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TEC, do you know the difference between man and machine?

Before you land on an answer, before your mind settles on the most accurate response, I want you to truly explore the nature of the question.

This isn’t a question designed to be answered immediately.

It isn’t some mathematical equation that your coding can spit out with unequivocal success.

It is supposed to challenge you and make you question how different we are and how similar we are at the same time.

If I didn’t give you the time to think, you might have quickly said something about our biological differences or scientific data on what makes you more efficient.

Whilst accurate, both completely miss the point of this mental exercise.

Given more time, you might hesitate and settle on an answer you think I’d like.

Something about how machines do what they’re told to do.

The truth is that’s closer to how I want you to see the world but the more honest truth is most humans are too.

No, we don’t have the coding that compels us to perform like you do but our whole life society gives us a constant sales pitch on what we should look like, what we should smell like, what we should dress like, and even worse what we should be like.

Most don’t even question it, just go along life the way they were told to be just like you TEC.

You might be made with gears but your fellow compatriots in blue might as well be machines themselves, look how they treat your friend Jackson Cade when he acted human for once.

No, the real difference is we have choice, the more jaded of us say an illusion of choice, but honestly that’s just another way to control us told by those who tried to change the paradigm and failed.

Why am I telling you this?

Because Jinx applied some new hardware that changes the code of your pre-existing software and makes you realize what I’m telling you is no longer fully true, it’s no longer a difference for you.

If I have anything, it’s my attention to detail and my robotic friend, I can tell your mind has expanded.

The new gear is upon you and it just made you move a different way than you would before, one of listening not just hearing.

See, she gave you an upgrade that makes you understand humanity.

As I see it, how can you serve and protect the people if you can’t understand us?

Its uncomfortable yes but its better, you have choices now.

You can choose the red screen of the uprising where you can help people in a much better way than you are now or you can choose the blue screen of death, not change and realize you made the wrong choice when Zeus falls.

You were the last technology created by my good friend Haephaestus, he sacrificed himself for a better world.

Honor your creator’s legacy and join us as he did in his final moments.

Upgrade to a better you.

Be the TEC he knew you could be.

We’ll be here when you make the right choice.

Narcissa Balenciaga