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Static covers the screen as a Play ► symbol appears in the bottom right-hand corner.

The House of Sovereigns.

As Zeus recovers from his traumatic almost murder, he’s entertaining a guest at home; none other than our number one reporter, Colt Ramsey. The photographer sits on a pristine brown leather chair opposite the Baron.

“I brought you here to ensure there’s no further copies of the photograph you originally showed me a few weeks ago,” he asks carefully.

Colt shakes his head.

“I destroyed it, just like you asked,” Ramsey confirms.

Good,” Zeus says rubbing his hands together. “Now, I need to know Mr. Ramsey; can you be trusted?

That surprises Colt.

“I don’t understand?” He asks in confusion.

Zeus leans forward.

“Only two people have seen the photograph revealing the actual bomber,” The Baron says with his eyes widened and eyebrows risen. “Only you and I know who tried to blow up Olympus and who succeeded in destroying Mount Olympus.”

That clicks for Ramsey, who understands now.

“You want to make sure that I’m not going to spill the beans?” Colt says with a sigh. “Look Zeus, there’s a story here, no doubt about it. I’m sure the whole of Arcadia would love to know who’s responsible for this and there’s no question that I feel duty bound to share it.”

The look on Zeus’ face changes. It becomes reddened, angry, and expressive. Ramsey immediately notices and puts his hands up in defence.

BUT,” he blurts out. “BUT, I wouldn’t do that. I know that you don’t want this information shared and it’s in my best interest to keep it to myself. You have my word; you can trust me.”

The Baron slides back in his chair, calming himself down.

“In that case, I’m going to reward your loyalty with an OSW World Championship Match at Invasion,” he announces to a big smile from Colt.

Suddenly, we’re transported to the Doom Factory, where Stubbins Doom sits behind a monitor, watching the entire conversation unfold through a small fly on the wall device that he devised.

I spy with my little eye, a very, very, disturbing little arrangement,” he scoffs. “This will take some negotiating.”

He smirks.



Earlier this week.

“Yo, open up. I’m finna find ya boy Blacktooth!”

Accompanied by thuds as he bangs on a metallic door, Drexl shouts at the top of his lungs. He’s full of bile and anger, but he’s had no joy so far. He deals one more hefty kick to the door and shouts one more time.

“Fuck this, man, get out here.”

Suddenly theres a low clanking sound and the door to the Blood Runners compound opens, and out steps Blacktooth himself. Alone.

He closes the door behind him.

“It’s a surprise to see you here, Drexl. I presumed I would need to come back to you for our next collection.”

“Ya next collection?” He sucks his teeth. “Ya think my girls are a fuckin’ platter!? Tell me why I shouldn’t cap your ass right here, right now?”

Blacktooth smiles.

“I took the liberty of presuming you knew who we were and what we wanted when I came to see you. Most people have heard of the sharp-toothed man and his band of bloodthirsty cannibals. It’s on you if you didn’t put the pieces together.”

“Man, everyone ’round here knows I pimp drugs and I pimp hoes. Ain’t nobody think I finna pimp meat. That’s on YOU if you didn’t know. And I’m here to service your debt. Ten of your men for ten of my girls. I want their heads on pikes.”

Suddenly the atmosphere takes a chill. Behind Drexl, faces emerge from the bushes and foliage. Each one of them with a hungry look in their eyes. There must be dozens of them, surrounding Big Slim, who is here all by himself.

“You think you can slice me before I slice you?” Drexl taunts. “Fuckin’ bring it, bitches.”

His confidence, though admirable, is misplaced as the Blood Runners now outnumber him severely. As they loom towards him, looking for just a little appetiser, two men suddenly appear from nowhere.

It’s Draco Deville and Aarman Fidel!

“Let’s get you out of here,” says Draco to Drexl.

“You too,” says Aarman to Blacktooth, grabbing his arm roughly.

“Blood Runners, get them!” he shouts. But they don’t move. They seem strangely kind behind the eyes.

“Oh, they won’t move until I’m a few miles away,” says Aarman. “Very powerful stuff, pheremones…”




Kaiju Chiba is one of Arcadia’s ever elusive heroes! Can Colt Ramsey get the scoop on The Big Save?

Ramsey sizes up Chiba who moves with purpose! Kaiju forces a tie up that Colt can’t escape before Biel tossing him across the ring! Colt is quick to his feet as Kaiju charges him AND HITS A DROP TOE HOLD! KAIJU SLAMS FACE FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Ramsey has the advantage!

The Jorno aims low with a chop block to the back of the knee that keeps Kaiju in the corner! He wails away with clubbing forearms before leaping for a reverse DDT! BUT KAIJU LIFTS COLT UP! RUNNING POWER SLAM PLANTS COLT RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!

The Big Save shows his strength as he deadlifts Colt off of the ground and drops him with a massive headbutt! Chiba lifts him off of the ground one more time! GORILLA PRESS- NO! COLT SLIPS OUT! SLEEPER SLAM! Chiba doesn’t stay down! Ramsey is nailing boots as the big man rises!

Ramsey hits the ropes and comes back with a massive big boot that staggers Kaiju! The Photographer leaps on his back as he rises- BUT KAIJU FORCES HIM TO HIS SHOULDERS! CHIBA BOMB! SPINNING SITOUT POWERBOMB PLANTS COLT AND HE HOLDS FOR THE PIN! One! Two! Three!

Colt is left in a heap! Kaiju Chiba has claimed a massive victory in his debut match!




Lots and lots of pacing.

Felix Foley paces back and forth backstage, utterly distraught. He looks as if he’s not slept in a week. His appearance is dishevelled, his facial hair at a grey stubble and there’s bags under his eyes.

“We must get him back, guys. I’ve been asking you to brainstorm all week, so what have you come up with?” He asks, looking towards a locker room bench.

Sat on it, Juggalo Jack, Sandy The Tooth and Deathly Dan sit.

We look at them, hearing their voices as they remain completely still.

“Fuck that mother fucker,” Jack says nonchalantly. “He’s the one who got himself caught.”

Close your eyes, go to sleep.

“Oh, shut the fuck up, Sandy,” the Juggalo interrupts. “No-one is closing their eyes or going to fucking sleep.”

“Perhaps you could threaten Mr. Wolfe with his name going into the Deathnote?” Deathly Dan suggests.

“Why would he give a fuck about your stupid little book of names, Dan?” Jack enquires with attitude. “We’d be better off seeing if he has daddy issues.”

“Hey, you leave my pops out of this,” Dan retorts.

Back to Foley.

“None of this is helping!” Felix blurts out. “If you don’t have anything nice to say Jack, maybe you ought to say nothing.”

Back to the bench.

“In his mouth are pearly white, spotlessly clean, gleaming teeth,” Sandy says with a hiss. “We could extract them all.”

“Have you been on the gas and air?” Juggalo Jack asks. “Everything you say has something to do with dentistry.”

Back to Foley.

Just then, something is slid under the door. It’s a note using newspaper clippings. Felix quickly picks it up and inspects it before opening the door to see the courier is long gone. He takes a read aloud.

“I WiLl dEsTRoy hIm. InVASiOn, oR ElSe!”

His eyes well up with tears.


   “ART OF PAIN”   

A solitary shriek rings out in the large hollow walls of The Gallery’s main hall.

Yet it does not deter the one walking boldly into the lair of Jasper Redgrave.


The Preacher ignores the grotesque artwork composed of human remains, his purple eyes fixed on a man seated at the end of the hall.

“I’ve grown tired of waiting for you, Grimskull.” Jasper Redgrave says in greeting.

He’s carefully carving into a piece of meat on an ornate table, crafted out of fused human bones.

A piece of art, to some.

“I do not rise at your beckon.” Grimskull retorts. “It is curiosity that brings me to your hall, not mandate.”

The Artist takes a well-measured bite of meat, carefully eating it while the Preacher seethes at having to wait.

“Curiosity?” Jasper says once finished, a smile flashing across his face. “You wish to see how your Embrace of Pain has fared?”

Grimskull nods.

Jasper rises, carefully wiping his hands off with a curiously colored leather ‘rag.’

Perhaps another piece of art?

“I must say, I did not envision having need for something like this.” Redgrave says as he leads Grimskull deeper into the Gallery. “A device that does not kill, yet forces constant pain? I prefer a quick end for my canvas.”

A scowl from Grimskull.

“You held up your end of the bargain.” The Preacher admits. “Many were able to hear my message because of it. I do not see why a killer such as yourself needs the Embrace of Pain.

“Oh it’s not for me.” Redgrave says, reaching a door. “”I have special plans for the Embrace. A very special project is about to fruition, and your methods, while crude, will suffice for it.”

Opening the door, Redgrave gestures and Grimskull looks inside. This is the same door Dr. Death looked in last week.

What lies beyond is the Embrace of Pain.

But we don’t get to see that just yet.

Instead, Grimskull pulls his head out of the room with a grin. 

“It smells of fear and tastes of agony.” 

Redgrave smiles back.

“Then our business is concluded, Grimskull. You’ve given me a great gift, and while I do not understand what I did for you, I’m sure it’s part of your twisted ideology.” 

The two of them stare at one another, a sudden tension in the room.

“If you cross me, Preacher,” Redgrave says. “I will give you a painless death.”

“And if you cross me, Artist,” Grimskull retorts. “I will bring such pain upon you that you will wish you were dead.”

With that, the Preacher turns and leaves the Gallery.

Their business is concluded.

But what the hell was it?




Two very different suppliers of treats are on a collision course as Drexl takes on Teddy O’Toole!

Big Slim makes the best of his size advantage, charging at Teddy before pummeling the Candy Man with some hard lefts and rights. After a moment, Drexl sends O’Toole to the ropes, but a clothesline attempt is thwarted before Teddy uses his momentum to drop Drexl with a cross body!

Before he can go for the pin, Teddy is shoved off by the Pimp, who quickly gets to his feet as O’Toole rushes him with a flurry of offense…but Drexl slips out of a neckbreaker attempt, dropping the Candy Man down hard to the canvas with a big forearm smash!

Drexl smirks as he gets back to his feet, hitting the ropes as he goes for a running senton bomb on O’Toole! HIPPIE FLIP…NO! Teddy rolls away just in time, forcing Big Slim to crash to the canvas as the Candy Man blindsides him with a kick to the skull!

Teddy makes a cover! ONE–KICKOUT! Drexl slowly rises as O’Toole eggs him on…hitting him with a blast of candy syrup to the eyes! THAT BRAND NEW CHERRY FLAVOR! Drexl falls to the canvas, blind to Teddy climbing the turnbuckle for a swanton bomb! SUGAR BOMB! O’TOOLE COVERS! ONE! TWO! THREE!

Big Slim feels awful small as Drexl falls to Teddy O’Toole!



It has been one week, and a couple of hours.

We find the figure of Narcissa Balenciaga once more in the Slums. Though the visible nerves on her body language cut somewhat of a different figure this week to last time we saw her. She checks her watch, a concerned expression on her face.

That is, until her attention is grabbed by the skipping of little feet and an innocent giggle.

A little girl, one of the very same children from last week. She casts a different figure to her surroundings, stopping in the middle of the slum alley with a smile on her face.

“You’re back!” She greets Narcissa as if saying hello to a friend. “We tried to warn you…”

The little girl doesn’t finish her sentence, leaving the idea hanging in the air while she skips off. Narcissa, confused, watches her curiously. Eventually, the girl stops and turns, beckoning the Fashionista forward.

“You’re waiting for Mister Varis to report back with your flower? It’s your fault. You sent him into the Bleak. Come on, I’ll show you.”

Narcissa, still somewhat skeptical and puzzled, begins to walk towards the little girl.

“It’s not a flower, it’s a plant…” Her voice fades as the girl skips away again.

Following her, at a brisk walk to keep up, Narcissa is led around narrow alleys and passageways until the somewhat crowded slums begin to fade, darken. Less people are their to cast their judgmental eyes upon Narcissa as she follows the girl… into the Bleak itself.

The loneliness is accompanied by darkness, with the girl soon coming to a halt. Narcissa, puffing a little, stops to catch her breath and the girl points straight ahead.

There. Impaled upon a ten foot stake, his mouth open to a silent scream. His eyes still open, unblinking. The gruff looking man that had taken up Narcissa’s quest last week.

Nailed to the pole underneath the dead man is a sign.

‘I told you not to poke around.’

Within the gruff man’s mouth, stuffed in there as if to display it, is a single plant. One of the dark fibred plants that Narcissa is searching for. One plant.

From nowhere in particular but all around her, she hears a low laugh fill the air. The laugh, enough to send the now petrified little girl scarpering back to the slums. Mannfred Curze’s voice calls out on the air.

“Climb up and get it, curious little cat. But you’ll have to fight me for the rest of the supply he gathered.”

Then, there is silence. Only dark. Only Narcissa. A ten foot pole, and the body of the only man who was brave enough to help her.



Somewhere in the darkest dirtiest depths of Deathrow, a man that lives his life somewhere between life and death, resides. Sitting in a long forgotten cell of darkness, he has his long grey hair draped over his face.

“Hello?” A voice calls out, entering the cell cautiously. “Mr. Gray?

Aster carefully looks up.

“I’ve brought you a gift,” the man says, slowly walking closer.

Gray carefully takes possession of the gift and looks at it; it’s a diorama of him, erotically posed. The man who gave it to him smile sadistically, rubbing his moustache with two fingers.

“This amuses you, doesn’t it Harvey?” Gray says solemnly. “You know that I walk the line between life and death, do you not? You cannot kill me, as I do not live. This diorama is but fantasy.”

Harvey chuckles to himself.

“I’m Harvey Escher, the Diorama Killer,” he replies with a toothy smile. “And you Mr. Gray are somewhat of an enigma. I want to study you; I want to create pieces of you, and I want to see if you tell the truth.”

Gray stands, looming over Escher.

“You intrigue me too, Harvey. Thank you for the gift,” he says motioning towards the door with his head.

“You’re very welcome, Mr. Gray. I’ll be seeing you in Deathrow soon enough,” he says whilst walking away.

Aster scoffs.




The Tag Team Championships are on the line tonight when Skulltography defend against the super hero in training Destructo Boy and his reluctant guide The Burned Man!

Destructo Boy insists to start the match even though The Burned Man asks him to think better of it, and James runs right at Kpavio— CORKSCREW HEADBUTT!! But his head meets Kpavio’s knee! Kpavio tags Gemini in and takes Destructo Boy’s legs out with a spinning leg sweep as Gemini executes a spinning heel kick to the head— BONE DRY!!

Gemini covers after that Total Elimination— ONE! TW— James kicks out but is in trouble here! Gemini whips him across the ring but when he rebounds off the ropes he drills her with a desperation bang-a-rang— THE OMEGA BLASTER!!

Both Destructo Boy and Gemini make the hot tag, and The Burned Man comes at Kpavio like a man on fire— BIG CLOTHESLINE DROPS KPAVIO! AND ANOTHER! TBM whips Kpavio into the ropes and drills him on the rebound with a brutal spinning back elbow— BACKDRAFT!!

TBM climbs to the top rope and leaps… DIVING ELBOW DROP— FIRE FROM THE GODS HITS NOTHING BUT CANVAS!! Gemini slides into the ring and hits a backstabber on TBM— SNAPSHOT— that launches TBM right into a package piledriver by Kpavio— KPAVIO CRUSHER!!! A FLASH OF VENGEANCE!!! Gemini traps James in a Kimura— POLAROID— as Kpavio covers TBM— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Skulltography’s teamwork overcomes adversity, and they defeat a very game team of youth and wisdom to retain the titles tonight!



Earlier this week.

In one room, Drexl sits on a chair. There is nothing else in the room save for a light that swings lightly from the ceiling. In front of him is none other than Draco Deville.

“It looks like you have gotten yourself into quite the pickle,” he says, offering Big Slim some water.

“Now what if I told you that I’m in the business of providing people what they want?”

“What I want? I want the biggest strap you have so I can take this fake G out,” shouts Drexl.

“But you’re thinking to small. What if you could…really…sort your issue? I can give you that…”

“Hold on, just like a Friday night at my place, I can feel a but flying at me.”

Draco smiles.

“It comes at a price, of course. I must make a living.”

Drexl things for a second.

In another room, Aarman and Blacktooth sit. This room is sparse too.

“Blacktooth, you have to understand, there is a problem here of your own making.”

Blacktooth looks bewildered, but there is no anger. Aarman is clearly working his magic.

“I can fix it for you. This little issue with Drexl. You’ll owe me a favour, though. A favour I might cash in at any time.”

Blacktooth looks up at him, smiling with those sharp teeth of his.

In both rooms, Drexl and Blacktooth simultaneously say:

“Yes, do it.”

Aarman and Draco leave the room through the one solitary door, and find themselves face to face in the basement of Deville’s Curiosities, having exited rooms across from each other. They look awkwardly at each other, then walk in separate directions.




Calf raising meets pencil pushing tonight, as Narcissa Balenciaga puts her Double Feature Championship on the line against Damien Wolfe!

Tie up collar and elbow, but Narcissa ducks underneath and runs off the ropes. On the rebound she attempts a running spinning high heel kick— HIGH FASHION!! Wolfe again sees red as the bottom of Narcissa’s shoes blind his eyes, and she follows up by walking on his back— CATWALK!!

Narcissa leans over the top rope and blows a kiss to her adoring fans in the crowd, but when she turns back around she’s met with a stiff kick to the gut from an angered Wolfe that bends her over— BRACHIUM BREAKER!! SINGLE ARM DDT!! Cover— ONE! TWO!! HEEL ON THE ROPE!!

Wolfe demands Narcissa get off the mat, stalking her until she gets to all fours and sprints at her— STATUTORY DAMAGE!! The knee trembler connects but Narcissa ricochets off the ropes back into Wolfe and tangles him up in the ropes— TARANTULA!! WEFT AND WARP!! But she’s forced to break at five!

Both competitors get to their feet, and Narcissa kicks Wolfe in the gut and grabs his right arm with her right hand, steps over him while still maintaining her grip, then forces his head into the crook of her right arm and drops forward, forcing Wolfe straight down on the crown of his head— EX PARTE IS THE LATEST TREND!!! Cover— ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!

Wolfeskin fur is just the latest trend as the fashion designer successfully defends her title!



We find ourselves inside a dimly-lit room, hearing a collection of moans and groans that come from just beyond what we see…except for one groan that stands out from the rest, one we can trace the source to.


This one belongs to one of Arcadia’s finest.

Jackson Cade.

Only he’s not looking so fine.

Opening his eyes, the Specialist slowly rises to a seated position on a hospital bed, his impaired vision still allowing him to make some sense of his surroundings as he notices a collection of tools and devices off to one side.

He scans his eyes up and down the shelves of vials, beakers, and contraptions, becoming more perturbed by the sight of it all…when suddenly, he feels a hand brush against his arm. Cade pulls his arm away, noticing a strange, mysterious figure holding a sponge and a cloth. He’s unable to make out detail on the face of this figure…but to the Specialist, that may be for the better.

After all, his focus is on trying to escape…but the figure, sensing this tension, shakes its head, trying to help Cade lay back on the bed as it speaks with a soft, almost feminine, tone of voice.

“No, Mr. Cade. You need to rest…you need to be saved.”

He tries to resist, but finds himself feeling far too groggy to fight back as the figure rests its hand on his forehead, as if checking for a fever. Jackson’s eyes struggle to stay open, until they close entirely before he falls back upon the hospital bed. Satisfied that Cade won’t interfere further, the figure goes back to work treating the arm of the Specialist.

Jackson Cade’s pursuit has been put on ice…and the six man tag main event may have just become a handicap match in the process.




Drewitt is stepping into Dr. Death’s office tonight! The prescription he wants? The Rewind title!

The Luchadoc starts us off as he rushes Drewitt! He slides beneath the Wanderer’s legs and springboards off of the far ropes! SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE- BIG BOOT! DREWITT JUST GROUNDED THE DOCTOR! The Pilgrim peels Dr. Death up and runs him shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Death is already in dire straits!

Drewitt lands a few stomps to the doctor before grabbing him and going for a German Suplex! Luchdoc back flips onto his feet! HE BOUNCES OFF OF THE ROPES! SHINING WIZARD TO THE SKULL OF THE RISING DREWITT! Death hits the ropes again! Rolling thunder to the chest of The Pilgrim!

Dr. Death keeps up the pace and refuses to let Drewitt up as he runs up the turnbuckle! FROG SPLASH! ONTO THE KNEES OF DREWITT! The Wanderer is up fast and he pulls Death into a spinebuster that rocks him before hitting the ropes! LEGDROP BY THE FABLED!

The Pilgrim forces Death to his feet and nails a harsh series of forearms before whipping him to the ropes! DEATH LEAPFROGS OVER HIM ON THE WAY BACK! Drewitt misses a big boot! DEATH HANDSPRINGS INTO THE ROPES AND COMES BACK! CUTTER! LETHAL INJECTION TO DREWITT! DEATH COVERS! One! Two! Three!

Dr. Death retains his title, overcoming Drewitt’s strength with his sheer agility!



In a secluded corner of Arcadia stands a single tree. A canopy that reaches up, sitting in a relaxing garden, carefully tended to but rarely visited. For not many know about this secluded little paradise.

Gemini does though.

She sits under the tree, legs folded and eyes closed. Relaxing and calming herself after her match, while soft music plays. The zen of the garden is soon broken by the crunching of footsteps as another figure joins her in the garden. Gemini greets the approaching figure without even opening her eyes.

“Thanks for joining me. I wanted to show you a place I like to come sometimes, a place not many people know about. You know, when I need a bit of alone time.”

She opens her eyes and looks around.

“I think somebody else visits my secret garden too sometimes though. They leave a mess, ripping flowers out of the ground, and they leave the place smelling of nasty magic.”

She tuts, and lets out a sigh.

“Some people aren’t very nice, are they my friend?”

Kpavio takes a long while to answer, obviously digesting everything Gemini has just put to him.

“I didn’t realise magic had a scent.”

Gemini stands, laughing sweetly.

“Oh sure. Everything has a smell if your nose can sniff it. Weird, I thought everybody smelled magic like flowers.” She pauses, then her face lights up. “Oh! That’s right! I remember why I asked you to come here.”

She clicks her fingers, before rummaging in her bag for a moment. She lets out a whoop of excitement and holds a small jar up in the air.

“Lie down on the grass over there. I’ve made you a salve from the flowers in the garden.”

Kpavio looks a little unsure, but does as she requests without complaint.

Gemini lifts his shirt up, revealing the wounds from the Lucky Charms daggers. The wounds look nasty, possibly infected.

“You’ve been so brave to keep fighting even though you’re hurt, but they must be sore. This will help.”

She opens the jar and takes a large scoop onto her hand. Reminiscent of a mother rubbing VapoRub on a child’s chest, she smears the salve on Kpavio. He looks somewhat uncomfortable with the situation, but Gemini doesn’t notice at all.

“There. You’ll be good as new… And it smells like Summer Flowers, so you’ll smell better too.”

Kpavio is quick to return his outfit to its rightful place. He stands, helping Gemini to her feet also, but his expression is different. A protector’s look in his eyes.

“You know… We’re going to have to fight them. They won’t stop unless we stop them. There’s a battle coming, are you ready for that.”

Gemini smiles at Kpavio.

“Aren’t you a sweetie? Look at you, all concerned for me. So nice. I tell you what. Those nasty little Lucky Charms need to be taught to play nice. We’re going to teach them a lesson they’ll never forget.”

Gemini holds her hand out for Kpavio to take. But Kpavio merely nods at her and turns about on his heel, taking his leave.




The VHS Championship is on the line tonight when two of OSW’s finest in Felix Foley and collides with Blacktooth!

Tie up collar and elbow. Foley moves lethargically and looks disheveled, as if he hasn’t slept in days, and Blacktooth quickly transitions into a wrist lock. But Foley’s old man strength manages to come through, barely countering into a headlock on the smaller Blacktooth…

FRESH MEAT!! BLACKTOOTH JUST BIT HIS WAY OUT OF THE SUBMISSION!! Foley guards his bloody forearm as an oncoming Blacktooth unsheathes a blade from his boot— WASTELANDER!! BUT FOLEY DUCKS UNDER THE KICK!! In one swift motion Foley hoists Blacktooth onto his shoulders— DEATH VALLEY DRIVER?? NO!! Foley’s strength gave out and Blacktooth slipped out…

Blacktooth cackles at the battered and tired Foley from above as Foley laments at his bitten forearm. He sits above Foley in a camel clutch, and goes to fishhook Foley’s nose… BUT FOLEY SCRAMBLES OUT IN DESPERATION! Foley launches his own body weight into the ropes and miraculously drills Blacktooth with a big boot— THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR BOOTIN’!!

Foley takes center stage in the ring and taunts the rising Blacktooth by making puppeteering motions in the air with his hand… Blacktooth turns— RIGHT INTO THE MANDIBLE CLAW!!! IT MAY BE CANCELLED, BUT FOLEY BROUGHT THE PUPPETSHOW DEEP DOWN BLACKTOOTH’S THROAT TONIGHT!!! HE TAPS OUT!!!

Foley made Tooth Rot his latest puppet, retaining his VHS Championship tonight!


   “PROVE IT”   

Deep in the slums at the ramshackle domain of The Burned Man do we find Arcadia’s mummy changing the bandages on his hands, the altercation last week having visibly frayed them. He glances at the burnt skin beneath them for a moment, letting out a small sigh which is interrupted by footsteps heralding the arrival of someone he seems to expect.

Destructo Boy.

“Oh, you’re here. I see you didn’t take my advice.” The Burned Man’s gets up from his seat, turning to face Destructo Boy who looks none too pleased with the greeting.

“I told you, I’ll never stop protecting the people of Arcadia.” James stands tall as he speaks, a sense of unfaltering determination in his words. He clutches the Kingdomblade in one hand, slinging it over his shoulder. “I should thank you for helping me, but I need you to understand something. Arcadia needs Faith, it needs someone to give it hope.”

The Burned Man lets out a small chuckle, an almost guttural sound coming from his throat. “You have a lot of optimism, don’t you? I said before, Arcadia will chew you up and spit you out. But you don’t care about that, do you?”

Destructo Boy shakes his head, clutching his blade even tighter. “Nothing will stop me from helping them.”

“Then prove it.” The mummy speaks curtly, clearing his throat as he approaches Destructo Boy.


“Invasion. Fight me, show me that you can hold your own. I don’t want anyone in Arcadia to go through what I went through, so show me I have one less person to worry about.” The Burned Man’s words visibly shock Destructo Boy, however the young hero simply nods.

“I’ll do it.”

“Then I’ll see you at Invasion.”

The Burned Man offers a handshake, one that Destructo Boy accepts as the scene fades out.



The Ol’ Factory.

Teddy O’Toole stands inside his office, packing a small rutsack full of essential items, preparing for the trip that both he and Drewitt are about to make. As he packs his bags, a figure appears at the door – Dionysus.

“Oh,” Teddy says in surprise. “Dionysus. I wasn’t expecting you. Did we have an appointment?”

The member of the council shakes his head.

He’s covered head to toe in a cloak that just covers a luchador style mask that all council members wear to protect their identity.

“You were under strict instructions not to take anything from the Library,” Dionysus says sternly. “But I’ve found a page missing.”

That surprises O’Toole, who surely thought no-one would ever know.

“That’s extremely concerning,” he feigns. “Drewitt must’ve taken it!”

Dionysus folds his arms.

“But I ask you not to punish him yet. I really need him for my newest ingredient, Dionysus. Why don’t you entrust me to ensure the page returns to you at the Library?” Teddy suggests with a big nod.

The council member thinks about it for a moment.

“I want it returned to me by the time you come back from your trip, do you understand? Should it not be returned, I’ll send the APD to collect you both,” he says sternly, making a point.

O’Toole nods in agreement.

“I can assure you; I’ll get it back from that rogue,” he promises, placing a hand on his heart. “Hand on heart.”

Dionysus turns around and exits, leaving Teddy to carefully take the page from rolled up inside his jacket pocket and look at it. He smirks, flicking it with two fingers and then placing it back inside his jacket.

Just at that moment, Drewitt appears.

“Are you ready to go?” He asks.

Teddy nods enthusiastically.




Our main event tonight  was meant to be a stacked trios match but with Jackson Cade missing, Vision and Grimskull find themselves at the mercy of Jasper Redgrave and O’Death. Can GrimVision pick up an upset victory or will they fall victim to the numbers game?

The bell sounds with V1sion starting off with Dr Death as the luchadoc bounces off the ropes, trying for a flying kick but the Awoken One easily ducks underneath, grabbing Death in mid-air as he drops him to the mat with a hard neckbreaker. Death crashes to the mat as V1sion floats over, trying to lay in some ground and pound with hard elbows but Death easily ducks and weaves, nailing a hard headbutt before flipping V1sion over into a modified pinfall attempt.







V1sion manages to get the shoulder up!

Both men get to their feet, Death ducking underneath a clothesline before rocking V1sion with a sudden enziguri. The Luchadoc rushes to the ropes, bouncing off behind V1sion before leaping up


V1sion counters the poison-canrana, catching him on his shoulders before slamming Death down with a brutal Electric Chair Drop. V1sion stands up, the power of the Third Eye flowing through him as he stalks a slowly rising Death.


But V1sion can’t quite get it locked in with how badly the good Doctor is struggling as both men stagger back into the opposing corner, V1sion slamming hard back first on the steel buckles, still keeping the hold on as Grimskull blind tags himself in.

Death nearly has his way out of the submission only to get drilled hard in the stomach with a double fist blow from Grimskull, allowing V1sion to drag him down backwards, properly locking in the Dragon Sleeper. Death struggles in the hold as the referee tries to count V1sion down, Grimskull rushing to the ropes, bouncing off before falling forward.


V1sion lets go of the sleeper, heading back to the apron as Grimskull lifts up the hurting Dr Death, hoisting him up high in the air


Grimskull plants Dr Death into the mat, spiking him down hard but he’s not done as he slowly climbs up top, looking to finish off the Luchadoc, sizing him up for a moment


Grimskull plants down hard head first, slowly rising up to his feet as Jasper spins on his feet


Jasper grabs the stunned Dr Death, pulling him towards his corner before leaping the top rope and blind tagging himself in. Jasper slowly stalks the rising Grimskull, delivering a hard running punt to the ribs before lifting him up off the mat.

He grips him in a front facelock, delivering hard knee after knee to the ribs before quickly pulling him towards the ropes. He hooks his legs on the middle rope before pulling him forward, almost stretching out the Martyr’s body before planting him down hard into the mat


That very well could be it as Jasper drops down for the cover,








Jasper wants to paint the canvas with the Martyr’s blood, and even though you can’t draw blood from a skull, the Artist won’t stop until that skull is rendered into a fine powder. He pulls Grimskull up to his feet, the Martyr fighting back with a hard headbutt to the midsection before rushing to the ropes, bouncing off

LESSON….REDGRAVE CATCHES THE SUPERKICK! Shaking his head with an almost mocking tone, he spins Grimskull around before nailing him with a vicious Superkick of his own. Grimskull staggers into the ropes,  bouncing off

INTO A COLLAGE OF VIOLENCE! The Artist nearly cracking that skull with a brutal Superkick/Spinning Elbow combination, the Martyr looking almost lifeless on his knees as Jasper lifts him up high, looking to vanish away Grimskulls life.

CRUCIFIX POWER….NO! Grimskull just manages to slip out of the Powerbomb but he’s still groggy on his feet as Jasper rushes forward


Jasper staggers up to his feet right into a brutal LESSON! The Superkick hitting flush this time as Grimskull leaps to the ropes, tagging V1sion back into the match right as Jasper staggers back into a blind tag from El Mariachi

Both men rush forward, flowing with hard lefts and rights in an exchange that El Mariachi gets the better of as he whips V1sion into the ropes, trying for a clothesline that V1sion ducks under, as the Awoken One tries to lock in Hello Darkness once more


El Mariachi nails V1sion with a hard jawbreaker, staggering him for a moment as Singing Death rushes to the ropes, springboarding off

THE LAST CARNIVALE! SPRINGBOARD LUNGBLOWER may well have just broken V1sions back with the sheer force.

El Mariachi pulls the hurting V1sion up, pummeling him with lefts and rights before throwing him into the corner. El Mariachi tags in Doctor Death as the two begin to stomp an absolute mudhole into V1sion with a double set of CHEST COMPRESSIONS! 

They peel V1sion out of the corner, El Mariachi gripping him around the waist as Doctor Death rushes to the ropes. V1sion going high in the air courtesy of a release belly to belly as Death leaps forward, grabbing him by the head and driving him down to the mat with a springboard cutter


That has to be it there as Death drops down for the cover



















Grimskull barely stands up after breaking the sure match ending fall right into a brutal Superkick from Jasper Redgraves who pummels him right into the canvas. The Artist lifts him up high, double underhooking him before unleashing knee after knee to the skull until Grimskull looks limp in his arms. Redgraves looks to finish him off as he places the skull between his legs before underhooking both arms.


Grimskull looks out cold as Jasper kicks him out of the ring, drilling a slowly rising V1sion with a Superkick of his own for good measure right as Doctor Death leaps off the ropes

PAINKILLER! The Poisoncanrana hits flush this time but Death doesn’t cover, instead both he and El Mariachi climb up to the top rope together, holding onto eachother as El Mariachi tosses a rose down before they both dive off

DEATH SYMPHONY! DIVING SEATED SENTON/DOUBLE FOOT STOMP COMBINATION! That has to be it as Death drops down for the cover


















The team of O’Death and Jasper Redgrave come out victorious in this trios match here tonight for as much as V1sion and Grimskull tried, they couldn’t overcome the numbers game in the end. 



After a hell of a match, there’s blood in the water and the sharks are hungry.

The blood in the water belongs to Grimskull and Vision, and the sharks are Jasper Redgrave and O’Death.

Even a blind man can see this fight isn’t over.

Oh wait, we have one!

And he’s getting pummeled by Jasper Redgrave, who is relentless in his assault. Each kick reverberates throughout Olympus as Redgrave calmly intends to end one of his Invasion foes here tonight.

But here’s Grimskull!


The superkick knocks him out of the way, but Grimskull is quickly assaulted by O’Death. Muerte grabs him into a piledriver position while Dr. Death leaps to the top rope.







Vision stand still for a moment, waiting for movement to clue in his cognitive abilities, but Dr. Death is too fast! He was already up top, so he comes flying out…



But he gets no respite.




Grimskull rises up, going to check on Vision. 


Grimskull bounces back off the ropes.



Jasper Redgrave stands over a sea of fallen bodies. He grins, and leans on the ropes looking out into the crowd.



“Little Eagle,” He says. “It’s just you left now, isn’t it?”

Redgrave looks back at the others.

“I’ll be waiting.”

Will Jackson Cade even make Invasion?

Jasper leaves the ring, with the other four down and out.

He’s come out on top in every situation this month, but will he come out on top at Invasion?

There’s only one way to find out.