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Chocolate Memory Mints

Chocolate Memory Mints

Memories are interesting things, aren’t they sweet children?

Each one contains within it a power of some kind or other.

Some memories make us long for the days they existed in.

Others remind us of the hard times we endured.

There are memories we absolutely wish we could forget.

And there are memories we must make sure we never forget.

Even still, memories start off like a movie, don’t they? We can replay them in our minds as though watching them on a silver screen.

But over time, they lose their strength. After a while, they look less like a movie and more like a photograph.

A snapshot of a time we’ve all but forgotten.

Until eventually, those snapshots are burned away by time, or more nefarious means.

But guess what, sweet children? The Candy Man has a solution!


Decadent chocolate.

Mouthwaterming mint.

And memories that once had been burned away from your mind.

Haven’t you wished there was something you could still remember, sweet children? The face of a relative you haven’t seen in a while? The name of an old classmate?

Perhaps, even, the name of a terrorist who tried to blow up Olympus?

Regardless, I know there’s something you wish you could remember.

Truth is, we’re all a bunch of photographers, moving through life like a reel of film, catching snapshots along the way of the moments in life that mean most to us, photographs of times that might even be gravely important to our survival.

Imagine the cruelty some people experience, due to dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, or even a torturous device that wipes your memories clean.

What I said was true. Each and all of us are photographers, using our mind’s eye to capture the moments most important.

But without our memories?

We are like a photographer who lost his camera.

It effects our very ability to be who we are.

Because really, our memories make us.

Without them, we can’t even be ourselves.

Our very identities become meaningless without the memories that hold those identities together.

But thanks to my Chocolate Memory Mints, you children will never have to worry EVER AGAIN about losing who you are to lost memory.

And I sure know of a photographer or two who could due with a mouthful of my Chocolate Memory Mints.

Imagine, being a photographer, an investigator, and having no idea what snapshots your mind took, or even what you were investigating. Sure, he may have a camera around his neck or in his hand, but the one that truly matters has been critically altered, and all of those snapshots have burned away.

Luckily for you, you can avoid his terrible fate! An extra large box of O’Toole’s Chocolate Memory Mints can be yours for the cool, fair price of seventeen credits.

A bit pricey? Absolutely.

But you can’t put a price on memories.

And if anyone can help you keep that mind’s eye snapping photographs for you to keep?

The Candy Man can.