Cinderella Story

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

[The Gallery.]

[Classical music fills the air.]

[Jasper Redgrave stands before us, paint palette in hand. A paint easel stands in front of him.]

“Some of my favorite stories to listen to growing up where about underdogs.”

“Something about a person overcoming all the odds stacked against them really facinated me as a child.”

“It meant that no matter how the rest of the world may view you, any goal you set forth for yourself is obtainable.”

“Putting forth enough effort towards what you want can sway the tides of the outcome. An average Joe could accomplish great things.”

[Jasper smirks, his paint brush stroking away at the canvas before him.]

“But as time moved on, I took away something a bit different from those stories. As I grew older, I started to realize that there were two sides to every coin.”

‘Quickly, I started to realize that if you want to go to the top.. you may make it there. But the challenge is in staying at the top.”

“Because believe me, if you accomplish something as an underdog, there’s a hundred other men and women who can achieve the same goal.”

[Redgrave pauses, taking a moment to step back and admire his work. He tilts his head a bit as he rapidly continues working on his piece.]

“Everyone’s favorite underdog as of late has been you, Yellow Python.”

“On the outside, you seemingly pose no threat.”

“You look like just another punk kid playing dress-up with his punk ass friends..”

“But it’s what lies beneath that goofy get up of yours that resonates with the crowd. It’s the fight and desire.. the passion that lies within your soul that proves to the fans that you have the potential to become something great.”

“And that’s enough for me.”

[Jasper smirks.]

“As I said, once you reach the top.. you gotta do something to keep your spot at the top.”

“I don’t plan on giving up my spot.”

“You say you want to be the alpha male, but in order to be able to call yourself the alpha.. you’re going to have to go through me.”

“You’ve managed to write yourself quite the Cinderella Story..”

“Unfortunately for you, this tale doesn’t have a happy ending.”

[Jasper steps back to admire his painting once more..]

“Ah, perfect.”

[Redgrave turns the easel towards the camera.]

[The painting he reveals depicts Redgrave standing over top Yellow Python with his foot on his neck, choking the life from him.]

“This week at NXT Level, I can guarantee you two things.”

“One, whenever you walk down that ramp.. all of Arcadia will stand behind you and cheer. You’re their underdog, and they’re riding the roller coaster of your Cinderella Story..”

“Secondly, at the end of the night.. they will no longer be cheering with their head held high,”

“But they will know of a true alpha male.”

“That spot at the top of the food chain that you so desire?”

“I’ve been protecting this spot for a long while.”

“And I’m not giving it up to some underdog.”

[Redgrave walks off.]

[The painting remains.]