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Circle of Life.

Circle of Life.

Watching the wildlife of Arcadia has always been a hobby of mine. 

It’s lead to some interesting sights. 

It was over the course of a few weeks that I actually followed a moose, a truly majestic creature in the woodland biome of this forsaken land. 

I watched this creature over the course of that time dispatch predator upon predator with its size, strength, and agility. 

It was something to behold, I saw it toss a coyote more than twelve feet into the air using its massive horns. 

This was until he met a lobo. 

It lured the moose into an area that had a horrible echo

While it slowly circled in on his prey howling every few feet. 

The moose began to panic but couldn’t decide where to run, it didn’t know where its hunter was… 

I then realized something I should’ve days ago… 

The moose was blind.  

But the lobo, that cunning wolf, knew this, and drew its prey into a panic… 

That moose died tired, scared, and alone. 

The circle of life in Arcadia strikes again.   

That moose was able to use its other instincts to survive its life until that moment, almost hiding its disability from the countless predators that would’ve cut it down. 

I’ve been watching a vision of that same animal conquering predator after predator in much the same way. 

Turning away the beaked plague doctor… 

Eliminating the threat of the silver-tongued devil… 

Side stepping the ever-dangerous serial artist. 

It’s avoided the killing blow of the skull faced mystery. 

And I witnessed a miracle when I watched it swat the soaring eagle from the sky. 

If I could not see the empty eye sockets of this creature, I would never know that it was blind… 

It moves with such precision, such confidence in its strides, it is truly majestic. 

But does V1sion hear the howling yet? 

It may be faint now, a subtle whisper that tickles your ear, but it will grow stronger, until it becomes not but constant horrible refrain in your ears of… 

“Nothing personal, nothing personal, NOTHING PERSONAL!” 

Those will be my haunting last words to you as my voice will fill your ears… 

My scent permeates your nostrils… 

You taste nothing but stale air as I take yours for my own. 

Your panic growing at a constant rate until it is palpable, and you realize the end is methodically closing in…  

As it slowly inches nearer and nearer the sense of existential dread sets in… 

Until you realize all too late, you’re trapped, just another panicky animal in Arcadia’s ecosystem. 

It’s at that moment while your pulse pounds, and you scramble to find a way out…  

It’s that moment I’ll finally tear into you and claim you as my prey. 

And in the ring, you will fall tired, alone, and scared. 

Another victim of Arcadia’s circle of life hunted to its end by a cunning Wolfe.

Damien Wolfe