ROLL!! Cover— ONE! TWO!! KICKOUT!!!

The Journo packages Teddy up and goes to lift— BLOWN OUT??? NO— Teddy spins out and blows out a must of red mist… THAT BRAND NEW CHERRY FLAVOR TO THE FACE!! Colt’s blinded and down, flopping around as Teddy climbs the turnbuckle and leaps— SWANTON BOMB!!! SUGAR RUSH!!! Cover— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

The sweets take favor over the news tonight, as The Candyman comes away with the big victory!



The Clinic.

Dr. Death’s personal domain is a smaller level, but one all his own. Inside we find plenty of medical tools, a waiting room, and an overflowing cashbox filled with credits on the back counter. The Luchadoc is working on an unconcious patient as El Mariachi Muerte leans against one of the walls, watching intently.

“How sure are we that the message will keep their attention? Surely they must wonder who gave the tip.” Death looks towards his partner who chuckles.

“I’m confident, my friend. Arcadia is a large place, the slums themselves have many prying eyes. They’ll slowly tear into one another and we’ll pick up the pieces, and the titles.” EMM smirks as he speaks, clearly sure of the strife their little ploy would cause. “And if it doesn’t? Then they already proved how untrustworthy they find each other. That is a string that cannot be replaced.”

As the conversation goes on Dr. Death stops what he’s doing, looking around. “I need forceps.”

EMM looks around, glancing to a pair on the table next to him. “Of course-“


“Right away, doctor.” Nurse Frightengale appears seemingly out of nowhere, the bloody woman slinking out of the shadows with the instrument in hand. She hands it to Dr. Death who immediately gets back to work.

“Thank you, nurse. You always have exactly what I need.” Dr. Death reaches out, almost affectionately running a hand down Frightengale’s cheek, blood smearing across her skin. However, she appears to either not notice or simply not care, taking it with a nod before slinking back away.

Meanwhile, EMM watches this go on, eyes narrowed and head cocked to the side, a look of concerned curiosity on his face at what he’s just seen.




Will eyes or skull come out ahead when V1sion takes on Kpavio?

Kpavio goes to tie up but V1sion, who parries the attempt to leave Kpavio wide open for an attack— REVERSE SPINNING GUT KICK! KNEE TO THE FACE! This knocks Kpavio back a few steps but V1sion won’t let up— DOUBLE KNEE FACEBUSTER!!! THIRD EYE BLINDED!!! THIS ONE MAY BE OVER ALREADY!!!

V1sion pins Kpavio’s shoulders to the mat— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!! But the ref points at Kpavio’s leg on the bottom rope, which V1sion doesn’t see, because he’s blind… and when the ref tries to explain this to him it’s too late. Kpavio clobbers V1sion from behind, knocking him to the mat!

Kpavio grounds V1sion, stomping away on him, then dropping a quick elbow to the lower back, which frees up his arms to lock in the Rings of Saturn— JUSTICE!! V1sion is in trouble here now, kicking and flailing his legs but there’s no ropes within sight or sense!

Kpavio rears back on the submission, eliciting a scream from V1sion who simply cannot find his way to an escape here. Out of desperation, V1sion pushes his legs up and over Kpavio and reverses the pressure onto Kpavio, pinning his shoulders— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!! V1SION SQUEAKED OUT A WIN!!!

V1sion picks up the big victory tonight!



Vision, still in the ring following his match, begins to leave, two of his trust Third Eye comrades accompanying him out of the ring. As he makes his way to the steps towards the entrance, Grimskull appears. Although Vision cannot see Grimskull, he knows immediately exactly who is there.

“The scars on my body are temporary,” he starts. “But Grimskull, the scars on my mind may take longer to heal. I know we have never been friends, or even friendly acquaintances, but you have broken what I thought to be your moral code.”

Grimskull smirks. He hasn’t even brought any of his followers with him onto the ramp, that’s how sure he is that things will go his way.

“You will understand, Vision, that pain will set you free. This hurt that you’re feeling is nothing but good.”

Vision continues to walk towards his adversary.

“And I have told you, Grimskull, that pain is but one facet of the path to true sight. Pain I can bear. But you, obsessed with pain as you are, may not be able to bear the other facets. I urge you, Preacher, show that you are truly multifaceted. Show that you are more than just a torturer of souls. I can show you.”

Grimskull audibly snorts in derision.

“I thought that when someone was blind, their other senses heightened to make up for it. Surely a man so in tune with those other senses would be able to sense that I have no interest at all in your facets. Pain is the only truth. I do not need to see through a Third Eye.”

Grimskull turns to leave.

“Maybe not today,” Vision says, sagely, as Grimskull disappears behind the curtain. “But certainly soon.

Those last words barely escape his lips, not meant for Grimskull, but more as a reminder to himself.



The Eagle’s Nest.

Despite the anarchy occurring outside its halls, there’s a celebration underway inside the base of the A.P.D.’s elite Eagle Unit. 

Sr. Specialist Riggs is retiring. 

The man who spent a month in the clutches of Jasper Redgrave is sat at the center of a circle of chairs. He has a drink in his hand and a smile on his face. All around him, different officers come to offer their congratulations. 

But one man stands alone at the far side of the room.

Jackson Cade.

The man called Perseus sips a beverage atop his desk, watching the party with a stoic expression on his face. 

“You did good, kid.” A voice says behind him.

It’s the Captain.

When Cade doesn’t respond, the superior office nods in understanding.

“I know you think you got played by Redgrave.” He says. “But thanks to you, Jack, Riggs gets to go home to his family tonight a free man.”

Jackson lowers his head.

“But another man died.”

“Yeah, and I hate to hear that.” The Captain responds. “But dead Slumies are a dime a dozen. If we went after every on…”

“I don’t want to go after every one.” Cade interrupts, suddenly angry. “I want Redgrave.”

The Captain seems to consider reprimanding Cade for the outburst, but thinks twice.

“I thought you’d say that. I was going to order you to stay away from The Gallery, but…”

He holds out a small envelope.

“…this arrived this morning.”

Cade picks it up, and pulls out a letter.

“Exhibit B,” Cade reads aloud, “will be on display next week. Retirement is fun, but what will one bad day do to a man.”

The Captain lets Cade finish it before speaking.

“If you go, then I better see a corpse on my desk next Monday.” He says, his voice steel. “Don’t fuck around with this guy, put a bullet between his eyes.”

“No.” Jackson Cade says with a sigh. “He’s not worth the lead. There’s only one way I’m bringing Jasper Redgrave in.”

He crumples the letter up in his fist.

“By the book.”




Two champions battle tonight to prove which one is the superior Olympian. Will Doctor Death strap another patient to his operating table or will the Designer prove why his medical knowledge is so last season?

The bell sounds as Death rushes forward, trying to overpower his smaller opponent but Narcissa easily bridges underneath the clothesline attempt before clipping him in the back of the head with an enziguri. Death is dazed as Narcissa rushes to the ropes, leaping off the middle


Death flips over on the mat, rolling to his feet as Narcissa rushes at him once more


Death nearly turns the Designer inside out with a brutal standing Lariat, Death pulling her up as he punishes her with a pair of hard knees to the gut before lifting her up high



Narcissa countered the Powerbomb at the last moment, nearly spiking Death on his dome with a hurricanrana but he doesn’t go down fully, Death still on his knees as Narcissa once again rushes to the ropes



Narcissa wraps herself around Death before flinging him forward through the middle ropes as he crashes to the floor below. Death slowly gets to his feet, shaking the cobwebs out but he’s barely to his feet before he notices a Designer flying at him


Narcissa once again wipes out the Doctor, dusting herself off before lifting him to his feet and throwing him back inside the ring. Narcissa climbs up onto the apron, slowly waiting for Death to stumble to his feet before leaping up to the top rope and diving forward


Narcissa rolls to her feet right into another Lariat but Death doesn’t let her fall, grabbing her arm before delivering a second, and then a third before lifting her up high



Death spikes Narcissa into the mat with that brutal combination, and although the good Doctor finds himself the bigger and stronger for once, he has to go back to what feels natural as he leaps over the ropes, waiting for Narcissa to slowly get to her feet


Narcissa flies back into the ropes, bouncing off as Death leaps up


Dr Death stumbles up to his feet


That may well have been a hail mary shot as Narcissa collapses down onto the good Doctor as the referee makes the pin

















Both competitors slowly getting to their feet, Narcissa is the first to try and pepper Death with lefts and rights but a single brutal headbutt nearly breaks her nose and sends her staggering back. Death rushes forward but Narcissa bridges underneath another Lariat before dropkicking him hard in the back


Death is groggy as he flops back into the corner, barely able to pull his head up in time to see Narcissa rushing at him


The Good Doctor looks out of it as Narcissa pulls him up to his feet, wrapping one arm around him before trying to drive the other into his eyes


But she couldn’t get the full effect of the STO with the doctors mask far too hard to penetrate. 

That very well could be it but Narcissa wants to finish with style as she leaps over the ropes, waiting for Death to slowly get to his feet



That could be all she wrote for the Designer here as he fails to makeover the good Doctor in the latest trend. The Luchadoc lifts her up to her feet, rocking her with a second headbutt before grabbing her by the head as he springboards up the ropes



That very well could be it there as Death drops down for the cover
















Death signals for the end, Narcissa slowly stumbling up to her feet as he rushes to the ropes, springboarding off


Narcissa avoiding the Springboard Cutter as Death flies forward, going groin first into the nearby buckles. Death is trapped in the middle ropes as Narcissa grabs him by the head, running forward


The Designer is breathing hard but she knows victory is in sight. She lifts Death up to his feet, grabbing him by the head once more



Death doesn’t waste time, lifting Narcissa up to her feet before springboarding off the ropes


Death doesn’t let go of Narcissa’s head, flipping onto her back


The Million Dollar Dream is locked in tight as Narcissa tries to fight out but he’s too strong as she’s forced to tap out!

Dr Death picks up the big victory here, overcoming a very game Designer to prove the Rewind Championship is superior here tonight 



The Doom Factory.

In the middle of a laboratory, Stubbins Doom stands over a large analysing machine. With it, he’s running tests on an item that rests on a tray before him.

The Root of Ambrosia.

With a curious eyebrow raised and peering over his glasses, he looks towards Teddy O’Toole.

“So, can it?” He asks excitedly.

Doom doesn’t respond at first. He simply sighs.

“I simply must know, Dr. Doom,” he asks once again. “Please, can the root be replicated and manufactured?”

 “The properties of this are unique to say the least,” the scientist muses – his eyes not leaving those of O’Toole’s. “Do you know what you have here, Mr. Toole?”

Before he can say another word, Teddy snatches the root away in a panic and pops it back inside his jacket.

That immediately perturbs Doom, who reaches for his gauntlet and points it at The Candy Man.

Only The Candy Man is likewise as quick, pointing a pistol back at the OSW World Champion – the same pistol he shot Drewitt with.

“I don’t want any trouble,” Teddy pleads. “I’m just going to take my property and leave, alright? Let’s not make any hasty decisions, Doctor.”

“Do you know what you’re doing?” Stubbins asks wearily. “Do you? Because you’re playing with fire, and if you’re not careful, you’re going to get severely burned.”

The Candy Man smiles wryly.

“Oh, I know exactly what I have here,” he assures the Champ. “That’s why I’m leaving. That’s why I left Drewitt for dead. If you don’t want to meet a bitter end, I’d suggest you allow me to leave.”

Doom nods in agreement.

“Very well,” he says sternly. “Leave, as you wish. But note this, Mr. O’Toole – nothing good will come of you having that item. Nothing at all.

Teddy slowly backs away with a smirk, both men keeping their weapons trained on one another until they can no longer see any threat.